13 days ago

This was a really fun hike not so much for the fauna or flora but the awesome creek/river bed. There are several beautiful vistas including of the lakes, but the river bed is where all the fun is at.

Easy, relaxing and beautiful.

Very nice, easy trail. Pleasant stroll.

Awesome section of the Clear Creek Train along the Wheat Ridge Greenway. Wide open spaces, narrow wooded lanes. A few bridges and pretty views of the creek. Paved and natural paths running along both sides of the creek through some woods merge onto one paved path as you come out to open space headed west. Lots to do and see!

Lovely, easy walk along the creek that passes several small lakes. Some bikes and others dogs, but pretty quiet for a Sunday afternoon. Easy for all abilities and ages.

Nice soft trail to run on near a little creek and a couple lakes.

Love the ducks, rocks, water and natural beauty of environment, especially amongst industrial scenery. My pup and I love the trail (black line) along the river, we do wish it was off-leash allowed though.
light traffic, on-leash, paved and natural trails.

good walkabout. lots of lakes, dogs, bikes, and gold panning. we walked the gravel path which made it a little more enjoyable. definitely worth doing.

It was okay. Lots of lakes around.

8 months ago

This trail is no longer a loop, there is a fence with hole in it on the right side and another on the Left side if you go through the hole and on that side it says "No Trespassing". The river although is amazing!

8 months ago

Beautiful lakes and river, great for a quick walk. Loved that there was a little dirt trail closer to the river.

Gravel or sidewalk through most of it; good place to stretch the legs and several spots to dip your feet in the creek and cool off a minute. The “loop” part of it was closed for construction so we just did out and back, it was still a pretty good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

For a city trail, it provides decent views and is very clean and dog friendly. Good for a quick jog or dusk run!

Good for small dogs and puppies

Great trail when you don't have much time and don't wanna drive too far from the city. 2 trails parallel (1 for bikes , 1 for horses and pedestrians). Several lakes. 2 large playgrounds near prospect lake. Saw a snake, lizards , birds butterflies and a dozen different wild flowers

11 months ago

Stay on the black lines, not the red one on this map. Much prettier and more fun. Also shadier. Also, what's posted as the beginning is a no parking zone at the end of the street. Start at prospect park.

Easy loop along the river!

Shady trail close to the water, great for dogs!!

Great for kids or just for a walk. People in the visitor center were very nice, very clean and informative.

Laid back trail, took the dirt path along the creek. Water was moving pretty fast so couldn't really let the dog in much. Didn't see many people until the ponds. Nice place to hang during the week.

Nicely maintained dirt trail and paved bike trail. The creek was high and roaring but not washed out early July. Lots of pretty trees and wild flowers. Wildlife on the lake too!

Cute, somewhat scenic lakes, as well as a small creek. It was moderately trafficked the evening I went and pleasantly shady.

Enjoyed the creek.

For a city trail, not too bad. Highway sounds weren't unbearable and the creek made it nice.

great trail! love it

road biking
Friday, March 31, 2017

A wonderful trail with lots of scenery changes. 7 or 8 sun shelters have recently been installed with picnic benches. It's so fun to watch people pan for gold from the trail. Parking at Anderson or Prospect Parks is free.

Okay trail, flat and paved but kind of a sketchy area

Friday, February 24, 2017

Quite lovely. Definitely trafficked, but not crowded.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nice, easy trail. You can stay on pavement the entire time or walk closer to the creek on a dirt path. Quite a few mosquitoes today!

trail running
Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is the perfect casual running/walking trail and a hidden gem that's a quick drive from Denver. Definitely recommend!

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