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Easy to navigate, awesome views from the tower.

Great Hike, low traffic, amazing views

Loved the trail today with my pup. The drive in is long and very different for this new Coloradan. Trail is pretty easy and the views are amazing. Saw lots of hikers and dogs out.

9 days ago

Awesome hike with massive views of the surrounding mountains at the Fire Tower. There are tons of dispersed campsites and other trails nearby.

The road to the TH is pretty rough in certain spots. Nice hike up and easy trail to follow. The view at the top is amazing!

10 days ago

I expected more based on other reviews. It’s an ok trail with some nice parts - the trail is clearly marked and easy to traverse. But beyond that the loop to the left is largely a steady incline for 2 miles that moves along - or near - a power line; it’s not as busy as the other portion of the trail, and I didn’t see one person the first 2.5 miles.

The loop to the right has a nice grove of aspens and is an easy stroll with some stream views but is much busier with mountain bikers and hikers - it has that “I expect to see plenty of people” feel to it. The trailhead to the beginning of the loop has dog poo scattered here and there, which is sadly the case with most trails.

Dirt road to the trailhead, most cars should be fine. The trail itself had snow/mud and was a bit slippery but nothing too bad, we did it in regular hiking shoes and were fine, just mind your step. This is a gorgeous hike and the views from the top of the tower are a must see!

As previously mentioned, the roads are good all the way to the trail head. It was a great hike with an amazing 360 degree view from the fire tower. Make sure to wear bug repellent, as there are swarming bugs when you reach the tower lookout area. Unfortunately, there's a lot of graffiti written on what used to be information signs- now completely unreadable. Additionally, it's a pack-in pack-out so make sure you bring all of your trash (and dog poop) back out of the hike when you leave.

Went with my two dogs yesterday and was amazing. Great conditions for hiking. The first few hundred feet were a bit muddy, but other than that it was completely dry. Beautiful views along the way, but the view at the end was one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Easily my favorite short hike I’ve taken in Colorado.

it's a hard hike, then you come through the hard rock to heaven. they should rename this to the hard long journey to bliss. it was so amazing.

off road driving
13 days ago

I ran the trail yesterday afternoon, quite fun!

The 311A sunken treasure is still there, looks like it's been gone over with a bat. I got around it on the ice, which is starting to melt but is still thick enough for my Rubicon to make it over. Just hug the outside corner or else your tire will get stuck in the foot-wide crack.

I ended up going counter-clockwise on the loop because I was watching my Jeep GPS instead of the All-Trails map, and missed the first turn. No matter, though, running up that 311A hill was fun!

Most of the mud puddles have dried up.

Beautiful hike! Shade the whole way, fairly busy on the Friday we went. My kids loved the hike(3, 6, & 8).

Road was open , road to trailhead is clear. Trail was very scenic, lots of trees :) The view is unbelievable:) Put this on your list!!!

One of my favs

The road is open again. The description needs to be updated.

It's a nice hike through a beautiful forest and there are some spots with great views along the way. I'm in average shape and had no issues getting up there with a few 30 second stops to catch my breath and sip some water. Just take your time going up. The views are definitely worth it. The crowds come and go in waves. If you hang out for a bit you can have the place to yourself for a few minutes until the next wave of people.

The view is 5-stars, but I agree with what the previous reviewer said about the condition and general respectfulness of the people on the trail.

The view is great, but the trail has been loved to death. There's graffiti in places, and people have carved into the trees below the halfway point. The informational signs along the trail have been destroyed and occasionally painted over by bad artists advertising their instagrams. So much disrespect for a great historical site.

Way too crowded with so many off leash dogs. People very obviously not cleaning up after their dogs.

This is a great candidate for trails that could be shut down or severely restricted until people learn to respect our state, and each other.

This hike was way better than I had expected, I thought it'd just be some boring/simple lookout post on the top of the mountain with "a single view" but no! It was a lookout with an awesome 360 view of the surrounding valleys and mountains! You can even go inside the lookout post and talk to the man that's been working there for 34 summers (wow), take note of the stickies on the walls as they actually "point" in the direction of whats on them. This is one of those "unspoken" hikes that not many people know of, but it's definitely on the top of my list for "must-dos".

P.S. There's a secret hidden path to get on top of the rocks across from the lookout post directly across from it where you can enjoy a picnic/lunch on top of the rocks with the same view as the lookout post (more or less).

off road driving
22 days ago

Note- to get to the “hard” parts, you’ll need to drive about two and half hours out to where the trail shows the loops on the map. There (AND ONLY THERE) is this trail hard. It’s worth the drive for those adventurous enough! Other than that, it’s a fun (easy) dirt road for cruising with beautiful views.

Warm enough for dusk hike. awesome view!

Went up for sunrise this morning. Trail is totally clear and dry and the views were stunning!

24 days ago

Gentle climb rewarded with beautiful views of Pikes Peak and South Park on the way down. Great trail for running and well marked.

The road to this hike becomes a red dirt road all the way up through the mountain. The hike is through a beautiful forest, we did this hike 4-24-18 in a snowy blizzard. At the top of the tower was very windy and we couldn't really see the view but still very beautiful. Will definitely be back in summer.

Great short hike. I was able to make to the tower in about an hour and 15 min. Thank God the road was open. Yes. it is open.

off road driving
28 days ago

Would say this is about a 4/10 trail no higher (in difficulty). Similar to Gold Camp Rd and Old Stage it has great trails that branch off along the drive. As of last weekend, the gate at the bottom of Garden of the Gods is now open again.

off road driving
28 days ago

Great trail run for moderate rating (a stock 4Runner didn't have issues). Could be very narrow for some full size trucks going out. Also came across the 311A sunken boat, just be aware the ice is melting and could get worse but me and the group of 4 hugged the outer path and made it fine.

'99 4RnR 33 KO2 3" Toytech 5100

Great hike with amazing views. The lookout is really cool, as well as the history behind it. Did this hike with a 3yo and 6yo with no issues. The road was open at the time so we did not have to hike in.

off road driving
1 month ago

Just did this loop with a 2001 Xterra with 31" A/T tires and a 3" lift. Most of the trail was a breeze, but the section with the sunken car and a few climbs after it felt a little hairy. Very fun though, but be smart, be careful. The section near the car still has ice on the ground and is sloped toward the mud pit. It blows my mind that car even attempted driving out there...

Went this past weekend 2018-04-15 and road was open to trail head.

Nice trail. Contrary to previous post, bikers should be respectful of hikers, not the other way around. According to forest service rules, Bikes yield to both Hikers and and Horseback riders. This is especially important due to hills and blind curves where bikes could collide with hikers and Horseback riders with disastrous results for all.

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