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Was fun , great for a quick weekend hike ! Was pretty active a lot of bike riders but they were courteous and path was shared .
Great views found a little hidden water fall that was frozen ! Kids loved it would go back again .

Pretty boring at this time of year.

It’s close to denver and has great views. A nice trial
To hike when you just need to get outside in the afternoon.

Very moderate incline and declines over the long trail. Quite populated but not overbearing. Beautiful scenery and overall great weekend hike!

Nice hike close to home. There are foxes/ coyote in the area so please, please keep your dogs on leash. Saw poor Suzie getting cornered by a pack of 4, i was too far to see what exactly they were. Thankfully the owner retrieved the dog with no major issue but it could very well have gone another way.
I spoke with a jeffco ranger who said a female mountain has been known to frequent the area so please keep your furry friends close and also, pack out their poo.

The views were great and there weren’t too many ppl since I went on a Wednesday but the storms last week made parts of the trail incredibly muddy/slippery... would definitely go again though when the trail is in better shape! Bring sunscreen though since the trail is rarely shaded and know that the Rim Trail portion is closed beginning of February through July (pretty sure those were the dates).

We completed a 3.8 mile loop from North Table Loop to Mesa Top Trail to Cottonwood Canyon Trail. There was a lot of snow on the top of the mesa, but it was a fantastic hike, with some neat views. The mesa's totally exposed (no shade), so it actually makes for a really good winter hike-- I'm sure the sun beating down could be brutal in the middle of the summer.

not good for hiking on a sunday. lots of mountain bikes and crowds -- not peaceful at all. There is no shade, everything is brown and there are busy roads in view almost the whole time. I can see how it might be nice for something like a weekday sunset hike or sunrise run because it's mostly flat and easy footing. But next time I want a weekend hike to get away from the city bustle, I will definitely take the time to drive somewhere more picturesque and remote.

Fun trail! Easy to follow, nice for bikers, has a few shady spots with good views. Parking’s available at trailhead. I went feb 9 and the Rim Rock trail along with the east portion of the Mesa Top trail (black diamond part) were closed.

A bit muddy because of the recent snow, but fairly easy over all.

Great trail to get your outdoor exercise done! Trail was mostly clear of ice and where the snow was it wasn’t bad going thru. I was never close to falling, that’s how I judge the trails in the winter.

Difficult straight-up hike at the beginning of the trail but lovely vistas at the top and sections of flat trail for recovery. We went early on a Sunday and the parking lot was full when we finished. Lots of mountain bikers but everyone was considerate.

Great hike! Has a good mix of elevations with beautiful views of Denver & the mountains. There are directional signs to keep you on the right path. Saw a coyote not far from the trail. A couple other times I’ve seen deer.

Not really a hike but a really awesome afternoon walk. There are a lot of mountain bikers and trail runners. Cool views!

A lot of people at the trailhead and at the beginning but less so the farther you go. Parking was a challenge but the views were great!

Not great views or hiking. I’d recommend a different trail, looked fun for biking though!

We hit this just right on a Tuesday morning. Left from the trailhead just before 9am. We didn't see anyone at all for the first 2 hours. No bikes either! Also no rattlesnakes. Be sure to take the short excursion to Lichen Peak for cool views. Trailhead has lots of parking + bathrooms. Print out a map to take with you so that you know what all your trail options are; it's fun adding on extra little side trails if it's nice weather.

Busy trail but nice views of downtown and surrounding areas.

This one was rough for me in the beginning. It was very steep, but once you get to the top it’s smooth sailing. I am overweight, so that is why it was more difficult.

This is my favourite 7 mile running trail in the metro area. It has challenging hills that are spaced with level segments and downhills.

Good for if you want some fresh air but don't want to drive far from Denver. Took my dog there to stretch his legs after work and I'll definitely be back. Don't be fooled, this a city hike, but you get some decent views and a good workout.

3 months ago

Very accessible trail head with ample parking, great place for a sunset (or sunrise) once you reach the table top. You could explore for as short or as long as you like once you get up top.

horseback riding
3 months ago

12/3/17 - Equestrians take note, winter maintenance might provide some unusual sights for your horse. Nice long loop with some challenging slopes and rocky areas. Cyclists can come on fast around blind curves, so pay attention both directions on narrow portions and switchbacks.

Did this yesterday. Seems like a better biking or running trail rather than hiking. Mostly flat, not very interesting, not great views.

Laxed biking spot and good slope for hiking

Beautiful hike. Great views of Golden and the foothills if you can find your way to the top.

Nicely worn trail, good elevation gains, city scape scenery, cliff side views:)

Many, many snakes during the warmer months!

I saw a rattlesnake in the path today. Jefferson county researchers I encountered on the trail advising hikers to leave park due to high volume of snakes going back to their dens for winter. They said they were closing the park for the year as of end of day. Bummer b/c it was a perfect day to be up there. One of my favs! Safety first.

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