This is not consider as a hiking trail but you can definitely get some good workout done. Safer than Manitou Incline for sure.. Heavy traffic though!

The stairs are amazing!

Love these 200 steps! Kids love it too, and it gets easier every time. Pretty 360 view at the top and cat-track trail to take down if you don't feel like going down the stairs.

trail running
2 months ago

Here is the link to the full trail system at miller park. AllTrails does not have the listing for the Purple and Gold trail.
If you start directly across from the Core Plaza and stay on the outer loop until you meetup with the Purple loop, then run Purple, Gold, Green and Red (red is flat and easy). The entire run will provide a decent, not too difficult workout. Finish it off with an accent up Challenge hill. Also on the Northeast edge of the Gold trail you can take the pedestrian bridge across to "Ridgeline Open Space" trails (see AllTrails listing). After your run dip your head in the fountains and lay in the grass and relax a while.

I Climb this at least 3x a week around 6am or 7am. The later in the day the most people and the hotter it gets.

trail running
3 months ago

Great way to get those legs ready for the Manitou Incline!

Great workout! The steps are easy enough to go back down, so it's easy to get multiple repetitions of the hill done in a relatively short time (as opposed to The Incline, where you need to devote an entire morning). Then, after your last trip up, the hike down the back side of the hill is very relaxing.

Great for dogs, families and lots of views and wildflowers. NOT good for toddlers and strollers. Very narrow , graveled and rocky trail. Saw a couple with hiking stroller struggling.

love this hike. great as a tool to get your blood pumping or just keep working out. great starter for tyre six mile loop around the park.

trail running
6 months ago

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