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Road is very treacherous with ice. Just saw an accident today. Don't go further than the middle columbine trailhead on the right side.myhere is also parking on the left of the road.

Great trail, path is easy to find and follow. Views are mainly at the beginning of the trail and then follows a creek for the remainder. We decided to go above the 7th bridge and were rewarded with some amazing views and waterfalls. Def worth it if you are looking for a longer hike!

This was a nice moderate trail. If you want views like an awesome local told me - you'll see them on the walk to the trial head. After that it is mainly nice creeks and trees. Some of the aspens still had their white colors! Also just a personal note since I'm not familiar with the trail and I'm not from Colorado, it was a bit hard to know where the trail continued after the 7th bridge where the gravel and hill area continues. We found our way for a while and the map on the app helps (though recording drains phone battery), just a heads up but other reviews don't share this. So maybe the issue is the hiker ;) Enjoy this one, going in the morning with layers and light gloves/hat or ear covering was helpful!

Great hike. Just steep enough. Someone should add a Mt. Kineo this way sign at the final intersection. Hiked it in early spring just after a good snow. Amazingggg!

Cutler is one of our favorite trails. It has so much to offer - steady incline, gorgeous views overlooking Seven Falls and the zip lines, and beautiful views of the canyon and Gold Creek Road. Unfortunately, certain dog owners are ruining it for others by not cleaning up after their pooch. Don't get us wrong; we are dog lovers and respect all those who wouldn't dream of leaving their dog's mess for someone to step in but there are too many people who do just the opposite. If you want to take your dog on a hike, please take the responsibility of taking care of this so we can all enjoy nature at its best!

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Wow! You earn your view. Scramble up to Summit is not too bad. Going down is tricky (for anyone with knee problems). Gorgeous vistas at several spots. Interesting granite formations and trees with bare roots. We saw so many dogs! Clearly, a popular weekend hike.

Would easily get 5 stars if it were not for all the dog poop EVERYWHERE. Come on, humans. Show some etiquette and be responsible pet owners. The abundance of dogs severely limits the amount of any wildlife seen here. Have been on the trail several times, never once have we seen a deer or any critter other than birds.
Other than that, it's a nice easy hike for all ages.

7 days ago

Great hike. Gets challenging near the end with more vertical climb than the first half of the trail but rewards you with a great view of Colorado Springs.