A little steep and quick but not too busy and good views from the top

Difficulty - moderate due to steepness both ways
Activity - walking with dogs and families (too steep for toddlers unless you can carry them part way)
Traffic- light
Views- awesome view at the top! Totally worth it
Flowers- a few
Wildlife - insects and at the top chipmunks

Very gravelly / sandy so almost slipped a few times. Hard on knees on the way down. Lots of shade and places to take a break. No restrooms at all. no trashcans (except trailhead)

Short & steep. Shaded. Not a particularly lush hike. Great panoramic view from the top.

Great little hike! Trail is well-kept, can be a quick loop or longer hike if you take the Independence Mountain Trail. Great views, lots of shade coverage.

1 month ago