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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

23 hours ago

I love this trail. Bring plenty of water! I screwed up the first time and didn’t. I was well prepared this time.

The stream the whole way up is great. From the parking lot to the trail head is about .8 miles. From the trail head to the top is about a mile and a half and you’ll hit right at 1k foot elevation gain. After that it is pretty mellow trail. I went 7 miles this last weekend to the south reservoir and back.

My ACD and mini American Eskimo loved it. The American Eskimo was a trooper but struggled keeping up on the way back.

This was a great , quick , straight forward 14er. 1.5 hour round trip run with some great views. Lots of options and amazing views . Tons of wind as always in this area so bring a layer . Awesome day in the Rockies !

23 hours ago

Did this last Sunday and again today with my dog. Didn’t run into anyone today and only two couples the previous time.

Not a ton of breathtaking views but a great hike nonetheless. It’s probably borderline easy/moderate. There is some elevation gain on the way out and back. It’s about 2 miles to the river access - beautiful setting!

This will be a go to hike for me and the dogs.

1 day ago

My recording only started from the top where we turned around, so double the distance to get total mileage. The hike was amazing. Short and quick, you can go up as far as you’d like. The further you go, the better the view of the mountain range that includes Quandary. Amazing panoramic views from up near top of the ridge. Definitely recommend it if looking for a shorter hike with great picture opportunities.

A moderate difficulty 14er. Pretty rough road leading to the trailhead, not quite as bad as the one heading to Gray's & Torrey's, but still quite rocky.
Trail has a spiderweb of options from the start, most of which cross/meet back up. Crossed a snow field, but should be gone soon. Only complain is once the trail gets steep, it is hard to tell which direction to go. STAY RIGHT!!! We went left and it wasn't terrible, just a lot of the small, annoying rocks. Trail gets pretty steep.

Overall, not too difficult of a hike, just make sure you pay attention to where you are going!

Beautiful area but please remember that dogs and people are NOT allowed in the water ever and dogs must be leashed. Also it is not an area that allows shooting and currently there is a fire ban. There are multiple signs up about this but I guess people just don't notice them? CO Fish and Wildlife was up and enforcing the rules thankfully, I'm sure they issued several tickets based on what I saw today. Suggest getting there early as it gets crowded during the summer, or going in the off season. Fall is a pretty time to go up with less crowds. Nice place to go if you live nearby and want to squeeze in a short hike with pretty views without driving too far. I believe there are other trails branching off this one too but I have yet to explore them.

Super beautiful. Hike was way more intense then people have made it out to be though. Incline was a lot steeper than we expected.

First time up to Rampart and it wont be my last! Started from Rainbow Gulch and walked clockwise. The trail was easy to follow but it did get pretty tight in some spots. There is a good bit of shade overall but some areas are full sun. The parking lot at the dam gets very hot, if hiking with dogs and crossing the dam keep an eye on their feet. Take lots of water and snacks and enjoy the beautiful views!

Arrived at Devils Playground around 10:30am. Since there is construction at the summit right now they are running a shuttle service from Devils Playground parking lot to the summit and back. We were able to hike to the summit and take the shuttle back down to our vehicle at mile 16 parking lot. First two thirds of the trail is pretty easy. It follows the road for the most part and has some pretty good views to the valley below. The toughest part of the hike seemed to be the incline right before the boulder scramble, which provided a pretty good burn on a steep incline. The rock scramble at the end was fun, more mentally challenging than physically. Most of the cairns were easily visible, however a few were quite small and took a minute for us to find the right way to go. Overall easy path to follow and great for first timers and those who want to get to the summit quickly. Took my wife and I just over an hour and a half of hiking (excluding some water/snack breaks) and we are from much lower altitude (south carolina).

Loved everything about this hike. The view from the top of the fire tower was awesome.

