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Beautiful hike! Loved it. 12 miles RT. No snow, nice and dry. Beautiful weather for it today. It took our group of 4 about 7 hours, including two breaks and spending a good amount of time climbing on the rocks near the top. We went on 5-25-18,cool geocache box at the summit too so bring something small to leave if you wish!

19 hours ago

A challenging hike. I felt ecstatic upon reaching the summit. Great sense of accomplishment. However there are a couple detail you need to know before attempting this hike. First, there is no parking at the trail head. You should park at the Visitor's Center. From Academy Dr there is a road not far from the Visitor's Center that takes you to the trail head. You will see a trail to the left as you go up the road. You won't notice the trail head sign until you walk into it a short distance. After about a half mile the trail becomes confusing. There are some false trails that will just wear you out and lead to nowhere. The thing to do is follow along the stream which is on the left. You will eventually see the trail which will take you across the stream over some rocks. As you get closer to the summit there is another false trail that peters out after about a quarter mile of less. Instead of taking that trail go to the left up another trail that is steeper and goes toward the summit. The only real views are on the summit.

1 day ago

Mt. Rosa is an excellent hike, panoramic 360 view well worth the climb. A high clearance, short wheelbase vehicle ( jeep ) is necessary to get to Frosty Park via 379. The climb is moderate in difficulty, trail easy to follow, rock cairns as you approach the summit, which would be very helpful if the trail was snow covered. The footing can be treacherous on the descent, lots of small rocks/dry sand. Overall, I would highly recommend this hike.

1 day ago

Excellent medium to low-intensity hike with some spectacular views. The first quarter-mile takes some work as does the last quarter mile as you reach the top, but it is worth it for sure. You pass through a number of meadows and along a stream (though on our hike there wasn't very much water moving downhill since most all of the snow and ice has melted in this area).

The primary feature of this hike, as the name implies, are the granite formations shaped by the wind and water. Some really beautiful aspects of raw nature especially once you get close to the end of the trail. Beautiful views at the top looking across the valley to the Sawatch Range in the far west.

Did this trail with kids (ages 10 and 12) and it was good exercise but well within their skill level.

Our full trip ended up closer to 5 miles.

My cousin and I tackled this bad boy last Monday (5/21) around 8 am. It took us about 6 hours to complete this out-and-back hike, which let me tell you, is no walk in the park.

There wasn't a single car in the parking lot when we started and there were only three additional cars in the small lot when we returned. We only saw one fellow hiker and his pups on the trail, as well, which added to the tranquility of our journey.

The first 1.5 to 2 miles of this trail are relatively easy (and misleading), but it is a very gradual climb for the next 3 miles until you reach the ridge line at about 12,000 ft. Around 10,000 ft. we started to see some snow on the trail, and that continued to get deeper all the way up to Bison Peak's summit.

The trail became quite difficult to follow at the ridge line, as there were no visible footprints or trails to the summit, and we ended up misreading the All Trails map and summiting a neighboring peak instead. We eventually figured out that we were well off our course and found our way back to the trail.

We made our own way to the summit by postholing and scrambling over some boulders to reach the top. The views from the peak were absolutely magnificent! I will most definitely be returning to conquer this peak in the summer when the trail is dry and a bit easier to follow.

This is NOT a hike for the faint of heart, as the almost 4,000 ft. of elevation gain is a real butt-kicker! We ran half way down on our descent though, and that almost halved our return in the process. The weather was beautiful the entire time with the exception of a few raindrops on the way down.

A must for anyone who's in shape and looking for a challenge!

off road driving
3 days ago

The 311A obstacle has been removed from the trail. It is still in the area, but it is no longer blocking the trail. Some parts of this trail were pretty narrow, but a Titan with a 3" lift and 33" tires made it fine. Most of the loop is simple, but be careful and take it slow on 311A.

3 days ago

Did this trail last year when I was 6 months pregnant. It was a little steep at parts, but totally worth it. You get a huge variety of scenery, it is absolutely beautiful. there’s a stream that runs alongside majority of it, my dog really enjoyed it. Hidden gem.

Walked the trail toward the false summit. We turned back before the ridge line that leads to the actual summit because we didn’t have floatation and the trail was covered by snow at a very steep section heading down the south slope. It was really fun hiking.

on Whale Peak

4 days ago

Don't underestimate this little 13er! The terrain is rough and the road to access the trailhead is even rougher. You will not be able to access the trail without a off-road decent vehicle (we had an awd Subaru outback with good tires, and still barely made it). That said, the trail is very nice, if somewhat poorly maintained. We saw moose, ptarmigan, marmot, pika, and deer. The views of Gilpin lake & the surrounding valley are fantastic, as is the view from the summit.

4 days ago

A nice trail, though unmarked and overgrown. The previous review gives great directions on how to actually find the trailhead. I was the only person on this trail, so if you’re looking for solitude this is a good one. It’s easy and not at all strenuous. I believe the only reason it is rated intermediate is because of the difficulty of actually finding and staying on the trail.

This is an amazing trail! Well marked, not too busy, and billion dollar views all around. Worth every step! The weather can change quickly. Started off sunny and warm, and ended with snow falling and winds whipping at the end on 5/20.

