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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

A challenging trail but with spectacular views of the prairie, Pikes Peak, and even Rampart Reservoir from the summit. Recent trail work has added Air Force Blue flashes to keep you on trail - which is very helpful in the scree and boulder field just below the summit.

This was a hard hike for me. We parked along the lower road and walked up a steep road just to get to the trailhead. The hike was rocky and steep the entire time. I would highly recommend trekking poles and hiking boots. We didn't make it to the reservoir because I was over all the rocks and incline. On a positive note the waterfall was beautiful.

14er views without the crowd!!

It was a great hike, awesome for families with kids and dogs. We loved it!

Not really a “moderate” ascent trail - I would rate this as DIFFICULT. Had a difficult time following the trail, as indicated on the AllTrails app - not marked or demarcated above Horsethief Falls, so plan to just stay next to the stream. We didn’t do this, initially, we were about 10-20 yards away, and it was near vertical, pretty much class 3 moves to do the last mile out of the forest. Needless to say, by the time we got almost out of the trees, we were too tired to complete the summit, and turned around. Much easier coming down, but still a little tricky in areas of near vertical, lots of scree. I wouldn’t recommend this as an ascent trail. .

11 hours ago

Good easy trail. Dog friendly, not too many people, great views.

off road driving
23 hours ago

Went and rode near Colorado Springs with my sons’ new Polaris Ace 150. It’s a good machine, but can have a tough time going up steeper grades. I had to push him up one of the hills. The trails were considered green difficulty here in Colorado. We still had a great time!

Incredible view once you get to the lookout! Leaves your speechless!!

1 day ago

Not the most spectacular views, but an awesome hike overall! I used this as a good first backpack of the season. There was water along most of the hike and there were some ups and downs, but nothing too crazy. The first and last 3rd of the hike was shrouded in trees and the in between is spent mostly in an exposed valley. I was perfectly happy with my decision to take the loop counterclockwise, but I was more out there to get some exercise and fresh air. I also had two dogs with me and they had a great time, it’s a great space for dogs.

Wonderful hike. We hiked about 3 miles in and crossed the stream 12 times - about 1,250' elevation gain. Changing terrain takes you through dark pine forest, amidst bright aspen stands, under fascinating rock cliffs, past a beaver pond, and across open meadows. We met someone who said there are a total of 18 creek crossings if you go all the way to the intersection.

Note that there is now a fairly large parking lot on the left (at about mile 2.4 from Grant). The trail starts across the bridge and heads north. The map the parking lot shows the trail as being east of Guanella Pass Road -- this is inaccurate.

Hiked 5/23/18- No snow on the trail except for two patches on the way to Horsethief Falls, which is still mostly frozen at this point. It is still worth the short trek to (its all level) see it in my opinion. The trail to Pancake Rocks starts off a bit steeper than expected. It rises through a series of switchbacks that take up up a mountain side. This was definitely more difficult than i expected. However, after these switchbacks you come up over a hill and the trail is all level with some downhill for the rest of the way. Granted this means some uphill on the way back but its not too bad. The trail ends at the rocks and there is plenty of opportunity for exploring them. I thought this was a fun hike with a good destination that has some good views too.

Hiked on 5/16/18- No snow anywhere on the trail. This hike was incredible, and difficult. This was a butt kicker but so worth it at the top. The first 2 miles are definitely deceiving in that they are easy. After that it is up hill all the way with only one tiny break section when you come to the trail intersection (McCurdy Trail). Be prepared to be tired. I didn't make it all the way to the peak as the trail sort of ends in an alpine meadow after what feels like the summit. I didn't really feel like getting lost, and I was exhausted by that point so I wandered around the rock formations up there for a bit and headed back down. Views were still amazing and it definitely felt like I still accomplished a lot. Prepare for a full day with this hike I arrived at 8:30 and didn't get back to the trailhead until 3.

Hiked on 5/8/18-Amazing hike. Not too difficult with a good portion of the trail being level or mostly level through the forest. It does get steep after you take the offshoot trail for the mountain off the ring the peak trail. When you get to the rocks at the top its pretty much up to you to find your way up. There is a good route if you keep to the left when you come to the rock pile. Climb around to the backside of the rocks and it is much easier to make your way up onto them, less rock climbing which if your like me (clumsy) is always a good thing. The views at the top are spectacular and if you live in the springs area and have not done this trail then...GO DO IT!

Beautiful trail with lovely reservoirs. Medium traffic.

Beautiful hike! Loved it. 12 miles RT. No snow, nice and dry. Beautiful weather for it today. It took our group of 4 about 7 hours, including two breaks and spending a good amount of time climbing on the rocks near the top. We went on 5-25-18,cool geocache box at the summit too so bring something small to leave if you wish!

Did part of this hike today with my 10 week old puppy. Very nice. Good starter trail as it’s relatively flat and my puppy doesn’t have a lot of stamina yet. Lots of aspen, partial shade, and a pretty quick moving creek.

Coming from flat Florida and being my first elevation climb, easy isnt how I would say the hike is. Solid Moderate. easy to follow trails. Great views, lots of fun. While do it again!
tip: TONS of bugs up on the watch. Take a tower to protect your mouth and nose or be prepared for a low protein snack!