This hike is amazingly beautiful. The route is a little hard to follow. Park at the bottom of the road near the stream and walk about a mile up a dirt road until you get to the water plant. it looks like nothing and as if you're not supposed to enter. But once you do you'll see a waterfall on the left and then a few trails. follow the blue dots for the reservor. once you loose the dots you come to a road and its very confusing but stay to the right and follow the road up then across the street you'll arrive at the reservoir. beautiful views and waterfalls!

This was our first 14er. Definitely more difficult than moderate but still doable. We started the hike around 10am. By the time we got close to the summit the wind was insane and we had to turn around. At the first fork in the path, turn right Bc the left trail is still snowy. Took us 3.5 hours but we were about 30 more minutes from the summit.

What a beautiful hike! I took four grandchildren ages 4-10 to the end of the trail. They had a blast. It’s pretty much all a slow incline up and if you have any wanderers keep an eye on them for there are some steep drop offs. It’s four miles each way, unless again you have a wanderer like I did, and I know it had to be at least nine miles for him as we zigzagged up...him wandering to the edge and me pulling him over to he far side of the trail. Yes, it was the four year old. I wouldn’t recommend it for any child younger than four unless you are willing to carry or pack them up. Coming down take it slow, the gravel is loose and it’s easy to slip. A walking stick would be a nice addition to your gear. There were lots of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.

off road driving
2 days ago

Trail was pretty and very easy, but VERY narrow in areas. Was a struggle to work the way between trees and boulders in some areas. If you have a wider Jeep i do not recommend this trail- it was truly a butt clencher. Nearly scratched the sides on multiple occasions.

The trail itself did not have very difficult terrain. The only challenge was squeezing between trees.

I have to wonder if I took a wrong turn, since no other reviews mention how tight the road between trees was. The area was certainly scenic.

3 days ago

Was my first 14er in 1978 and have hiked a bunch of times since including a route not on the maps. We like this route because of the wildflowers. From the parking area find the small creek with all the shrubs and flowers and follow that up to a small pond. Stay in the middle of the draw until it opens up to the right (north). Stay right for a ways and you will find a moderate ascent to the top. Essentially this is an east approach. Along the way are beautiful alpine grass pastures in contrast to the traditional gravel paths.

3 days ago

Have hiked this many times with out of town guests and limited time. The variety is what makes this trail special. A pretty water crossing, the amazing gnarly and ancient Limber Pines, the large rocks in the grove to climb on and the serene trail through the woods. For an extra you can scramble up the scree by the grove towards the top of Sheep Mountain. Many times we park at the upper trailhead and only go as far as the grove and back. If you do the whole trail we either park a car at both ends or double back the way we came, otherwise you share a very dusty road with vehicles getting back to your car. Great trail for kids.

Climb to the tower. The views are worth it. This day was not overly crowded at all. Flies weren’t bad either.
Wildflowers, rock formations, an aspen grove plus the views and tower. Lots of shade. It’s a keeper...

I was in jeep and was glad I was. The back half of the gravel road is pretty “washboard” w a few deeper puddles. Some folks were in front wheel drive and said it wasn’t easy.

Good easy to moderate hike mostly up the service road to the reservoir. Occasional views back over the eastern plains / monument area. The reservoir was nice and quiet on a Monday evening. Great weeknight evening hike to avoid crowds.

Did this with Wendy and was awesome. Totally breathtaking!!!!

beautiful views , vault toilets still closed, people had thier dogs off leash, annoying, still beautiful.

3 days ago

We enjoy this hike! A great getaway from town, only a 20 minuet drive from the north side of Colorado Springs! Great views and plenty of wildlife.

Had a blast doing this trail today with the wife and son in my 2015 F150, with a fox coil over leveling kit and 33 inch Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws (similar to KO2s).

Did the whole 9 yards, through the whole loop and even up to the academy overview.

Before you get to the loop the trail is just loaded with big dips in the ground, my toddler was cracking up the whole time going through those he loved it.

Once you hit the loop it starts to get narrower and narrower, definitely a handling challenge if you're in a full sized truck. I had to pull in my rear view a couple times and definitely had some pine tree brush, nothing intense enough to scratch the paint though. No good rock crawling spots but definitely some bumpy and steep grades to keep you on your toes.

