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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

8 hours ago

One of the easy 14ers. Great view from top

15 hours ago

Today was a perfect day for this 10.7 mile hike around Dome Rock! This was my second time to hike the loop – beginning on the northside and continuing on around Dome Rock to the southside for completion of the hike in four hours and 30 minutes. The creek crossings were more fun this time with water shoes – last time simply had flip-flops! There were less blooming wildflowers on this trip compared to last time – two or three weeks ago I’m sure the valley was bursting with color. Still looking for a Big Horn sheep but again saw none. This is a great training hike in preparation for summeting a 14er. The elevation gain and multiples difficult accents make this a great cardio workout in preparation for low oxygen levels and muscle stamina – all required to comfortably summit a 14er. As stated in my previous post on this hike – I look forward to returning when the aspens are turning – it will be like a new hike!

16 hours ago

Great hike that only takes a couple hours to complete. Not too challenging for beginners and, as others have said, the view is well worth the climb.

off road driving
16 hours ago

This has been my brother and I's rookie year with the off road trails, we wanted to cap off our summer with a tough trail.

Redcone is an awesome trail and tough in spots about a half a mile in or so there is a large boulder the ruts are getting pretty deep, this to me was the most difficult obstacle. great views at the top, jeeps and short wheel base vehicles shouldn't have any problems.

As for us:
I'm in a 2004 chevy silverado 1500 crewcab 6" lift on 35's no lockers
my brother 2015 dodge ram 1500 crewcab 6" lift on 33's no lockers

18 hours ago

Really loved this trail. It was 60 and breezy and beautiful. We went on August 19, 2018. Saw a few people but very peaceful and lovely. Loved walking next to the creek the whole way!!

off road driving
20 hours ago

Great course for beginners to experience easy to moderate trails. There is just enough traffic to feel safe if you go alone, but also spaced out enough to feel like you are the only one in the world. The recording is spot on and the notes along the way help a lot. Highly recommended.

off road driving
1 day ago

Great moderate course for beginners improving their skills. Some very technical spots and some nice easy spots. Very well balanced.

As far as scenery... very very nice. Some really cool rock formations, great views, and if you do the hardest portion of the loop to the north, you’ll get a nice view of the Air Force Academy

1 day ago

Hiked this 8.18.18. Beautiful but isolated and full of moose. I startled a bull coming out of a scrub thicket. I usually hike alone but I would recommend a friend on this one. Didn’t finish due to threatening weather and the overpowering musky smell of animal. Just didn’t feel right. I’ll be back but with a buddy next time.

had fun up there today. my dad and me went I have open diffs in my 1994 jeep grand cherokee with a 4 inch lift on it did great. my dad has an 1978 cj7 he has lockers he did great till he broke the center pin of the locker. then the fun began try to get back out. didnt make it all the way to the river but going to fix the jeep and do it again.

tough hike. great views at top. not many views on way up. nice aspen meadow. great exercise. only do this hike if you are in pretty good shape

will definately do it again.

Great views! Definitely worth the hike and the tower stairs. Lots of nice spots to rest, and also some great rock overlooks.

However, the last 9 miles of the road to the trailhead are a very bumpy washboard so, be prepared.

Also, it was very busy today - lots of families and dogs. Perhaps a bit too crowded for me and definitely a bit too groomed, including benches along the way, for my taste.

All said and done, a very nice and rewarding couple of hours. A great place to introduce Colorado newbies!

Just a heads up there are no dogs allowed on this trail. My friend hiked up here on July 2 and she had mentioned there were lots of dogs. And when we went there the other day there is a sign up saying no dogs allowed.

This has (or, rather, had) become one of my favorite hikes. However, just within the last month or so, the town of Palmer Laker (presumably driven by a few dog haters) has completely banned dogs from the trail.
It was bad enough last time I did it (about 6 weeks) ago -- they had plastered the trail with DOZENS of signs stating "Dogs must be on leash" -- it was literally visual pollution.
But, apparently that wasn't good enough for the haters, so now dogs are banned. I didn't notice the sign at the trailhead (I've hiked it 5-6 times, why would I read the signs), but saw it after we'd done the hard part and gotten to the first reservoir. This is a foolish and hateful decision by the town.

