Fun day hike. Didn't take too long but it's a burner!

Definitely not an easy hike especially for midwest people not use to elevation. Worth the effort to get to the top views are outstanding.

Good hike. We had a 4 and 3 year old on foot so only did the loop, which was around 1 mike distance and 300ft elevation gain. Overall it was pretty and good start for the kids to tackle.

Nice view west from the top. About 25 minutes up and 15 down. Difficult enough if you are coming from somewhere at sea level the day prior.

Great lower body workout, but nothing too crazy, my Frenchie came with. The view from the top is a little hazy from all the smoke but still beautiful!

This hike is a perfect one for a quick day hike. It’s close enough to the city that you aren’t driving hours to get there, it’s low/moderately trafficked, and quick. It’s tough, but the views at the top are well worth it. I do this hike about once a month and still love it!

Great hike with some difficult parts. Great views at the top. Highly recommend good hiking shoes....not tennis shoes, chacos, or sandals.

Wonderful views at the top and several different paths to get there. Right in the middle of a cute little town, too.

My sister-in-law and I hiked this trail late afternoon and it was great! I’m not in great shape, so it was challenging, but the view was well worth it. If you’re wearing “open” hiking shoes, like Keens or Chacos, be prepared to get some sand and dirt in your kicks. Also, since the trail is sandy, be ready for extra umph to get you up, and extra grip to get you down. I would 100% recommend hiking poles if you’re not fit or only slightly fit. Bring lots of water on a hot day!
We took the north loop up and south loop back.
Even in late August the wildflower foliage was very pretty. Not a boat load of blooms, but still good. In the end, the view from the top is gorgeous.
The hike down was super easy, but because of that rocks/sand don’t forget those good grip shoes.
Again, great hike!

Definitely not an easy hike but we did pretty well. The views are incredible and we went right as it was about to rain so at the peak of the trail we were surrounded by clouds and fogs rolling in over the mountains. According to our fitness tracker it was about 3.2 miles up one side of the loop, up the full north path, back out and down the other side of the loop.

A challenge going up, but worth the view at the top.

Nice little workout in a pretty setting without a ton of traffic. Great little saloon on the way back to Denver, too.

Nice little trail close to metro area. Trail is shaded and not too difficult. Wonderful views at top!

Great quick workout ! Views at the top are superb. Great for out of towners that aren’t used to hiking regularly or at higher elevations.

Arrived at about 10:30am, was a lovely trail. Steep in some places, but it was fine even with a dog. Plenty of shade! Encountered a couple of other hikers.

Great hike. Lots of tree coverage and shade and great views at the top.

Awesome trail! Close to the metro area and nice and shady.

Definitely a great hike. Took the north trail up. There were a few steep parts IMO but not impossible. As others mentioned it's mostly shaded which is great in the summer.

Great hike. Not too many people and especially for a holiday. I recommend taking the North part of the loop up and the south down. Plenty of shade and some pockets of sun. Some of the trek was quite uphill and tough for my little dog but he hopped around the rocks to get there. There is a gorgeous view from the top so definitely coming back. I left about 10:15am and the parking lot was full, so I recommend going a little earlier.

I've hiked/run this trail a couple times now and it's quickly become one of my favorite after work hikes and places to catch a sunset.

You're mostly in the woods the entire hike until the top, but the view is well worth it. Both times I had the view all to myself.

If you're going to do the loop, I recommend going up the North route and coming down the South as the North is mostly loose dirt and fairly steep.

Me and my 4yo daughters have done this hike a few times now, it’s always a pretty and casual walk up the hill. Parking lot gets full quick but the trails are not crowded. I’d rate this below moderate difficulty though.

Great, quick hike with nice elevation gain and awesome views!

It’s was beautiful trail! Definitely will go again.

A lot of bang for the buck. Short hike with decent gain and views at the top. Wildflowers in the spring and summer, fall foliage later in the season.

Took my cat hiking here, and she loved it. A bit more dogs and people than I expected, especially considering it was a weekday morning. Overall, good views and well kept. I’d hike this trail again.

Another disappointment by the map provided by the app. The map didn't start from where the trailhead was. Also the map was showing me I was going to the wrong way when I was almost to the top. 1.8 mile hike? No, it turned to 2.3 mile hike. The view was pretty. Parking super crowded at 9:30am.

Few different trails to choose during the hike. Dogs loved it. Still a little muddy and snow on the ground higher you go, but doable for sure. Very few people which was nice. Found huge boulders to sit on and enjoy the view. Will do again!

nice short trail with some pretty surroundings. still some road noise and actually somewhat crowded even though it was a rainy day.

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