Great for kids- our 17 month old loved it. Clear trails with great views

great so beautiful I definnently recommend it

Beautiful location for trail running and hiking. I took my two dogs and they loved it. Watch out for bikers. Some of the trails are narrow and not enough room to easily pass. The trail head has restrooms which is always a bonus. Happy trails! Definitely did not disappoint!

I highly recommend this trail to anyone who's looking for a moderate day hike. The trail is fairly easy to navigate, and you will find yourself stopping quite a bit along the way to snap photos of the beautiful scenic mountain views. We hiked the entire trail in about 2 hours, and we stopped for lunch along the way, so it would make a great morning hike if you have other things to do that day. It was also very lightly traveled by other hikers, so we mostly had the entire trail to ourselves (on a Sunday, too!). Overall, I rate this trail a 4/5.

Suggest hike up after walking part of lake because going other direction is killer stairs! Good workout not much shade though.

Perfect for my dog and 4yr old.

We took our 3 dogs and hiked this last weekend. I was hoping for more seclusion, as the lake trail was very busy, and most of the other trails we walked on felt very exposed. It was also free fishing weekend, so that probably had something to do with the high-people factor. We did find a trail that led to national forest, which was much more secluded, and if I go back, that will be the trail I take.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Easy short trail around lake

Saturday, September 17, 2016

really nice trails, well kept. sweet single track. i would recommend this hike.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Arrived around 9am, and there were very few people on the trail. Wild raspberries everywhere right now, and lots of wildflowers. The trail was well-maintained and not very challenging.

easy trail next to river


mountain biking
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two more successful trail days at Buff Creek are in the record books. The groups from Oppenheimer Funds, Newmedia Denver and COMBA braved the warmer than usual weekend weather to show some much needed love to the Buck Gulch and Strawberry Jack trails. Over a mile of both trails received the de-berm, drain and grade reversal treatment. Friday we had 20 crew members from Oppenheimer (thanks Bryan) and 5 from Newmedia Denver (thanks Jennifer) work the lower section of Strawberry Jack. On Sat. 7 hardy souls from COMBA took on Buck Gulch. It was not easy, but the badly eroded and yes, dangerous sections have been repaired. With today's rains the trails should be packed down and ready to enjoy. COMBA wants to thank all the dedicated, hard working volunteers that keep the trails we love safe and fun. Enjoy everyone.

Easy peasy! Anyone can manage a hike on this trail; it's completely flat and covered in gravel, with no rocky sections at all. Also would be nice for mountain biking. Surprisingly, while the parking areas at Pine Valley were crowded, the trail itself was practically empty, even on Memorial Day. Such beautiful surroundings, the kind you rarely see with a trail as easy terrain-wise as this one! I highly recommend it.

Slow and gradual west half and steep with amazing views east half.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little trail. Easy for the family / dogs. Branches off to other trails as well. Plenty of parking. Alot of water to sit near on the edge of the river as well so if the dogs need water there's plenty.

Great for kids. The lake and Platte River make the area even more spectacular!

Remains of the Hayman Fire can be seen on these trails.

FUN FACT: June 8, 2002 - Forest Service worker Terry Lynn Barton admitted to accidentally starting the blaze when, in a moment of emotional distress, she lit a letter from her estranged husband in a remote campfire ring near Lake George.

Beautiful and simple

Great little trail! Easy and flat.

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