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1 day ago

Such a beautiful and easy trial! It can be hard to find where to go from High Drive. After a while you will find a clearing with large boulders around it. There will be a metal fence to the right, and when facing that metal fence, the trail continues on the VERY end of the right side of the metal fence. If that doesn’t help I had service the entire trail (I have Verizon) so you could use the map in this app!

2 days ago

Nice hike and beautiful views at the top. Very rocky and slippery coming down; not too much to see on the way up. Overall a good day spent out not sure if I would go again.

Great nature hike! Not too crowded for being so close to Denver, and it was so quiet, beautiful scenery, and peaceful! I take away a star because it was a little difficult to follow the trail once you get away from the road.

OMG great hike

going down it is a little bit slippery. And going up it's quite steep. But the view at the top is absolutely worth it.

not an amazing hike. but worth driving to to see the waterfall. definitely other amazing trails in the immediate area.

6 days ago

Very beautiful scenery. All the going up was well worth the amazing and breathtaking views

The water fall is beautiful and easily viewed from the parking lot. The hike up to look at basically nothing seemed like a waste of time. It is super busy and pretty much stairs the whole way. I've lived here for years and am acclimated to the altitude but the stairs had me huffing and puffing. Not sure I'd rank it as easy though it is short. I reccomend skipping the pointless stair climb to see nothing and stick around the falls and trails below next to the large rock faces and stream. It is beautiful.

7 days ago

Great atmosphere, beautiful scenery.

Loved this trail. Me, two kids and a dog took us about 4 hours with a break at the top. Note: the cover photo for this looks like Helen Hunt Falls, NOT St. Mary's
We will definitely do this trail again.

8 days ago

Beautiful and peaceful! A Steller’s Jay flew branch to branch just ahead of me on a significant portion of my return hike.

Great hike with kids.

A little more traffic than I originally expected on this trail but it was beautiful and the hike wasn’t too strenuous

11 days ago

Great hike to get your blood pumping. Beautiful views.

on Mount Cutler Trail

13 days ago

I took my kids and our dog. The trail is easy, but uphill. This is definitely an “older kid” friendly trail. I have two toddlers and this trail has a sharp drop off, which can be dangerous for little ones. The gravel path is easy to slip on in a few areas so my toddlers fell a few times while holding my hands. But all in all a great trail.

Amazing atmosphere and friendly hikers. Did t see any trash whatsoever on the trail which is outstanding. Great view of the city and right night mountains. 10/10 would hike again.

15 days ago

Too much loose gravel in some parts for my liking, but the views were great and the foot traffic light (didn't encounter any bicycles). It's 3 miles from the middle trailhead to the end at the upper trailhead. I ended up taking the road back down, which worked on a weekday but which I would not recommend on the weekend when the park is busier.

trail running
15 days ago

It’s a good run uphill. Coming down was a blast!

16 days ago

Uphill obviously, but easy enough! Great views along the way. Worth doing again.

Great hike. Watch out for really inconsiderate dirt bike riders. Mountain bikers were all really friendly/considerate.

17 days ago

Actually there are two dirty roads with metal gates, so you should start the plain one, not the one that goes up. I did wrong and ended up with 5.5 miles but it worth the efforts since the unplanned part of the trail was empty and picturesque with great views. Still confusing signage, some native person helped us tremendously to end up with this 622 trail.

17 days ago

Nice hike to take family on. Moderate hike- uphill most of the way. Parking lot was full when I first arrived, so had to wait a bit till someone left.

Awesome trail and great scenery

Omg make sure on your way back you stay to the right. There is a false trail going left and it took us out of our way like 45 minutes! It looks like many people do this too because its a trail. But figuring we'd make our way back eventually led us to a cliff and no way back but up, up, up. Not good. Needs a sign posted there!!

Trail was in good shape. Pretty steep incline. 3.1 miles up to the falls. The falls were only frozen at the very top.

Perfect weather, beautiful hike, a bit more challenging than Seven Bridges. Lots of dogs - rarely on leash but generally well behaved, wish more people picked up after them though. Place to sit & enjoy the Falls at the top. Not a traditional waterfall - look at pics so you aren’t disappointed!

I forgot how much I disliked this hike until we did it again today (May 5). Starting at the Starsmore Discovery Center the first mile is easy and goes through a slightly wooded area. You cross the road at the mid Columbine Trail and from that point the trail climbs relentlessly for close to two miles, over dense, loose gravel, with very little cover from the sun and lots of switchbacks. Not fun! For us it was 3.67 miles from the trail head to the parking lot at Helen Hunt Falls. We took the road back. 6.53 total.

Great trail. Moderate to difficult. Up all the way to the 7th bridge and down all the way back. Can be difficult to find so read the reviews and it tells you how to get there. Go to the top parking lot and at the far end is a dirt road with a metal gate across. Go through that and about .7 miles up on the right will be a curve that the actual trail starts. Look for a sign hat says 622. When you get to a sign on he right that says North Cheyenne creek (brown metal sign with the words punches out) the. You are about 50 feet from the trailhead

22 days ago

Trail was pretty nice. The first part of the trail about a mile or so is pretty easy. It’s wide open and you’ll see a lot of hikers both casual hardcore and you’ll also see a bunch of kids with Bluetooth speakers looking to find a shady place to hang out. But as you continue up the trail the people start to vanish and it’s an upward hike to the falls. If you want after the falls there’s a break away path to be summit of mount rosa 11k feet of elevation. This trail also has a lot of other intertwining trails. I’d recommend this for those who want to get their feet wet in Colorado hiking.

3/10. It was a good hike. Very steady uphill on the way up to the falls. Will have you breathing a little heavier. Falls were frozen but still pretty. Will definitely come back in summer.

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