I love this app! Someone’s review on here mentioned Hondo Ave to take to get to the trail. It’s not really marked well where the trail starts but it definitely has no trail hiking parking warning signs everywhere as you follow Hondo Ave up to the trail. The trail once we got there was very easy to follow. Some spots not as easy as others but relatively easy to figure where to go if you accidentally took a wrong path. Just an FYI it is a moderate hike and the incline going up can be a little changing for some but once you get past that it’s a pretty nice flat walk for a little while then more incline. We took a wrong turn when coming out onto the dirt path to get to the reservoir, it’s the path on the right not left. When heading back be sure to watch out for loose dirt and rocks along with slick rocks due to it being a kind of steep at times getting down. Otherwise this was an amazing hike and I will definitely be doing it again! My pups loved it by the way highly recommend it for any furry kiddos to join.

Gorgeous hike but if you plan on going in the near future leave early or wear good sun protection as it was very warm. My pup and I had a lot of fun and the scenery was just beautiful. I was warned that the Bear traffic was high right now and that they had cubs. The same with the Elk but we did luckily not encounter any as I would not like to interrupt a new Mommy that is out and about.

Did this trail today! Well worth getting up super early to see the sunrise. Definitely recommend!

4 days ago

It’s a fun hike close to town. The trail isn’t well defined in spots. The loose scree is miserable climbing down. Be very careful. Had to slide on my butt in places to get down.

4 days ago

My son, pup and I had a most wonderful time on this trail today. There was some snow and ice but the majority of the trail was clear. We only saw one couple who was running with their pup. We will most likely come back in the summer

Not the to the peak trail we thought, but it was beautiful and the views are amazing! glad my hiking partner stuck with me, we were not expecting a 23 mi round trip, but it was amazing none the less.

Summited pikes peak for the first time on Saturday, June 16. I came from sea level 3 days before the hike and hiked it with 2 people from Co.

The trail is very well marked and easy to follow. The views are spectacular. Barr high camp is really great and the bathrooms are very clean. Overall this was an amazing first 14er.

Below is a detail of my experience, what I brought with me and how it went.

We started at 6 am and actually did the incline first and picked up the Barr trail at the top of the incline. The incline was very challenging, by we made it up to the top by 7:10 and picked up the Barr trail around mile 3.

Miles 3-6 were a comfortable increase incline. Nothing too strenuous and a welcome break after the incline. At mile 6 we reached the Barr High Camp. It was a very nice place to stop. We made it there by 9:15. The elevation there was around 10,000 and for me coming from sea level, to this point I was feeling fine.

We left Barr Camp around 9:45. The next three miles were slightly steeper than miles 3-6 but not too strenuous. My pace was slower than miles 3-6 as I wanted to control my breathing and not gas out before the last three miles.

We stopped at 12,000 feet for a short break as after that, you are above the tree line. At that point there is also a shelter if needed. We got there around 11:25. Then we started off for the last three miles. These were definitely the hardest. Everyone told us the last two were the hardest but for me, the third to last was the worst. Possibly because I was expecting the last 2 to be horrific. It took us 45 minutes to get to the 2 mile mark. At that point it got cold and started raining so we put on our rain jackets. We went slow and steady the rest of the way. The last mile, for me, was the easiest out of the last three. But I knew we were almost there. I very much paced myself steadied my breathing and we made it up by 2pm

There were plenty of people on the trail. Not crowded but you definitely see people. I agree that it is good to start early as you never know what the weather will be like.

We met a very nice girl on the trail who met her fiancé up top and they gave us a ride down. So getting a ride down is doable.

I never felt short of breath and never felt dizzy. But I also took it slow. I am not an extreme cardio person but I do train and I did my best to train for this, albeit at sea level.

I drank about a gallon and a half of water the two days before the hike and I think that helped. I only drank 2 liters while I’m the trail. Although I brought 3.5 with me.

It is cold up top. I would not do this without a rain coat, warm fleece and a clean shirt to change into.

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