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1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Gorgeous scenery, not busy on a perfect Sunday. Flowers blooming, birds singing, fantastic!! We'll be back for round two!

Really enjoyable hike. With our spring rain this year, this is the greenest I've seen NE Colorado in five years. The hike in the canyon on Bent Rock Trail along Sand Creek is superb for early season wild flowers, cliff swallows, changing to meadow larks, and plovers when you get to the prairie in the bowl and along the creek near Ruby Wash Trail. Nicely maintained trails that cut to a two track and back to trails. The trails up the big dry washes are a bit of a concern for me coming from areas with flash flooding. Noted by cairns in wire cages and a stake, and while it's not thunderstorm season yet keep that in the back of your mind. I did see a lot bear sign out there including a fairly fresh track at the edge of the creek near the Ruby Wash Trail (picture uploaded). The area is pretty gravelly and bear tracks won't always be super clear. I decided to give the bear a wide berth and hike back down the trail. I found other bear evidence in Big Hole Wash, with unclear tracks because it was a deep gravelly track, but with a larger stride than mine and deeper impression (meaning bigger and heavier than me) that had turned up wetter gravel from deeper layers. So I turned back. Still got in almost five miles. Hike smart and enjoy yourself.

3 months ago

What a great hike! Would be a great walk to take the entire family on. Even though it was very foggy and had just rained the hike was great for us and it wasn’t even that muddy!

The dirt road leading to the open space was very muddy and slippery because it had just rained and snowed. When I got there I started on the Bent Rock Trail to the Ruby Wash then went to Big Hole Wash and finished on the Sinking Sun Trail. Just a little loop almost 4 miles. The trails were wet, and muddy on the Ruby Wash. The loop I did was very easy and had some great panoramic views. I can see myself coming back and doing more of the trails, probably on a calm and cool day for there isn't much in the way of shade.

Initial views are awesome in the canyon. After that, trail is exposed and can be windy. Surprising elevation gain compared to other trails within this park, but it’s an easy hike overall. Took us 2 hours to go the 5 miles. Very nice hike if you want to get away from the craziness of the Front Range.

5 months ago

Oh man incredible views of the red rock!! This is an easy walk but I went the wrong way and went the long way round to Bent Rock. Unlike its name I was expecting a Rick but it’s really the low part of the basin. It’s Bent Rock Canyon. I was told try it while the flowers are in bloom. No dogs... however I saw a woman with 5 children and a labradoodle that was NOT supposed to be there. I enjoyed the hike.. there’s lots of coyote scat and a little river runs through it.

Hiked this in March shortly after the park reopened due to seasonal closure. Unique landscape as compared to the rest of Larimer County. Took this loop and added a 1 mile climb up the Cheyenne Rim trail to its high point where the trail switches from the Ruby trail to Salt Lake trail, which is well worth the view. Made the hike 10 miles in total.

This was gorgeous and very lightly trafficked on a Saturday in early March. There aren’t many trees so I imagine it gets hot in the summer. The majority of this route is easy and mostly flat. Highly recommended especially if you love rocks!

9 months ago

I will be coming back here for sure. The open space was a little tricky to find since I'm not super familiar with the area. The breeze felt just as good as the sunshine did but I could see how this would be a super hot hike in the summertime. Only ran into a few other people here and will be bringing the bike back to go farther on the other trails next time. We didn't see any rattlesnakes but we did see a coyote and some deer.

Great trail with both red rock and Sandstone. The first mile along the creek is spectacular. After that we ascended about 600 feet, but I wouldn’t rate this trail as hard. Most of it is easy to moderate. We went in November after a snow when all was covered in beautiful hoarfrost. I hear it can be really windy and really hot up here, and I guess I’d try to avoid it in those conditions.

This is a great short hike for all ages. The section on Sand Creek has a pretty stream, sandstone cliffs, and nice riparian areas. There are at least 3 stream crossings that have well place stepping stones. The loop around the hill crosses several interesting veins of rock.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Love hiking up in this area, we usually go early in the day and often have the place to ourselves. I don't believe we did the entire loop, but the part that goes along the creek along the rock sides is just lovely. We've gone further once the trail climbs up so you have a pretty good view of the whole area. Before that though, its easy enough and there a couple creek crossings to make you feel adventurous! I would imagine you most certainly wouldn't want to hike anywhere in this area during the heat of the day, so plan accordingly - very little shade!

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Red Mountain Open Space was a great area for a good trail run. I liked it as there wasn't that many people here as compared to places closer to Fort Collins or in the mountains. The landscape is neat especially when running along the various washes and the amazing landscapes that the rivers have carved. However, it still isn't quite as good as compared to some of the mountain landscapes. I still recommend it as a unique place to visit and experience.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

This trail was way out there in the middle of no where, it felt a little strange hiking with our young girls and some weird guy showing up in the parking lot, loitering around, and then left, anyway, I would watch out for rattlesnakes because we encountered a small one near one of the many gates you go through, definitely go when it's cooler out, no shade on the trail, the deer flies practically carried us away on the last part through the canyon area so bug spray is helpful, nice bathrooms and covered picnic table area at the parking lot, the stream was really nice, the different kind of rock layers was really pretty, the girls were able to handle the 3 mile loop with just a little up and down on the trail, one crossing over the stream did not have nice big rocks like the other crossings so the girls had to take their shoes and socks off to cross over, we will do it again someday but be more prepared next time

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A few hills. Horseflies we're very annoying! Beautiful views. Couple of creek crossings, we all got our feet wet.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

awesome, my 3 year old daughter loved it and had no problem hiking the whole trail.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Took the kids on this trail and they had a blast our youngest is 2 and she managed for a little while. But even with her on my back this was an easy trail.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The geology is AMAZING!

Monday, November 14, 2016

beautiful trail, head to the bent rock trail from the parking lot and when you cross the river the first time is where youchoose your loop route, heading right/straightish brings you into a beautiful canyon with a creek. trails are very easy. ky-lynn is also beautiful

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