2 days ago

A challenging hike. I felt ecstatic upon reaching the summit. Great sense of accomplishment. However there are a couple detail you need to know before attempting this hike. First, there is no parking at the trail head. You should park at the Visitor's Center. From Academy Dr there is a road not far from the Visitor's Center that takes you to the trail head. You will see a trail to the left as you go up the road. You won't notice the trail head sign until you walk into it a short distance. After about a half mile the trail becomes confusing. There are some false trails that will just wear you out and lead to nowhere. The thing to do is follow along the stream which is on the left. You will eventually see the trail which will take you across the stream over some rocks. As you get closer to the summit there is another false trail that peters out after about a quarter mile of less. Instead of taking that trail go to the left up another trail that is steeper and goes toward the summit. The only real views are on the summit.

SOLO hike with my dog. 12.2 miles, 1900 ft. elevation gain and it was awesome! We hit the trail at 8am and took our time. We were all alone on the mountain. This is a slow and steady hike. Though the elevation gain is 1900 ft. it doesn't feel like it until you make the turn at 8.3 and go up Redskin Creek Trail and even then it was quite gentle. The trail is very well marked; there is no way to get lost! Poles are not necessary if you're a seasoned hiker. This segment is loved by mountain bikers and it's really torn up in places; it's as wide as a boulevard! The intermittent streams were not running. There was one stream at 5.1, the Tramway Creek, which had enough water to use to resupply if needed. There is also a lot of shade on this hike and trees galore! I would definitely hike this segment again but I doubt I'll ever have another totally alone day on this mountain again!

Out and back 2.5 total hike with 1000 ft gain. Beautiful long vistas at several points. Very few wildflowers or birds. Watch tower is an unusual historical element with impressive 360 degree views. We ate lunch in a green fairytale meadow anchored by two opposing granite walls.

3 days ago

Mt. Rosa is an excellent hike, panoramic 360 view well worth the climb. A high clearance, short wheelbase vehicle ( jeep ) is necessary to get to Frosty Park via 379. The climb is moderate in difficulty, trail easy to follow, rock cairns as you approach the summit, which would be very helpful if the trail was snow covered. The footing can be treacherous on the descent, lots of small rocks/dry sand. Overall, I would highly recommend this hike.

Great little hike! Mostly switchbacks to the top and it’s highly trafficked. It was super windy the day we went so make sure to bring layers (it was especially windy on the stairs to the tower). The park ranger was at the Lookout tower! Well worth it! Beautiful views!

It's a fairly easy hike. No steep ascents just gradual climbing all the way to the lookout. Enjoyed the many huge rock outcroppings and treelined trail.

3 days ago

Excellent medium to low-intensity hike with some spectacular views. The first quarter-mile takes some work as does the last quarter mile as you reach the top, but it is worth it for sure. You pass through a number of meadows and along a stream (though on our hike there wasn't very much water moving downhill since most all of the snow and ice has melted in this area).

The primary feature of this hike, as the name implies, are the granite formations shaped by the wind and water. Some really beautiful aspects of raw nature especially once you get close to the end of the trail. Beautiful views at the top looking across the valley to the Sawatch Range in the far west.

Did this trail with kids (ages 10 and 12) and it was good exercise but well within their skill level.

Our full trip ended up closer to 5 miles.

Great hike on 5/23. Did the full loop. Trail is mostly dry with a few isolated snow drifts and occasional mud at higher elevations. I brought traction with me but never found it necessary all the way to the summit or on the descent. I would only recommend attempting the summit from the north approach (Left at the marker - walk through Horsethief Park). This section is fairly well established and the trail has a number of cairns to aid in way finding. This will eventually take you to a large boulder field as others mentioned. There are multiple cairned routes through the boulder field. As others have stated, it seems best to try to stay left. I originally started taking one of the routes more to the right side which seemed more direct and eventually had to make my way left anyway to get to an easier route. Staying left initially would have saved time. Summit requires some class 3 moves. USGS summit marker is in the top of a rock slightly north and slightly below the highest rocks at the summit. The southern part of the loop which descends into Horsethief Park near the falls is much less clearly marked. I didn’t see any cairns or tape or anything else to denote a route on the descent so I was happy to have GPS with me. This part of the trail gets very vertical in some spots but is generally doable with caution. Some class 3 down climbing over rock formations I found necessary sticking to the GPS track, YMMV. Overall beautiful hike and the views are well worth the effort. If I were to do this trail again I might consider backtracking the way I came after summiting rather than doing the loop as it seems this section is both much more clearly marked as well as less vertical.

3 days ago

Awesome hike, the Barr Trail is well maintained. The Barr Camp is an excellent place to stay the night and relax. Just remember to bring plenty of warm dry clothes.

Still too snowy. Made it 500' below the top but had to turn back. The snow made it dangerous going down, even with spikes. I wouldn't recommend this trail except in the summer with no snow.

One of my favorites! Go all the way to the reservoir for amazing views! Nice aspens in the fall too.

stand atop boulder at top, take in Pikes directly South. The Rockies to the NW
great place to Airbnb- chipita park, Cascade Falls.

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