when you first walk up you can choose north or south. I chose north and boy was it strenuous and basically straight up. once I got to the top of that there is an option to go back down south route or straight up. I went straight up.. it was pretty hard but well worth it. the views at the very top are so rewarding. perfect spot for a picnic! not a good trail for beginners due to the incline and occasional ice patches

Short but great hike. Nice incline and beautiful view at the top.

Beautiful trail— quick with challenging bits and plenty of nice stopping points.

Easy trail and easy to find. There were a couple steep parts but not too bad. Beautiful lookout at the top!

This is a great trail, one of my favs for several reasons: the view is beautiful for not being too from Denver area, the trail has some diversity with pine trees and then aspens near the top. It’s a shorter trail with a decent elevation gain for the time it takes. I’m newish to hiking and this is a was perfect, difficult at times with elevation and then it levels out and seems to do that throughout the trail.

It's an excellent getaway from city. The trail is situated along several ridges which makes it optimal for interval style hiking and spectacular vistas.. From the meadows, to castle ridge, to tower trail, I will definitely be coming back for more adventures!

Awesome quick hike for a great view. Bring lunch or a snack and hang out at the top (although it is windy). I went on Thanksgiving and it was fantastic. Very easy!

Like others said, don't let the distance fool you. Starts off relatively easy going then kicks the elevation gain into gear about midway through. There were some clouds rolling in when we got to the top so the view wasn't as spectacular for us. But we got a taste of it and will surely be back on a clear day!

Beautiful hike! Good tree coverage, well maintained trail, and a great view at the top! My Garmin tracked us at 2.3 miles. I did a loop going up the north side and down the south. South side is the shorter side if you want to keep it less than 2 miles.

Like others said, don't let the short distance keep you away from this hike. It's great cardio on the way up, the views are gorgeous and the way down keeps your focus because of the steepness. Was glad I had hiking shoes as I think my tennis shoes would not have cut it for the way down. You need some grip. Did this in late November and trail was completely dry due to our unseasonable weather (which I am loving). At the beginning of the trail don't panic when you only see north and south loop trail options. Take either and they both lead to the trail up. I took the south loop on the way up and opted for the north loop on the way down. Scramble on the rocks to the top was challenging for those who don't do it routinely but safe and doable. Never felt uncomfortable. Loved the views and sat for a while before returning down. Will definitely do this hike again.

Quick steep hike to burn off the Thanksgiving feast. Well marked trail now on the area map. Warm dry fall so no snow or mud on the trail now.

Don't let the fact it's only two miles round trip fool you, this is definitely a moderate hike. Most of the elevation gain is all at the middle portion of the hike, and is a serious knee-burner. The view at the top of Evans and Denver is worth it though, and if you ever happen to be in the Indian Hills area it's definitely recommended.

Loved to see the clouds filter through the trees! Cold but nice hike.

Good for hiking, super incline.

Nice little cardio workout with nice views at the top for the reward.

Loved this hike. If you want a good workout (all vertical) but not more then 2 mikes this is it. Gorgeous trees, rocks and beautiful wild trail. The view at the top is fabulous. There's not that many people and it was so peaceful and beautiful.

We brought some friends here that were visiting from Michigan and it was a short and rewarding hike for all of us! It’s not too far from Denver, and has awesome views from the top. Relatively easy but still makes you work a little for the view of the mountains! Definitely recommended, especially when you don’t have enough time to hike for a full day.

Needed a quick nature fix this morning & this trail was perfect! Tracked in at a little over 2 miles, nice incline, fall foliage, great views at the top & solitude if you start early.

A little steep and quick but not too busy and good views from the top

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