My favorite hike! It even beats the fourteeners I've done.

Fab trail. Lots of water features and views. My dogs loved it too!

Great hike with lots of good stopping points! Mostly shaded which I can appreciate! Dogs were all on leash which was impressive. The view from the top was amazing & the stairs were not bad at all!! Coming from a 6 month pregnant lady!!

Great views!

on Wheeler Lake

2 days ago

I have been off-roading and hiking on this trail and have enjoyed it very much. The trail is challenging, especially if you are hiking-watch you footing with all of those rocks!

Fucking awesome hike; this is just a phenomenal experience. Democrat would be a great beginner 14er. Lincoln was really haunting. It snowed a fair amount (8/16/18), so be prepared with layers, gloves, a buff, etc. poles would’ve been helpful for the descent.

dogs are not allowed

This hike is short, yet potent, but certainly doable if you are decently fit or at very least have determination. It can be a bit dangerous at parts, specifically because of the loose scree. I came here to say that if you are interested in spicing this hike up, different than the normal route, I suggest this:

Follow the main wide trail and turn left at the sign for Pikes National Forest Hummingbird trail. This will take you to a fork. Right for continuing hummingbird trail (the typical blodgett route) or left toward the Gamble Oak trail. Turn left. Follow this until you get to the junction of the Douglas Fir trail, turn right there. Take this all the way down until you encounter a stream. Cross the stream (it is very narrow) and you'll see a trail that runs both left and right. Turn left there (it is the uphill direction) and you will continue up Douglas Fir trail. This part a moderate hike. At the end of this trail, you will be on the summit of a small foothill, and you can clearly see blodgett peak from here. if you continue to look around, you will see cairns which will take you up to the top of the nearest foothill. once at the top, you can ride the Ridgeline all the way to blodgett peak, and back down the typical hummingbird route. it adds distance, but if you hike this often, it is nice to mix it up. Hope this helps someone!

Easily accessible trail. You start above treeline so there isn't a long trek before you start going up. Climb Bross first, there is a lot of loose rock and it is much easier to go up than down. Start early and bring some warmer clothes for up on top.

off road driving
3 days ago

Super fun beautiful drive. Started from Jefferson and came down into Breck. I did it without issue in a lifted Tacoma, but my buddy drove his stock Ridgeline down without issue as well, (just a little extra heat to the breaks). I regret that I may have left our doggy bowls at the peak.

I started at 6:30 up bross. It was slippery rock going up so I couldnI’ll imagine it going down. I’m pretty happy with going that way. You get a nice “break” going to Lincoln and then Cameron. Then a buttkicker for Democrat. Buttkicker either way ! Amazing views. We even got some snow flurries up there. Finished the rocky trail at 1:30pm

This is my favorite spot. Hiking up to the top is work but once you get there the view from the lookout tower is amazing and worth it. If you are not use to the altitude make sure to take many stops and bring lots of water. You will never regret doing this hike.

Ok, so this hike is brutal only because it is so long. I did it all, so 26 miles, starting no at 6am. It took me 6 hours to climb to the summit, and I’m not an amazing athlete though I’m athletic. It then also took me 5 hours to get down the mountain. The hike is easy when it comes to actually climbing and the terrain, but the altitude makes it hard. The trails are well marked and clear. This is my second 14er and I found it to be easier than the other one that I did, Elbert. Of you are thinking about doing it, do a steady pace and take as few of breaks as possible. When hiking at high altitude, take super short and frequent 30 second breaks opposed to less infrequent 10 minute breaks. You’ll get up the mountain way faster. Overall it’s great, but the tourists at the top are really annoying so there’s that.

Mostly incline on the way up, but the views are worth it! Beautiful!

Lovely day hike

off road driving
4 days ago

Took my Wrangler up with no issues, I’ve got a 2.5” lift and 33s and I didn’t have any issues with clearance. Hackett rock got a little technical but as long as you pick a good line it’s far from impossible. Wouldn’t be easy without experience and I recommend (as always) don’t go up alone.

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