Photos of Pike National Forest Camping Trails

Lots of snow after the storm a couple days ago. You could see an indent in the snow where the trail was, but it wasn’t clear enough after a bit and we ended up blazing our own trail up to the ridge just below Devils Playground. I was moving slower than the other two guys I went with so we agreed on a turn-around time and they went up to the ridge just over the road for a glimpse of Colorado Springs. Probably they would have made it to the summit if it weren’t for blazing a new trail through the snow. We ran out of time and came back down disappointed to not summit, but the day was beautiful and you can’t complain whenever you get to spend time up at those altitudes. Reminds you of the beauty and wildness of this place, even if there is a road and shop at the very top (closed today due to ice and wind). Advice for other hikers, if there’s been a snow storm within the last few days, don’t assume the trail will be packed down- take snowshoes. Only reason for only 4 stars is because some trail markers would be helpful.