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Very nice shady trail along a stream. Not a loop trail, so it is all uphill first and then back down. Well used, but not crowded. Enough traffic to make me comfortable as a solo hiker. From the trailhead parking lot, walk down the wide flat path (also leads to St. Mary's Falls Trail. About 3/4 mile down there is a trail marker for trail 622. Once you are on it each bridge is numbered and it impossible to get lost.

A short, challenging, and very scenic trail. The view of Colorado Springs and Seven Falls are amazing!!

Awesome trail! Depending on the side trails you take this hike can get intense and a bit challenging but definitely worth it for the views!

My favorite neighborhood family hike for 20 years- great with the grand-kids and the dog. Kids love to count the bridges. It's a stroll to bridge 7, gets more difficult after that, crossing scree field and gaining elevation until summit where trail rejoins creek.

Great hike but pretty steap for my 6 year olds. We started at the middle. beautiful views for sure!

Love taking the pups on this one

Trail is well labeled starting from the Mt. Cutler trail head. It splits off from the Mt.Cutler trail and post on the ground with a label will let you know its the Mt. Muscoco trail on the right. I would recommend this to anyone.

Great hike with nice views of the falls at the top. Watch for bikes on the way up as they are on you in a second.

Great hike along the creek. After bridge 7 you turn up to a small switch back and then things get a little technical as you go through a scree field. There looks to be a trail lower along the creek but we took the marked trail. Would do this one again.

No signs. Presumably this is the Helen Hunt falls trail. Very crowded and steep incline with steps, not safe for toddlers. A 12 year old girl almost died in late 2016 after a 75 ft fall! Not easy. Hopefully you don't get lost since there is no actual sign of this trail anywhere. I've done many Colorado hikes and this was the worst - a total disappointment for Mother's Day. Go on a real hike and not a tourist trap.

Crowded amateurish spot for families that don't do real hikes.

This trail seems so much more crowded these days. Once you get past the gravel road and onto the trail, it's much better.
This is a great hike. Follows the water the whole way. It one of my favorites in the area.

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