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First 14er! Started sometime around 5:30 AM. Had some difficulty following the trail in the dark (with head lamp) and missed the 646A sign. Had to use the All trails app to help. Once on the right trail, no problems until the last 1/4 mile scramble d/t missing some cairns. Fun hike. Felt like I did millions of squats. Definetly felt the burn in some areas. Beatiful scenery. Of course loads of people at the summit. It is what it is. Parking for this trail is a bit bumpy, go at a snails pace especially in the dark!

Difficulty: Moderate

What I Like About This Hike: The 360-degree views from the summit! Not only is Raspberry Mountain located only a short trip from the Colorado Springs area – making it an awesome half-day adventure – but, moreover, the views from the top are unparalleled, offering magnificent landscapes of the ubiquitous Pikes Peak as well as the unique formations of the surrounding land (i.e., Lost Wilderness, Catamount Reservoirs, South Park, and if it is clear enough, the Collegiate Peaks).

On the Trail: The hike begins with short, steep switchbacks. Then, it levels out through a meadow and gentle forest floors. Eventually, you'll turn right on the forest road after crossing a creek. After a short uphill walk, you will turn left, leaving the Ring the Peak trail. From here, it is a relatively intense and mostly uphill climb to the top. Definitely make sure you come prepared on this hike; every time I've done it, I have encountered adverse weather.

How to Get There: Take US24 to Divide and turn south at the light in Divide onto US67 (if you're coming from Colorado Springs, this will be a left turn), continuing for about 4 miles south. Just after passing the Mueller State Park entrance (which is on the right side), you will turn left onto CR-62. You will continue a few miles up the dirt road. A little way after passing the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp, you will see the trailhead parking on your left. Note: you've gone too far if you reach the Crags parking lot (which is also a fabulous hike!).

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2 days ago

Light snow in the shade but very hikeable in February. Combined with Raspberry for a nice two-fer.

off road driving
2 days ago

The snow is starting to melt up there, and creating some some mud holes. The first half of the trail was pretty easy, but tight - 307. The second half, (optional) on 311A is much steeper and higher clearance is required. As Josh stated below, take it slow. At the bottom of 311A, we found the gem that Josh refers too and I wasn’t taking any chances on that crossing and came back up. This is a unique trail in that there are lots of cool boulders and tight spaces, with some off-camber driving, but does not have a ton of great views as some of the other trails have. If you are looking for a little more of a challenge than some of the easier trails, this is a great run. NOTE: We did this trail in a raised Jeep Rubcon Recon 4-Door and didn’t have to do any backing. For those that may do this with full size trucks, backing may be required to get through certain areas.

Summited Pikes Peak from here on 16 Feb. Road to trailhead was snowy but easily passable for my truck in 2WD. Trail was easy to follow below the tree line, but lost it a few times above. Just follow the cairns. Huge winds at the summit, but very little snow. Didn’t use any floatation or traction up or down. Great and tough winter hike!!

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3 days ago

Beautiful trail with stunning views of the mountains, forest, and a meadow. Mid-February trail conditions = 85-90% mud, slush, snow, ice, ice underneath snow, and ice rivers. The climb from Bear Creek to the campground is particularly rough requiring traversing off the trail due to the ice river flowing down the trail. There is no trail marker for 800 at the intersection with Ringtail. Take the downhill trail to the left of Ringtail. Some sites have this trail marked as dog friendly. Please note that there is a section where it skirts the west end of Roxborough State Park which doesn't allow dogs.

4 days ago

Quick hike, rewarding views!!!

Hiked on 2/17/18. Open spots on the trail were dry, shaded spots were snowy. Icy near the stream and a couple of places along the trail. Crampons/micros recommended but not absolutely needed. Beautiful trail with amazing views!

trail running
4 days ago

I usually run 2 miles in then turn around and head back the way I came. the loop is a bit too much for me now. It gets very steep towards that two mile mark. The views are amazing! I usually see one or two people. Most of the trail was clear and dry except for a very short section on the back side of the hill. This trail is really good for those looking to increase muscle and stamina. Road running will be a breeze after training here for a couple weeks!

awesome trail

Easy to follow the entire way. Absolutely stunning views by the pancake rocks. Some of the nicest hikers and dog-friendly folk I've yet encountered. What a great surprise it was like a fall day in February.

14 days ago

Didn’t get a chance to do this hike, since the trail is closed until April 30th, 2018.

This is one of our favorite hikes. Great views, surreal landscapes and Chair Rocks is a great place for lunch. Fairly easy hike with not much elevation gain. The first three miles are very exposed due to lack of trees because of a forest fires several years ago. This allows you to see for miles. Great winter hike with no snow and great sunshine. However, this is not a good one for your four legged friends in the hot summer months, lots of sun, no shade and no water. If you are looking for a different hiking experience this is a good one.

off road driving
16 days ago

What a fun trail. The wife and I attempted to loop yesterday. Either way you go you will have to turn around. Frozen section that is too sketchy to cross. But in that frozen section is a gem to see. Someone attempted it and did not fair too well. The trail was quite fun and with snow and ice in certain areas it made for fun and challenging! Def need some clearance for certain spots but overall take it slow and you should be good

awesome dirtbike/hike trail with mountain views se pic on my instagram the_book_of_jeff

This was my first 14er a few years ago and I love going back. Absolutely wonderful! Why drive to the top when you can hike it??? The views certainly make up for the painful switchbacks towards the top. Loved it. ❤

First 14ner. And a winter ascent to boot. Tough but fair. Great experience

A beautiful hike, especially in the Fall.

A great little hike to get your blood pumping. Trails are still snow packed and muddy in exposed areas. Nothing too bad anywhere. Several areas to stop and enjoy a sandwich or granola bar with a view.

Dog owners seemed relaxed; responsibly leashing dogs when near other folks.

off road driving
24 days ago

This trail was awesome! And I like the intermediate rating over all. Definitely recommend with at least a good clearance 4x4 capable car if you’re doing the whole loop.
We went around the look in a counter clockwise fashion at the end of January and there was a good amount of the trail that was packed snow. (More than 90%). So given our conditions, I would say 80% of the trail is easy peasy. Doable with 2x4. Another 15% of the trail was no big deal with any 4x4 with at least SUV clearance.
The last 5% consists of three specific short sections that were quite technical in our stock Nissan Xterra. I wouldn’t suggest it in anything lower clearance than that. I think most of the difficulty came from the snow pack,but they were some decently large boulders and holes. These places were all on the section at the end that connects the two sides of the Y. So you can avoid them if you’re worried about it. Overall, I really enjoyed it! Don’t be the guy that’s stuck in the frozen river though. Know your limits. Drive careful.

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