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The Pike National Forest is located in the Front Range of Colorado, United States, west of Colorado Springs and including Pikes Peak. The forest encompasses 1,106,604 acres within Clear Creek, Teller, Park, Jefferson, Douglas and El Paso counties.

1 day ago

Gorgeous day to view Cheesman Lake! We hiked on a Wednesday-no other hikers on the trail but did see a few fisherman on the river. We started at the lower parking lot area, first 45-60 minutes of hike-easy. Getting closer to the lake was pretty difficult-lots of loose gravel, pretty steep and hard to follow trail but the view when you get there (top parking lot-has road access) is worth it-we hiked back to the lower parking lot via road. About 4 hours total-with a few pit stops to enjoy the views.

1 day ago

2 days ago

Same hike as Spruce Creek trial. Just skipping the boring part. Amazing hike! Highly recommended! Still a ton of snow at the lower lake. Didn't go further. (But still very much worth it)

off road driving
2 days ago

Plenty of parking at TH. Tons of awesome views and multiple places to shoot if that's your thing. Took our 4 seat RZR and it was perfect for a leisurely family drive in a forest. Lots of places to camp as well. A few side trails that we DID not get to explore.

off road driving
2 days ago

Not for UTV over 50".

Early April, still snow, I made this easy hike (in BRAND NEW BOOTS). It was peaceful and beautiful. A very easy hike. But in an attempt to break my new boots in, I needed just a little bit more. As such, I took a side trail and literally blazed my way to the top of Sundance Mountain, at 8225 feet. Not bad for an old fat guy! Had a little issue coming down. Didn't want to backtrack, just traversed my way down the side, finally back on the main trail. Thank God I had hiking gloves!

Beautiful area! From the wildlife, the flowers, and the green. The only thing that would make this place have 5 stars would be for the trails to have markers so no one gets lost into neighborhoods or peoples backyards.

Beautiful sunny day. A little muddy from snowmelt in spots. I'm a novice at hiking and this app is a tremendous help. Go early to miss bugs and crowds.

2 days ago

Our first hike after a long break. This trail walks you down into the valley and up. It was a steep haul up on our way back. Maybe best to start on the SE side, that is steeper and hike up the less steep NW side on the way back.

We did this hike from the craggs. It was about 8 miles one way to the top of pikes peak. I really enjoyed the craggs to devils playground but from there you're walking next to the toll road the rest of the way up. A lot of traffic and people playing on the rocks at devils playground. Kinda takes away from the experience but still a beautiful hike none the less. I believe this hike is a class 2 because of the scrambling up the rocks the last half mile or so. Most of the snow has melted as of 6/20

Good amount of uphill with a lot of exposure. Good amount of water on the trail.