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Me and my wife did this last Thursday. Fun, pretty hike. Bet it’s amazing in the fall. Lots of heavy breathing the first day up coming from Kansas but got us nice and acclimated quick! The falls were nice with a little water flowing, pancake rocks were great to explore around also.

Me and my wife both did this on Friday. Great little hike for beginners. Not difficult to follow or climb. I’ve done several 14ners. This was my wife’s first. She loved it! She’s already checking when our next vacation will be so we can see what other one we can do! We did get caught in a quick lightning and hail storm and had to hide out in a rock hole for about 20min near the top in the boulders. Little scary but it quickly passed. Very pretty hike!!

Great hike. We made it within around 50 steps of the summit and heard what sounded like loud growls nearby...never saw anything but it was apparent there was something within the vicinity. Just a word of caution, especially to those hiking this trail alone.

Absolutely gorgeous hike! Did this yesterday and started at 7 and got to the car a little before 2. The road leading to the trailhead is rough and we were in a car, so had to park about a half mile from the trailhead. Highly recommend bringing a 4WD vehicle if you have one. We started off with Bross which I recommend because it's very steep and there's alot of loose rock and dirt. I couldn't have imagined going down it. Views were incredible!

13 hours ago

We started Manitou Incline at 8:20 PM. Reached Barr Camp at 1 AM. Your map really kept us in the Barr Trail during hiking at night. Thank you!

I have no cell service at Pikes Peak now. But I can see where I am in the map since I downloaded the map

Great trail, the hike was a bit longer than the app says GPS said 6 miles round trip. The road up is a 4x4 only because you need higher clearance. Very worth the final push to the lake. The flowers are in bloom this week.

Great hike with beautiful views!

what a fun trail. we had a great hike. the drive in can be tricky mainly because of drivers going 40 mph in a 20 zone. great views of pike peak and we saw some wild turkeys.

Great place to go on a Wednesday morning had it all to myself Awesome views Would definitely go back

1 day ago

So... great trail. But we got lost. my fault. I'm new to this app and to Colorado, and i didn't read the instructions for the trailhead. We started at the Eastern parking lot nearer Palmer lake, by the Yellow wind sock labeled "Mt. Herman." This trail went along the east side of the mountain, beautiful, well marked trail, but very steep. At about 1.8 miles up, we then turned west and got up to the Mt Herman peek that way. Coming back down the western slope, it is easy to tell why that is the more traditional route. It was much much easier and shorter. The whole thing took me and my three kids 16/9/9 years old 3 hours. We hitched a ride back down to where we parked. Beautiful trail Next time I will pay closer attention to the instructions. As I told my kids while we were lost, "Life is a Journey, not a Destination!!!"

We started at 7am, got to our car around 1:30pm. We started with Bross. Which is what a lot of people suggested and we were so glad that we listened. The wildflowers were absolutely beautiful but we didn’t see any Columbines.

Nice short hike to a beautiful little lake

85 degrees mild weather but 70% shade helped me from overheat. I was going to give 5 stars but changed my mind to 4 because the map was messed up. There was no way to get on Flow Dog trail after I got on trail 715. I had to go around and use alternate trail but I made it back. Not crowded at all, maybe ran into 6 bikers and 5 hikers all total during my 3.5 hour hike. Beautiful wild flowers, I enjoyed the view so much. Have fun!

Amazing hike. Not to far from Denver. Ample parking during the week. I went on a Wednesday during the week. Glad I didn’t bring my dog due to all the stairs at the top.

Beautiful and close to the south Denver Metro. The trail is very well maintained. Minimal elevation change. I would call this a nice longer (5 mile loop) walk before I would call it a hike. As a non-mountain biker, it looked like it would be a lot of fun to bring a bike to. Also very horse friendly. There are benches and picnic tables all along the trail. Nice place for a picnic but no challenge for a hiker.

2 days ago

So my wife and I just hiked this road today, 6/22/18. We drove up county road 12 outside of Alma and parked just past the crossing of Mosquito creek. Once you get to the first switchback beyond here, is where the road turns ugly. And that's about 2/10 of a mile. 4 x 4 from there. 2 wheel drive no problem to the creek. This road is intermittent in it's ugliness. There are sections that are really rocky and require some experience, and then it mellows out till the next stretch. I chose not to destroy my wife's Expedition on this road, and so we parked and hiked. The road is still snow bound right now just beyond the saddle you gain above the North London mine. From the mine up, this is where the road is really one lane, and rough!! We managed to get across that snow drift fairly easily, as the snow was soft and we could dig in our heels. I have read about how you can pass other vehicles that might be coming down from the other way. But honestly, beyond the mine, it 's really a one lane road. There may be a few places to get past someone, but no thanks. Below the mine to the creek, plenty of room for going around someone, but still some ugly sections. It took us 2 hours to get to the pass from the creek, and about the same coming down. It was 5.7 miles total. As with our recent hike to the top of Mt. Sherman, we were greeted with the most horrific winds at the top of the pass today. Insane. We could barely hold the camera steady for pics. We stayed about 2-3 minutes, and that's all we could take. Just below the pass it let up some, but was still really windy the whole way back down. Something about that Mosquito range. Wow. The scenery is awesome as with all the high country around here. Even though this is really a 4 x 4 road trip, this was a good hike too. I recommend it if you don't have the interest, or the experience, with 4 wheeling on roads of this nature. I am guessing another 2-3 weeks before the road is snow free at that one spot. Some interesting mining history here as well, like most of Colorado has. A few snow flurries on our walk back down too :) . Another great hike off of highway 9.