The trail leads above the treeline, depending on the time of the year, it may be cooler than at lower elevation. The trail is continuously on an incline and can get steep in some places above the treeline.. If there is snow or snowmelt on to the trail the steep decent can get slippery in places..

this trail can lead to many different ones

6 days ago

One of the worst trails ever!

1) No sign at the trailhead
2) No sign ever at which way is the trail
3) Super steep and no place to grab for your safety- No stairs, but just dangerous paths.

I was able to get to the top where the flag is- but there was no way of making to the "loop" as the map suggested. I got lost so many times even following the map, this 2.7 mile hike turned into 4.1 mile hike and crazy enough to tell you but the "trail" took me to nearly to death experience because the path I follow took me to a cliff and I fell from my face. Yep, I didn't think I was going to be able to get back after all. Today's weather was foggy, misty and nobody was around get a help from. I DO NOT recommend this trail to a beginner and kids. Although the views were amazing. Wish they do better job on making this place safe.

Oh and please do not go there by yourself!

Super hard for the first part of less than a quarter of a mile as it is very steep, but after that it's an easy and beautiful hike. Well worth the first 5 minutes of suffering. The tail takes you through such varied terrain, you start out in a much forest with the most beautiful stream you have ever seen, then on to grassland and wildflowers, walking past impressive rock formations, and finally at the top is just amazing view after amazing view. The trees up there are very cool too as the wind has shaped them in such interesting ways.

off road driving
9 days ago

Good trail with quite an elevation difference. Gets very narrow and close to the edge during the last stretch. I would like to note that there is a locked gate at about 12,000 ft. right before the Mount Baldy Reservoir, so you can't actually make it to the summit in a 4x4. Still had a great time in the forest!

This was a great hike! The views aren't as majestic as other locales, but the trail was a fun outing.

Finding the trail head is easy and is directly on highway 67, but parking is limited.

The hike to the rocks is a fairly significant incline with some switchbacks. The forest is thick and once you are on the trail you feel completely alone. Some on the trail felt the elevation gain was more difficult than advertised, but if you are in reasonable shape it should be more than doable.

The rock formations at the top are interesting but I would say this hike is about the trail not the destination. The waterfall was pretty anticlimactic. It is beginning to melt but still frozen.

Hidden gem - beautiful trail along the creek with fantastic views at the end. Loved the variety of the trail.

Started just after 12 noon. Good incline. Manageable snow-no spikes or snow shoes needed. Hiked up and hitched a ride back down. Summit after 1.5 hours

Trail was mostly clear, did see mountain lion tracks so be advised. Lovely views, steep climb up to the Pancake Rocks.

Great trail along the creek with sweeping views at the end. Beautiful rock formations. There was no camping when we were there - check to make sure the campground is open or sleep in your car at the Trailhead.

Amazing.Very nice view. Easy trail. Definitely recommend.

This is a cool area to explore, most especially around the rock formations. I would rate it as "easy" as I found nothing moderate in difficulty anywhere in the area. It is a good place to explore with family and friends that may not need anything remotely difficult or lengthy. I take my 3 year old there to explore and get her used to "hiking."

Hiked the trail yesterday. My girlfriend and I (both from Oklahoma) both wore tennis shoes and brought just a small day pack. There were a couple of slick spots, not really a problem at all until we went downhill. Still not bad though, make for funny videos actually! Falls were still frozen and probably will be for a while longer. Pack food and water. Trail was very easy to navigate. It's mostly covered by the trees, make sure to go off trail near the top and look out when you get the chance, there are some large boulders, everywhere, that overlook distant mountains and the valleys. Very beautiful and enjoyable hike!

this is beautiful Scenic hike! however I wish other people would keep their dog on the leash as the trail rules say you need to. passed lots of hikers today not a single one of them had their dog on a leash. so frustrating that no one seems to be able to follow Trail rules.

off road driving
18 days ago

I ran the trail yesterday afternoon, quite fun!

The 311A sunken treasure is still there, looks like it's been gone over with a bat. I got around it on the ice, which is starting to melt but is still thick enough for my Rubicon to make it over. Just hug the outside corner or else your tire will get stuck in the foot-wide crack.

I ended up going counter-clockwise on the loop because I was watching my Jeep GPS instead of the All-Trails map, and missed the first turn. No matter, though, running up that 311A hill was fun!

Most of the mud puddles have dried up.

Very pretty hike. Evelyn Rodriguez you can have your dogs off leash.

The trail is a steady incline to the top. The views at the top are worth every step with great views of many 14ers! Our pup did it with us and loved every minute!

19 days ago

Great hike today. I used my snowshoes most of the way except for summiting the mountain. A few people only had sneakers and they postholed most of the way. Really slushy snow, with a 3-4 foot base in most areas. Great views at the top.

The trail itself was nice. It was a little confusing once you got to the top of the mountain as there was no signage and 3 different trails you could take. Stay right to reach the summit. The views were great. Pretty cool view of Pikes Peak.

Rating it a 3 because of the road to get in. I had a Jeep and still had some trouble so I'd recommend high clearance. And you could hear shot guns the whole time.

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