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1 day ago

Lovely hike with meadows, a large variety of wildflowers, & majestic views. Easy to miss the official loop off to the north, but followed an off trail to some peaceful meadows. Made for a truly enjoyable day!

Challenging but very rewarding. I didn’t know you can simply drive to the reservoir. Hiking on roads are not my favorite but did not regret this one.

Beautiful and mostly shaded!
I loved it. There were a few challenging spots for me, but overall a great hike and nothing I couldn’t handle.
The streams, waterfalls and meadow were absolutely stunning

1 day ago

Great hike with my dog. Was frustrated by some off-leash dog owners. The parent rock easily erodes into pebbles, so the trail is covered with beautiful, large-crystal gravel. That makes most of the trail great for hiking, but also makes the descent from the vista a bit tricky. It also means that there are a ton of animal paths and waterways that (when dry) look like official trails. The trail is totally unmarked (no cairns, blazes, or signage after the first 0.4 mile or so). It’s pretty easy to follow until the climb towards the end. It wasn’t too difficult to find my way, but I was definitely off-trail accidentally a good bit. Pay attention going up so you have familiar landmarks to look for going down!

Very cool to see the tornado damage along the trail as well, there are signs pointing it out.

Easy and worth the trip.

The trail map is inaccurate and there is barbwire fence at the trail head. You have to take Ring the Peak trail (not shown on All Trails) which connects to this one, but as you complete the loop you end up on the wrong side of a barbwire fence with Keep Out signs.

The hike up is hard. Once you get to the second lake - it’s so, so beautiful!!! Go in the early morning.
You’ll see raspberries, wild blue berries and MANY flowers. Police DO patrol the area so follow the rules.

Incredible views at the top!

Very nice trail, very easy, beautiful. A little steep at first but then real easy. I would do this trail again.

Steady up climb for over a mile, then easy. Nice lake and distance views with some interesting Rick formations. Most of the hike is in the sun but we had a very nice breeze.

One of the best trails in the area, beautiful

Great one to bring out-of-towners on. Has good shade for most of it to help you on a hot day with reasonable elevation gains. And the view at the top is fantastic.

good incline, good views.

Loved this trail. It does get fairly busy during the later morning/mid-day time. I got there around 9:30 am and there wasn't much parking spaces left and by the time we came back out there were people parked all up and down the side of the road as well. The hike was pretty easy and super super beautiful at the top. It only took a couple hours to go up and back, we spent a good amount of time hanging out at the top of the lookout.

The road up to the trail head is pretty rough! Its all dirt and there's a lot of wash out so it gets very bumpy. The road is pretty steep and has a lot of blind corners. I had quite a few rude people come flying down on while I was going up and it was a little scary, especially since I drive a large truck and cant easily pull off on the side of the road. Don't be one of those people that tries to go flying in and out of there.

Beautiful! My fiancé and our 3 children hiked to the ridge line at about 13,200 in the early afternoon and turned around...the hike is wonderfully scenic, without a ton of traffic.

Did it for sunrise, awesome. Try to time it to arrive up top before sunrise as the colors start showing about 20 min before official sunrise time.

Great for trail running.

6 days ago

Great trail, beautiful scenery with ample camping. We wanted to camp up at Helms lake but it was extremely buggy so made our way back down. It wasn't an overly crowded trail and finding camping was pretty easy.

6 days ago

Amazing trail! Overall moderate, not highly trafficked, and beautiful views everywhere! Highly suggest!

Fun hike, but not much water currently. Highlight was a female Northern Shoveler with her babies in a pool along the trail.

Very pretty scenery, smell of pine! Easy trail hike, but difficult to navigate as many offshoots, unless you have the app or compass.

Amazing 360 views from the top. Beautiful trail with a steep incline, levels out then another incline.

off road driving
7 days ago

This was a wild goose chase. This is not an official trail and as such there is no trailhead. This is actually forest service road 262 also known as Cinnamon gulch road. You can drive most of the way to the top. If you try hiking you will probably get mowed down by a jeep or a dirt bike. There were plenty to go around. It is actually a beautiful drive and was very easy in my larger 4x4 pick-up. Once we made it to the end of the road we did search for an actual marked trail. On the way down I spoke with some forest service personnel and they confirmed there isn't one. Don't forget to drive the surrounding roads as there are many old mines with beautiful views nearby. We ended up hiking part of the Argentine pass trail which is just up FR 260 from this spot.

Such a beautiful view from the top of the tower - kids enjoyed climbing on boulders - really a great hike!! One word of caution... if driving from/to Woodland Park - stay on Rampart Range Road... I’m not familiar with the area and our GPS took us on road on the way back down that started our great, but ended up being a 4x4 road by the end.

7 days ago

Fantastic trail with beautiful rock formations and amazing views at the top. Vault toilets at the trailhead (very clean when we were there). It ended up being a litle over 5 miles. Watch out for afternoon storms in the summer. Overly friendly chipmunks at the top looking for hiker goodies.

Really fun moderate trail. In late August/early September you can see ladybugs on the walkway up to the fire tower and the gentleman who runs it is a kind soul and happy to share his knowledge of the surrounding area and history. Beautiful view from the fire tower as well just don’t look down! Ha.

on The Crags Trail

8 days ago

Our family loved this trail! We have 4 children who were aged 5-15 at the time and we made it easily to the top. Amazing views, worth the hike!

8 days ago

Worth every step!

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