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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

Went this past weekend 2018-04-15 and road was open to trail head.

Loved this hike. Had my two dogs and they killed it! Definitely doing Rosa again!

Hiked on April 14th, 2018. I'd recommend spikes, but you can get away without them. Definitely don't need snowshoes. Trail is pretty well marked, but make sure to keep an eye out for cairns above treeline.

Just wow!

This trail is very hard at times if you start on the Green Mountain Falls side. But the view is WELL worth it.

A very strenuous hike for most of the way but beautiful scenery along the way. The reservoir was dried when we went but it was still worth the views. Lots of scrambling on the rocks and some really slick areas so be careful.

Beautiful hike. Incline was a majority of the hike, would have been easier if I wasn't wearing an infant. We went on a Sunday and it was pretty crowded but still totally worth it. I would do this again but on a weekday.

This hike reminds me of bald hikes in NC/TN/VA. You're not climbing the highest mountain, but certainly are getting the best views.

on Red Rocks Trail

6 days ago

I hiked Mule Creek on the other side of 67 and wanted some additional mileage. For Mule Creek, I had parked on the left immediately after crossing the cattle gate on 342 (there is a nice single track trail leading to Mule Creek from there). So, I only need to walk across 67 once I had returned from Mule Creek. I picked up the trail on the right side of the dirt road (where there is parking for maybe 3 cars) and followed that. I took a trail that headed uphill for a short bit to a ridge. Following that I had great views of the rock formations (beautiful!). I continued, staying on the trail rather than exploring the formations. Pass the power lines, there were some smaller rock formations. They had these sweet, comical rock "faces" that had me laughing. I then headed down to the bigger formations, finding a nice place to relax. It was cold today and not many people, but I was thinking it would be a great place to sit and relax for inspiration on a sunny, warm day. It's just so peaceful! I returned the same way I came -- but I will be back to explore more!

6 days ago

Fun, easy, great views. Pretty simple hike but worth it.

Nice trail. Contrary to previous post, bikers should be respectful of hikers, not the other way around. According to forest service rules, Bikes yield to both Hikers and and Horseback riders. This is especially important due to hills and blind curves where bikes could collide with hikers and Horseback riders with disastrous results for all.

6 days ago

Hiked this a week ago on a beautiful, warm, April day! Not one speck of snow. I would not consider this trail hard...a lot of ups and downs and scenic views along the river. I parked at the canyon trailhead on road 126 so I went all the way to the dam turn around (warning signs saying no trespassing) then turned back and took the trail leading to the other parking lot. If you park at the canyon trailhead definitely take the trail at the rock split (it's obvious, there is a map on a rock), otherwise you will miss awesome views of the reservoir! Once I got to the higher parking lot on road 211, I walked/ran back on the road which was definitely faster than taking the trail back. Sorry I don't remember all the parking lot names! If you are more of an advanced hiker, this really is not a workout or hard hike. I would recommend this more for a peaceful nature stroll!

Happy hiking!

6 days ago

Did this hike today. Very beautiful. Unless you want to hike in, adding an extra couple miles to the actual hike. You NEED high clearance.

My only complaint is the abundance of shotgun and bullet casings near the trailhead. The area is known for being an unofficial shooting range but the people who use it as such don’t clean up after themselves.

7 days ago

Great, steady up and down. Didn't make it past the loose gravel at the 4mi turn because of older dog. Beautiful views of the river.

off road driving
8 days ago

Pretty good one. My power wagon was just a bit to big in spots though. Whoops.

just went on this trail yesterday 4/8/18 with my tundra with 3" level and 35s , a stock Tacoma and a f150 with 3" level. made the loop around and got out. came up on a car that was frozen in the creek up to the Windows. Definitely a learning experience for sure.

Long but easy. Wide trail. Beautiful scenery. Follows a gorgeous creek for a while and ends at a lake. Fishing allowed. Saw a lot of families.

As good as it gets! Yes indeed

Hiked the first four miles of this segment from the Platte River trailhead. Wasn't too hot, and there wasn't hardly another soul on the trail. Staggering views of the wildfire scar. No ice, no snow, no mud, but lots of crunchy gravel.

Hiked this today and the view was fantastic. Still slippery in spots and the elevation gain was pretty good for it being a small hike.

Brutal. Parked and left @ 1230 made it to the top about 2:36-2:40

Took a lot of breaks, 1/2 through is moderate, and then the other 1/2 of the climb is a challenge.

Made our way Back down @3:05 and left the parking lot @ 4:40

Great views! Challenging but worth every step.

Was not expecting to go on this hike but so glad I did! Some parts get a little narrow and close to the edge but nothing hard to navigate. My favorite hikes include water, huge rocks, dense forest mixed with amazing views & some wildlife & this has it all!

poor review only because trail was closed when I visited 4/6/18- super bummed. Great local spots for anglers though if that's your thing ...or picnics

Beautiful view. Hiked up to the reservoir, and we had it to ourselves. Some snow and ice on the trail, but not to bad

13 days ago

Great trail. Beware of loose gravel and steep climbs. I hike with my dog, and it's very important that they stay close by when you inevitably take them off the leash for steep descents. The views are great and the Aspen trees are gorgeous at the top.

Tips: Rugged footwear is preferred over running shoes here, especially after it rains.

Bring plenty of water!

Hiking with a friend is best, this is not a highly used trail and it could be a while before someone stumbles upon you.

They have ramped up giving tickets for trespassing. Don't do this hike. The Manitou police are now patrolling the entrance and will get you when you come out.

off road driving
14 days ago

Thought it'd be great to do this road after the recent snow and it didn't disappoint. We couldn't do the whole loop due to the "sunken object" still being stuck in the ice on 311A. Didn't want to chance going around it. I walked up to the bypass and fell thru the ice about 6 inches just walking on it. Wasn't bringing my jeep thru that.

Other than that it was a great ride in 6-8 inches of snow.

15 days ago

For a Maryland girl trying to get acclimated to the elevation, this was the perfect hike! My dog and I continued on pass what All Trails calls the end. We went until we got to the dirt road. It was really beautiful! I imagine in the spring it is totally awesome! We spent much time hopping the creek exploring both sides. Other than the birds, didn't see any wildlife (nor did we see any elk or deer droppings). This we found disappointing. But it is a perfect 1.5 hour hike (for someone slow like me).

4.2.18 This is now my new favorite trail in Colorado! Stunning views and really quiet. only saw two guys fishing and that's it. very little cover from the elements, so plan accordingly. Would suggest this is more on the easy side of moderate, save for the last quarter mile is a steeper grade. Speaking of, be aware that right when it is getting steep going down, there are about 6 unmarked rebar rods poking out of the ground that would be easy to trip over! Overall, loved this trail and it will be my new "go to" when people come to visit from out-of-state.

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