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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

About 2 1/2 hours from Colorado Springs. We did have some trouble finding the Kite Lake dirt road as it wasn't noticeaby marked. In the town of Alma, it is where the crosswalk is. I loved this hike! Did the whole loop: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross with my adult daughter and her dog. Once you get up Democrat, I thought the hike wasn't to difficult. We parked at Kite Lake and paid the couple of dollars to park. Bross coming down has a lot of scree. I didn't bring my trekking poles and wished I had. Other than that, the views were amazing! No where to really eat in Alma though and we were really hungry! Made up for it in Woodland Park though.

Amazing views in every direction once you get to the fire tower. Pretty easy hike with many several places to stop and rest

It was gorgeous under a blanket of snow.

Beautiful hike with awesome views of Pike's Peak. Trail gets lost a bit, just keep going up!

How often can you bag four 14er's in a day? While there can be a pile up of people ascending Mount Democrat, the trail to the other peaks was void of other hikers when we went. It was a great day with amazing views.

Getting to the fire tower and the view from it is worth pursuing for folks not from town and looking to get out of town for a quick hop. Afterwards stop @ Bud's Bar for a Brew & burger.

Decently maintained route.

Just ok. Getting to the top and finding a huge tourist trap is a drag. So many 14's in CO. Bummed I wasted the hiking day on this one

First trail I've done up to 11k elevation, and it was a great way to try out something at higher altitude. Really well maintained trail, easy to follow. Snow and ice packed almost the entire way up. We did it in just hiking boots without micro spikes or poles, but they definitely would have helped. Do this trial, you'll love it. Plus the drive to the trailhead is stunning. The trail is a T, so you can choose to either go to the falls first or pancake rocks. We went to the rocks first and hit the falls on our way down. Took us (decently fit, late 20s) about 1:45 to get to the top of pancake rocks, 3:30 total including breaks and lunch.

Beautiful trail, really well marked. Quite a work out, but views make it totally worth it. Only gave it 4 stars because of how hard it was on the knees on the way down (loose gravel, steep grades). According to our GPS the trail was longer than All Trails says. At 1.8 miles, we had just started the scramble on the steepest part of the incline and had about .5 miles left. Don't let it discourage you, it's worth it!! Took us as decently fit people in our late 20s almost 2 hours to get to the summit

Easy hike with moderate incline. Great "first hike of the season" for my husband, pup and I. We didn't take our dog up the stairs to the lookout tower (I thought it was too exposed/dangerous), but there were some who did! Gorgeous views from the top and very well marked trail. About a 15 min walk down the road from the parking area to the trailhead.

Great hike, although at times quite the incline that goes for a while. Pack water for the pups as they can't get in watershed ponds.

Several places to stop and picnic along the way as you make the hike up to Balance Rock. The road up after the 2nd gate is a bit rutted so make sure you watch your step. The view is worth it.