Nice trail that took about 40 minutes to get to the top. Mostly through the pines but beautiful views at the top looking at Mt Evans, Continental Divide and Evergreen in the distance.

The trail has some pitch at times but overall very manageable for most people.

Nice short trail. It's a pretty steep incline.

A little difficult. Not much to see until you get to the top. Only great thing about it is very few people on the trail (we were the only ones) which is unusual in Colorado.

What a fantastic little trail for a sunrise hike. It's close to the Denver area, only 1.2miles up (the stats are incorrect) and the view is incredible. So peaceful up there at 5am and definitely a superb spot for breakfast since there was no wind and the sun was warming as soon as it came up.
love the steep incline, gets your heart pumping for sure.
Signage is easy, it's just not on the map (already mentioned by others) but it's right behind it and easy to follow. Even in the dark, as I haven't done it before attempting it while it was still dark outside.