Great, easy trail but lots of mountain bikers to watch out for - Beautiful view at Gudy's Rest. We tracked it at 3 miles from the upper parking lot.

Great hike up the very beginning of the Colorado Trail. It follows Junction Creek for the first 3 miles or so and then climbs three huge switchbacks to finally reach Gudy's Rest; a large seat and fabulous viewpoint. The path is narrow and dusty in places and is popular with dog walkers and mountain bikers so keep your eyes open. Its great for kids and fishermen too as the river/creek is accessible at numerous points. Allow four hours.

Lovely trail on foot or bike.

Beautiful views at top. Well graded, scenic hike along the river.

Weather was perfect but there is still snow down low in the shade. There is one drainage crossing before the bridge that was a little treacherous but still would recommend the hike.

Excellent trail. Did it on March 16th so still a few patches of snow/ice on the ground which made it even more interesting for us Texans. You walk along the creek for about half of the trail. This time of the year had a nice volume of water coming down the mountain.
The view at the end of the trail is amazing. Highly recommend if you are in Durango.