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Beautiful area but please remember that dogs and people are NOT allowed in the water ever and dogs must be leashed. Also it is not an area that allows shooting and currently there is a fire ban. There are multiple signs up about this but I guess people just don't notice them? CO Fish and Wildlife was up and enforcing the rules thankfully, I'm sure they issued several tickets based on what I saw today. Suggest getting there early as it gets crowded during the summer, or going in the off season. Fall is a pretty time to go up with less crowds. Nice place to go if you live nearby and want to squeeze in a short hike with pretty views without driving too far. I believe there are other trails branching off this one too but I have yet to explore them.

Super beautiful. Hike was way more intense then people have made it out to be though. Incline was a lot steeper than we expected.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

What a beautiful hike! I took four grandchildren ages 4-10 to the end of the trail. They had a blast. It’s pretty much all a slow incline up and if you have any wanderers keep an eye on them for there are some steep drop offs. It’s four miles each way, unless again you have a wanderer like I did, and I know it had to be at least nine miles for him as we zigzagged up...him wandering to the edge and me pulling him over to he far side of the trail. Yes, it was the four year old. I wouldn’t recommend it for any child younger than four unless you are willing to carry or pack them up. Coming down take it slow, the gravel is loose and it’s easy to slip. A walking stick would be a nice addition to your gear. There were lots of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.

Good easy to moderate hike mostly up the service road to the reservoir. Occasional views back over the eastern plains / monument area. The reservoir was nice and quiet on a Monday evening. Great weeknight evening hike to avoid crowds.

Gorgeous hike but if you plan on going in the near future leave early or wear good sun protection as it was very warm. My pup and I had a lot of fun and the scenery was just beautiful. I was warned that the Bear traffic was high right now and that they had cubs. The same with the Elk but we did luckily not encounter any as I would not like to interrupt a new Mommy that is out and about.

SUCH a gorgeous hike. The further you go, the more beautiful it gets. A little up hill to get to the reservoirs, but totally worth it. Lots of pretty spots. Can’t wait to go back.

Loved the hike and the views. Gorgeous reservoir but not as kid friendly as I was hoping for.

Great hike , lots of wonderful views , lots of shade

7 days ago

It is a great trail! Clearly marked, if you don’t wander. Views are few and far between, and some steep areas! I was hoping for more water along the way, but it was perfect for my pups. I did the loop with an American Eskimo/Pom and my ACD/GSD.

More on the heavily trafficked side than moderately trafficked side. Make sure your dogs are leashed and kept far from the water (sign says 100 yards or fines up to $1000/1 year in jail)

Great early morning hike. Not many people and so serene.

Awesome views and great hike. Not too hard.

very nice trail with some good views

Really beautiful short hike. The incline up wasn’t too bad. We made it easily with a 7 year old a 10 year old and a dachshund. Started at about 8am and wasn’t too busy. Parking lot was full by the time we left though. The views were spectacular.

21 days ago

Very nice trail - easy to find and well marked. Some very nice views of Pike's Peak, and not too crowded on a Saturday morning. No facilities at the trailhead, but close to town so plenty of options.

Very nice trail not too busy for an early morning Thursday hike. We wondered off the path and up a ridge to find some pretty neat boulders.

Very good hike to start into our Summer hiking mode!

22 days ago

I love this trail. Hike it year around. Wildflowers are great in summer, leaves in the fall and the views are very nice at the top part. My friend and I actually saw a mountain goat on the trail yesterday. He must have been really lost.... I’ve never seen one below tree line or any in that area.

Pretty view but a lot more restrictions than we were expecting. It’s dog friends but they must be on a leash and are not allowed in the water. Not much tree cover due to the fire that was there a while back.

Fantastic trail for a good hike. The incline isn't too bad, and it was about 45 minutes up to Palmer Lake 2, coming down was much faster. The views at the lake are unbeatable.

26 days ago

Good easy trail. Dog friendly, not too many people, great views.

Beautiful trail with lovely reservoirs. Medium traffic.

Wonderful trail

Beautiful, easy, popular hike.

awesome hike, steep sandy areas, views of river all along hike are amazing.

Beautiful hike but lots of people. Guess that's anywhere in Colorado on a Saturday. I'd go back and hammock up in the trees!!

trail running
1 month ago

Gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and surrounding area! I started/ended at Rainbow gulch and my app said I completed 15.73 miles. Relatively flat run for the area but my feet were smoked! I will be completing this run many times in the future!

1 month ago

This is a beautiful trail along the Platte River. WE wondered why it was rated as hard until we got to about mile 3.5 and it was a scramble to get up so we decided to turn back. There are some places that are extremely narrow and the footing is soft. Hoping to go back and complete this at some point. The trail has markings but they are not well defined and we did stray a few times from the trail unnecessarily.

1 month ago

Beautiful! I started the trail on the other side of the dam for enormous views of Pikes Peak. Side trails take you to the water. Tons of huge rocks on the beach for climbing. The water is so pristine and bright blue/green. Most of the forest on the other side of the lake was burned. I definitely recommend starting this trail from the dam.

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