Make sure to take the time go to the scenic outlook. It is worth the extra hike. The trail is rocky in many places so take your time coming down the trail.

Amazing hike and views, but very crowded

Great hike close by! Nice steady incline to the reservoir. Some shade along the way. Beautiful lake views. Definitely ok for kids and pets/ just keep them out of the water and clean up!

Started at 3 a.m. Saturday and got to the summit of Bross for sunrise, then had the 1st three peaks to ourselves (along with a large mountain goat). There were atleast 50 people on Democrat when we summited. Glad we did Bross 1st, the descent of that mountain would have been tough, very loose rock and dirt the whole way.

Easy access from the USAFA parking lot. Drive to the upper lot to save a little time. The first half is a steady uphill grade with a few areas of loose gravel but not very difficult. There is a stream along the way for a good bit of the hike. The last half is nice soft pretty flat terrain welcome after the first half. The hail, lightning and rain made it even more challenging! No water in the reservoir as of June 22 2018.

3 days ago

I love this trail. Bring plenty of water! I screwed up the first time and didn’t. I was well prepared this time.

The stream the whole way up is great. From the parking lot to the trail head is about .8 miles. From the trail head to the top is about a mile and a half and you’ll hit right at 1k foot elevation gain. After that it is pretty mellow trail. I went 7 miles this last weekend to the south reservoir and back.

My ACD and mini American Eskimo loved it. The American Eskimo was a trooper but struggled keeping up on the way back.

Beautiful area but please remember that dogs and people are NOT allowed in the water ever and dogs must be leashed. Also it is not an area that allows shooting and currently there is a fire ban. There are multiple signs up about this but I guess people just don't notice them? CO Fish and Wildlife was up and enforcing the rules thankfully, I'm sure they issued several tickets based on what I saw today. Suggest getting there early as it gets crowded during the summer, or going in the off season. Fall is a pretty time to go up with less crowds. Nice place to go if you live nearby and want to squeeze in a short hike with pretty views without driving too far. I believe there are other trails branching off this one too but I have yet to explore them.

Super beautiful. Hike was way more intense then people have made it out to be though. Incline was a lot steeper than we expected.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

Arrived at Devils Playground around 10:30am. Since there is construction at the summit right now they are running a shuttle service from Devils Playground parking lot to the summit and back. We were able to hike to the summit and take the shuttle back down to our vehicle at mile 16 parking lot. First two thirds of the trail is pretty easy. It follows the road for the most part and has some pretty good views to the valley below. The toughest part of the hike seemed to be the incline right before the boulder scramble, which provided a pretty good burn on a steep incline. The rock scramble at the end was fun, more mentally challenging than physically. Most of the cairns were easily visible, however a few were quite small and took a minute for us to find the right way to go. Overall easy path to follow and great for first timers and those who want to get to the summit quickly. Took my wife and I just over an hour and a half of hiking (excluding some water/snack breaks) and we are from much lower altitude (south carolina).

Loved everything about this hike. The view from the top of the fire tower was awesome.

This hike is amazingly beautiful. The route is a little hard to follow. Park at the bottom of the road near the stream and walk about a mile up a dirt road until you get to the water plant. it looks like nothing and as if you're not supposed to enter. But once you do you'll see a waterfall on the left and then a few trails. follow the blue dots for the reservor. once you loose the dots you come to a road and its very confusing but stay to the right and follow the road up then across the street you'll arrive at the reservoir. beautiful views and waterfalls!

What a beautiful hike! I took four grandchildren ages 4-10 to the end of the trail. They had a blast. It’s pretty much all a slow incline up and if you have any wanderers keep an eye on them for there are some steep drop offs. It’s four miles each way, unless again you have a wanderer like I did, and I know it had to be at least nine miles for him as we zigzagged up...him wandering to the edge and me pulling him over to he far side of the trail. Yes, it was the four year old. I wouldn’t recommend it for any child younger than four unless you are willing to carry or pack them up. Coming down take it slow, the gravel is loose and it’s easy to slip. A walking stick would be a nice addition to your gear. There were lots of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.

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