Good hike, on the shorter side but still a good workout on the way up. Nice views. Went 12/23, some snow but not too much. Lake was completely frozen over which was pretty cool.

Nice hike, we took the stairs up and it was a good incline up. Great views from the top. Short hike!

Beautiful day in October to hike with dog. No snow, warm. Trails are marked well;however, be alert as there are some trail projects going on and divert you. Revegetation going on as well in some places.
Bicyclists also use trail so don’t zone out with the landscape.

64F in October, had to check this place out! Arrived at 9am, I saw about 20 cars parked(3 parts of big parking lots, easily fit 120 cars) but ran into only 2 dog walkers and 2 fishers. Looks like most people were off to biking. 4 stars because I expected little better views. I have a feeling this place is packed in the summer. Have fun, my fellow hikers!

Nice little hike, pretty views!

Got there a little after 9am, parking lot 10-15% full. Started around the lake which was nice, so the end of the hike we were going down the stairs and had a nice view. Good views throughout. Pups had fun. Lots of sun exposure. Walked a little way up he narrow gauge trail and found a nice shallow spot where the pups could play in the water. Easy quick hike.

Started at Pine Valley Ranch Park took Buck Gulch out to connect to The Skipper, then connected to the Homestead Trail/Charles Cutoff loop, and made my way back via Strawberry Jack Trail and Park View Trail. Gorgeous views! Quite a bit of the hike is through the burn area from the Buffalo Creek Fire of 1996, so very warm-lots of sun exposure due to minimal tree cover. Bring more water than you normally do if you do the full 2 loops. Also, if you have a pup, bring double water for them as there is only 1 small stream. Did find a random water tank on the Strawberry Trail that was there courtesy ‘neighborly equestrians’. Very thankful as I could scoop water to cool off my dog! Also found huge bunches of raspberry bushes after turning onto The Skipper Trail. Lastly, I don’t think the ‘Getting There’ directions quite match the GPS coordinates and the map of the trail route on the app? I followed the GPS and that led me to Pine Valley Ranch Park which is a nice JCOS Park.

Great trail with awesome views at the top. The trail connects to other trails in the Pike National Forest as well. Looking forward to going back!

6 months ago

Great hike with beautiful scenery! Not highly trafficked. Good trail for dogs. River at the base/bottom is a great place to cool down.

Nice morning hike and pretty easy. Lots of fallen and dead trees, thoughThe lake and river are beautiful and there are great views once you get to the top. Wildflowers, bees, a woodpecker, and other wildlife made this hike great!

Great incredible views of Pine Grove, CO and the entire buffalo creek area.

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

Love this place! Connected to a few off the map trails to make for a longer hike. Beautiful scenery the whole hike. Not crowded on a Monday morning.

This is a very scenic trail. Best to go counter clockwise to avoid climbing a bunch of stairs. Anyone who likes taking pictures will love this trail.

9 months ago

Created our own loop that wound up at about 8 miles. Overall nice hike mostly through pine forest with some long stretches through an old forest fire. These stretches do make you very exposed to the elements, especially with the sun beating down on you. Very well maintained trail. Watch out for lots of bikes. Some views of Mount Evans throughout. It was fairly quiet today but I can imagine that this trail get very crowded in the spring and summer.

Short and sweet. Very pleasant. 9am Sunday with very few other people on the trail. Bike trail seemed more popular. Great picnic facilities, too.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Rode my class 1 e-MTB on this trail from the parking lot at Pine Valley Ranch. The trail starts with a long hill climb, which was made much easier with pedal assist. Then connected to the Strawberry Jack trail for the mostly downhill return. It was a fun ride and thanks to Jeffco Open Space for initiating the 1 year trial period for class 1 e-mtb use on all of their trails beginning February 21st, 2018. Hopefully this will be a permanent change.

It’s a nice trail and there weren’t too many people when we went (March 15th around lunch). The lake itself was the prettiest view that we saw and there isn’t really a hike to the lake (it’s right next to the parking lot). We did hike about 3 miles and it’s pretty, but I hate to even call it “hiking” compared to other hikes in Colorado. It’s just a nice outdoor walk for an hour or two.

Pretty easy hike! Beautiful walk around the lake and the trail takes you up the mountain.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Great for kids- our 17 month old loved it. Clear trails with great views

great so beautiful I definnently recommend it

Beautiful location for trail running and hiking. I took my two dogs and they loved it. Watch out for bikers. Some of the trails are narrow and not enough room to easily pass. The trail head has restrooms which is always a bonus. Happy trails! Definitely did not disappoint!

I highly recommend this trail to anyone who's looking for a moderate day hike. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, and you will find yourself stopping quite a bit along the way to snap photos of the beautiful scenic mountain views. We hiked the entire trail in about 2 hours, and we stopped for lunch along the way, so it would make a great morning hike if you have other things to do that day. It was also very lightly traveled by other hikers, so we mostly had the entire trail to ourselves (on a Sunday, too!). Overall, I rate this trail a 4/5.

Suggest hike up after walking part of lake because going other direction is killer stairs! Good workout not much shade though.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Perfect for my dog and 4yr old.

We took our 3 dogs and hiked this last weekend. I was hoping for more seclusion, as the lake trail was very busy, and most of the other trails we walked on felt very exposed. It was also free fishing weekend, so that probably had something to do with the high-people factor. We did find a trail that led to national forest, which was much more secluded, and if I go back, that will be the trail I take.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Easy short trail around lake

Saturday, September 17, 2016

really nice trails, well kept. sweet single track. i would recommend this hike.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Arrived around 9am, and there were very few people on the trail. Wild raspberries everywhere right now, and lots of wildflowers. The trail was well-maintained and not very challenging.

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