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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

Parking was great. Got there at 8am and only 4 cars. There are about 20 parking spots. Almost gave 4 stars because there's not even 1 sign to guide us. Downloading maps are the must! Beautiful weather, nobody stepped in for a while, it seemed since no human footsteps until I was coming back. It was worth the hike! Very challenging at icy steep spots and narrow trails. Not a good idea for snowshowing or even running(unless summer time). Have fun and be careful! x 12/15/18

off road driving
3 days ago

very little snow to worry about. trail is clear.

Great trail. Amazing views. Can see Pikes Peak from the top of Chautauqua Mountain. Enjoyable Hike.

Open last weekend. Great trail.

Pretty easy trail, enjoyable at the top. Would be beautiful during Aspen season!

Nice little hike, would do again!

long hike but well worth the veiw from the top did it in sept had nice weather

great series of trails inside trails. perfect for ATVs and dirt bikes. if you're looking for a 4 wheel drive Trail this isn't that.

6 days ago

I hiked this trail backwards (west to east). I got a late start on Saturday and hiked just shy of 4 miles in and stayed the night in my hammock. Temp was 18° overnight with clear sky’s. Hiked out the next morning. Most of the north and east facing trails were lightly covered in snow and icy spots. One section has an ice flow for about 30 feet that is passable on the shoulder. The only reason I did not give the trail 5 stars is because of the 6 mile stretch in Watertown canyon were you are on the service road, however the Bighorn sheep are really cool.

6 days ago

Great escape from the city, as I did not see a single soul on my entire hike. The trailhead was not exactly right across the street from the parking lot as my map had indicated. Look for the gate in the fence.

6 days ago

Hiked 12/9/18 - Conditions were great. a few sections of ice/snow on The Incline as well as the trail but both are mostly dry. Maybe an inch of snow (but not icy) near the summit. No traction needed as long as your careful. Summit views are fantastic. Great little hike and summit especially when you combine it with the very fun Manitou Incline!

Not the most scenic, but nice manageable trail that is manageable for trail running or mountain biking. Also great that it’s a big loop. No cell reception if you’re counting on that.

it was challenging, but a great hike.

I went to hike this yesterday morning/early afternoon (12/7/2018) and the road we came in on was closed about 6 miles out. I did not try to loop around to the west nor did I head back east to go over and up and see if that pass was open. Beware.

8 days ago

The trail is not hard to get to. Although shows a loop, there was a trail that went in between the two on the east part of the mountain. Step, and kept my heart rate up for the 1.3 miles up. In the forest the whole time. In summer there would be great shade. There was some snow as I got higher, and very happy to have poles on the way down.

This trail had sounds of traffic most of the way up. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking to get away into nature.

easy fun day hike for our family of six..met lots of nice folks with dogs along the way.

Hiked 12/5. Zero issues getting to the trailhead via Jeep. Light snow is left on the mountain. Easily hiked with spikes. Very cold and windy once at the top section of the trail. First half of the trail was easily marked. I had to verify with my downloaded map during the last half of the trek to the summit as the trail wasn’t as easily distinguished. Beautiful view. Fine in cold weather with a face mask and gloves.

Hiked this in early December. The trail has packed snow in most places (popular trail!). Beautiful, quiet hike to enjoy the winter scenery and the river.

11 days ago

Fairly intense uphill hike that starts climbing immediately. No parking at the TH, but there is a spot just down the road where you can park (maybe 1/4 mile). The snow wasn’t deep anywhere on the trail, but it was definitely slick, and trekking poles are a must. I also used Yaktracks, but they didn’t help much. Spikes would have been better in places as there is some ice under the snow spots, but there are also places without any snow or ice. Overall nice trail and easy to follow. Didn’t see a soul all day, but it was a Wednesday.

The first 1.8-ish miles is about a 1300 ft elevation gain, some dirt trail and lots of loose rock. So it's definitely not "easy" as listed. We went on 10 Nov and there was some snow and ice. After the 1.8 miles, the trail levels out and is incredibly beautiful. Fairly well trafficked midday but not obnoxiously busy at all.

on Three Mile Creek Trail

12 days ago

A gental rolling trail that crosses the creek in several places. This trail isn't overly crowded. No snowshoes needed. The lower section of the trail is dry or covered with a light power. The upper sections have snow but compacted. I am not sure the mileage is accurate. I recorded over 7.6 miles and didn't make it to the end or valley. I would think this trail would be spectacular in the fall due to the abundance of Aspens.

13 days ago

Got this one done this summer while I completed the Mount Herman and Raspberry Mountain Loop via Whilte Ghost Trail

13 days ago

Randomly came across this trail with my dog and we're glad we did. It was very quiet, peaceful. Saw one other car parked at the gate and one set of footsteps in the snow. Otherwise, the paths were mainly fresh snow so we knew we were alone. Good views if you decide to go off trail a little.

This is a great place that is fun and great trails. We have even camped here before. Greet for taking the kids.

15 days ago

Getting snow-packed in shady areas, with occasional ice. I didn’t need microspikes.....which is good since I didn’t have them with me.

Not at all crowded this morning. My dog and I saw seven people and nine dogs.....all friendly.

Nice snowshoe. Easy to follow and I had it mostly to myself on a Tuesday morning. Didn’t need snowshoes or traction until a mile in.

Nothing to crazy to see. It does have some decent incline. I did use crampons for some more grip because of snow on the trail. Otherwise pretty easy.

Pretty icy but the lake at then end is beautiful and it’s an easy climb

18 days ago

Hiked this the day after thanksgiving. Lovely canyon, very quiet and peaceful hike. Not many people there except anglers, no snow in late November. A bit windy but very scenic throughout.

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