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1 day ago

Awesome hike, the Barr Trail is well maintained. The Barr Camp is an excellent place to stay the night and relax. Just remember to bring plenty of warm dry clothes.

3 days ago

Pretty steep in the beginning but do-able. Short trail with a pretty waterfall at the end. Nice and relaxing. If you go early, you will hardly see any people

Wonderful trail

Beautiful, easy, popular hike.

This was a great hike! The views aren't as majestic as other locales, but the trail was a fun outing.

Finding the trail head is easy and is directly on highway 67, but parking is limited.

The hike to the rocks is a fairly significant incline with some switchbacks. The forest is thick and once you are on the trail you feel completely alone. Some on the trail felt the elevation gain was more difficult than advertised, but if you are in reasonable shape it should be more than doable.

The rock formations at the top are interesting but I would say this hike is about the trail not the destination. The waterfall was pretty anticlimactic. It is beginning to melt but still frozen.

Beautiful hike but lots of people. Guess that's anywhere in Colorado on a Saturday. I'd go back and hammock up in the trees!!

trail running
12 days ago

Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and surrounding area! I started/ended at Rainbow gulch and my app said I completed 15.73 miles. Relatively flat run for the area but my feet were smoked! I will be completing this run many times in the future!

14 days ago

Beautiful! I started the trail on the other side of the dam for enormous views of Pikes Peak. Side trails take you to the water. Tons of huge rocks on the beach for climbing. The water is so pristine and bright blue/green. Most of the forest on the other side of the lake was burned. I definitely recommend starting this trail from the dam.

First ride on the new bike. First ride in 7 years. Great way to start on a fun ride. Fun ride.

17 days ago

Intense and rewarding hike. Blodgett trail to hummingbird is where to start, the trail has a lot of 2 way splits after hummingbird but it’s not hard to find the summit. Just keep going up! Watch out at the top though, there’s ALOT of bugs. Definitely bring bug spray

Hiked the trail yesterday. My girlfriend and I (both from Oklahoma) both wore tennis shoes and brought just a small day pack. There were a couple of slick spots, not really a problem at all until we went downhill. Still not bad though, make for funny videos actually! Falls were still frozen and probably will be for a while longer. Pack food and water. Trail was very easy to navigate. It's mostly covered by the trees, make sure to go off trail near the top and look out when you get the chance, there are some large boulders, everywhere, that overlook distant mountains and the valleys. Very beautiful and enjoyable hike!

Very steep and difficult right off the bat.Trail was very muddy in some parts and still quite a bit of snow. The view from the top is amazing! Unfortunately, no actual falls as they were buried under snow. We could hear the rushing water, but never actually saw any. A wonderful woman directed us over to an amazing lookout after a steep but short rock ascent-made the whole hike worth it and I so appreciate her.

this is beautiful Scenic hike! however I wish other people would keep their dog on the leash as the trail rules say you need to. passed lots of hikers today not a single one of them had their dog on a leash. so frustrating that no one seems to be able to follow Trail rules.

I love this Trail gone on it many times. I only wish people would keep their dogs on the leash and pick up after them as there is dog poop all over the trail. love to take my dogs on the Trail but never have them off leash. met some people on the hike who had their dog off-leash they didn't even notice that their dog had turned around and went the other way until I said something. then the lady got mad because I said she needs to keep her dog on the leash. otherwise beautiful Trail.in the winter it's covered in ice and the views are well worth the hike up. nice place to have a picnic

18 days ago

Start off on Blodgett Trail, then branch off to Hummingbird Trail which will lead to Blodgett Peak Trail (though there’s no “official trail”). Once you come to the end of Hummingbird, you will see a couple smaller trails that branch off - they both lead to the peak, but the one of the right was easier to follow (I went up the left, came down the right). Trail gets vertical very quickly from the end of Hummingbird and can be difficult to follow at times - a lot of loose rocks as well as you ascend. I’ve done a bunch of trails rated on here as “hard” - this one certainly lives up to that rating! Pretty nice views at the top, but bring bug spray!

19 days ago

The trail was hard to follow but beautiful along the way. I ended up on the Hummingbird trail. It was pretty steep but worth the experience.

Did this trail on 05-05-18. Great weather but the last three miles were heavily snow covered making it hard to see the trail. We were exhausted at the end and hitched a ride back down.

19 days ago

Nice morning hike. A lot tougher in winter than summer. Check 14ers.com for trailhead reports.

Very nice hike, lots of beautiful scenery to take in! One minute you're walking in an open field, then the next you're surrounded by trees. Very peaceful. There were alot of horses to share the trail with, but the riders were very respectful to us, slowing down so not as must dust/dirt blew up by us. I would definetly recommend this trail to anyone looking for a relatively easy hike.

Loved it! Beautiful, varied terrain. We even saw a coyote! Trail sign indicates 5 miles, my gps said 6, so I’m going with 5 1/2.

off road driving
23 days ago

My first off-road with newly outfitted Jeep & my sons in a TRD Pro. Didn’t drive entire trail, but stopped to have lunch & do some snowshoeing with our Yellow Lab, Big Boy, down to a frozen river. It was a blast! And, we had the entire trail to ourselves!

scenic driving
24 days ago

Saw some bighorn rams and spectacular views of Georgetown and surrounding area. Road is closed at 8.2 miles in due to snow. Worth the drive!

Did the full 16 mile loop from rainbow gulch. Very little elevation gain but definitely tough on the feet. Hadn't planned on doing the whole loop but it was well worth it.

I had a hard time staying on trail. I think I went right instead of left at one of the forks. I still got some nice views an some peace an quiet the ski down was scetchy at times! the HUMMINGBIRD TRAIL leads to the summit. good luck getting to the summit the trail isn't marked very well. also this is a very steap trail/hike!

Nice trail. No real challenges. It was a bit dusty/sandy with portions of the trail feeling like you’re walking on a beach. Pretty views and nice tree shade for about 3/4 of it.

26 days ago

Difficult with kids!

1 month ago

Agreed a very solitary hike - did this trail last week and made it to the intersection between Rosalie and Abyss before I had to turn back due to trail pretty much disappearing from snow (highly recommend snowshoes!). Beautiful trail though with plenty of views - Mt. Bierstadt is visible throughout most of the hike. I’ll definitely be revisiting this one come summer with better conditions for a backpacking trip to the lake!

This was a great first 14’er hike because of its length. Hiked this trail in September of 2017. My dog and I took off up the trail at 5 am and reached the summit by 11:10am. We hung out for a bit and hiked back down. We booked it and got back to the trailhead at 1:20pm. Total distance was 22.7 miles. I would recommend to anyone who wants a good challenge. Extremely beautiful to see the landscape change throughout the 8500 feet of elevation gain.

easy walk on a beautiful day, great view of Pikes as you stroll around. A bit muddy, but drying up as the morning went on. Don't really enjoy seeing houses and cars drive by as I on the trails. But nice enough.

Great hike! Not hard but enjoyable! Make sure your dog is on the leash :)

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