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Wrote a whole blog post on the trail :)

Brought some out of towners and it was a great intro to altitude for them. Pretty easy hike to the top with pretty views.

Nice hike but exhausting, I would recommend to other newbies to take it on but be sure to acclimate at least a day before and bring lots of water. Wear water sandals and you can step into the stream along the way, it felt like stepping into an ice chest full of ice water. When you near the top, the second switchback was not marked with a sign so thank you alltrails for the gps map! The view and photo opportunity at the end of the trail was 5 star. The waterfall: you can lean your hands onto the granite and feel the ice cold water flow over your arms and the cold stone under your palms. The mountain views are amazing but didn't see any wildlife other than a robin and some insects. People don't carry bags and pick up after their pets here, dog dirt was all over the trail. Mountain views were great on foot and after the hike if you came in a SUV be sure and leave along the dirt road, you will love it the views from your seat!

2 days ago


Nice to have a peaceful hike, but there were lots of crowds. Parking was great, but don't lose the trail!!

You just park and walk up to it. It's very pretty but there are a lot of people.

Beautiful! Took us a little under 4 hours. Hung out at the falls for about an hour. Tons of flies!!! But otherwise awesome.