This is a great trail if you just want a quick getaway. We finished the trail in about 90 minutes (we of course had a dog who needed to smell every tree).Our dog also loved jumping in the small creek on the last 1/4 of the trail. Beautiful views. Mountain bikes are allowed on a little bit of it, so the end of the trail was busier than the rest. Close to Denver. Good food nearby in Morrison or Kittredge.

8.03.03. Some trees but Mostly open. No water for dogs on trail but nearby off 74 there is areas for dogs to swim.

One of my favorite hikes!

If you're a fan of a simple walk in the woods, this is a good one for exactly that. Wildflowers and firs and pine. After that initial ascent, easy hike throughout.

Not difficult in the least. I encountered a minimal amount of people though, which was nice. I went on a late morning hike on a Wednesday.