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Beautiful views. Save some energy for the final summit! We brought our two pups with us. Make sure to keep them close as the descend back down those rocks can be tricky! The red trail markers are a huge help. Look for those once you get to the summit beginning sign. Will definitely do this one again. Absolutely stunning.

Terrain made this one a bit challenging for our dogs. Besides loose, pebbles rock most of the way, the views were beautiful and the incline made for a great workout.

3 days ago

Loved this hike! Seems like moderate to alittle more than moderate. I’m not sure if I would call it advanced but still challenging. I started just before sunrise and was able to watch the sunrise over Colorado Springs at the look out points that were about 10 minutes from the trailhead. Beautiful sight. After about 1.5 miles you reach the saddle before the final climb. I looked up and saw the summit of mt. muscoco and thought to myself “am I going up there!” The view from the top is amazing. My favorite trail so far!!

Pretty easy hike along a creek most of the way. Only saw one other person the whole way.

Absolutely beautiful trail. The views from the top are breathtaking. Very easy hike to show out of towners the best Colorado has to offer !

Tourist spot, not a good place for a secluded nature hike. But it's very short and there are plenty of ponderosa pines to smell. Plus, the views at the top are pretty nice.

Amazing trail. Perfect for Runners.

Great hike but it ended up being 14.5 miles round trip. The view at the top is worth the wait.

Don't be fooled - this is a long hike. My GPS clocked it at about 6.75 miles to the summit. But it's well worth it; the views on the summit are incredible! The trail is well used and easy to follow the entire way up.

8 days ago

All in all it was a most excellent hike. The trail was solid until it broke off of 667 but was still followable even then up to the saddle between Garfield and Arthur. At that point though, it was simply a matter of finding the most convenient way uphill. Tacked Kineo onto our way back to the cars. Excellent views from all three summits.

The views were AMAZING!! Well marked trail, no snow or ice or anything. The last mile is challenging and has some loose gravel but it’s worth it... plenty of room on the summit to hang out too

The hike to the summit of Rosa is well worth it. Keep in mind the sign on top of the 3rd tunnel on gold camp road says 5 miles its more like 6. When you do make it to the fence go through the gate and go to the right about 150 ft then left up hill, Do Not go to the left when going through the gate it seems you should being as Mt Rose is to the left, you will ascend to the saddle north of rosa then back south to the summit. keep in mind its 6.5 up hill so bring plenty of water, there is water if you have a filter for the first 3 or so miles.

Nice, short trail with great views. Only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is because of the irresponsible dog owners leaving gifts along the path.

Nice moderate hike along a bubbling Brooke

beautiful trail with gorgeous views! steep going up and it is a work out but it gets easier. I'm not a big fan of Cheyenne Cañon because it's so packed on the weekends but I highly recommend going on a weekday when there are less people and more nature to experience.

15 days ago

My husband and I hiked this on a Friday afternoon in March. At this time there weren't many people at all, and just a few dirt bikes. Hiking counterclockwise, the uphill part is first. The trail is wide and very smooth. We especially enjoyed going through the two tunnels towards the end. When more people are active, I think the dirt bikes would be a nightmare. But it was a great hike for us!

16 days ago

This was a beautiful hike. The falls themselves were only okay, but then again they were snowed over. The hike was fairly easy the whole way, and a little more challenging towards the top. The hike was definitely worth it. Only bad thing was that there was dog poop everywhere left along the sides of the trail. Seriously... if you are going through the hassle of taking your dog up there, how lazy do you have to be to not pick up after them? Otherwise it's a wonderful hike we will definitely do again.

19 days ago

This was an excellent way to spend time getting exercise with amazing views in Colorado Springs! It took me an hour to reach the top, and just under an hour getting down at a steady pace. (Plus 30 min. Enjoying the views) On the way up, just shy of the summit the trail gets steeper, but you know that you're close to the top once you come across the first of nine red arrows.

20 days ago

I went on a quick backpacking trip Friday thru Saturday. It’s a good little trail. I found it to be a little more than moderate but then I’m I little out of shape.

20 days ago

One of my favorite trails in town!

short hike, lots of stairs but a beautiful view. I suggest not going on weekend when it's crowded. actually it's better to go to Cheyenne Cañon on weekdays rather than weekends. gorgeous place to visit.

trail running
22 days ago

Hiked this trail this morning. This was the first hike I did in Colorado Springs when I got here back in June. Great for individuals who are new to Colorado Springs and want a small elevation gain (it wont give you altitude sickness). The only issue right now is that the packed snow can be dangerous if you do not have spikes. Id suggest wearing spikes for trailrunning, especially if you go in the morning. The trail is generally snowy and slick in the saddle of the mountain but gets better as you gain elevation (because of the exposure to sunlight). The actual falls are almost completely covered with packed snow right now, but the aesthetics of the falls are particularly impressive in the Spring and Summer when the snow has melted. The actual condition of the trails are great outside of the recent snowy conditions. Overall, the views are magnificent. Definitely would recommend to tourists who are visiting and want to get a moderate hike in.

One of our go to trails close to home, but also offers a fun challenge. Great views of Colorado Springs including downtown and great view of the canyon as well. On a clear day views east go on forever!

27 days ago

Great trail very close the Springs! Get there early as the trailhead parking fills up quick, and it's nice to get on the trail by yourself without a ton of people. Great sweeping views of surrounding Mountains, the Springs, etc.

Overall not too difficult, but a nice challenging finish to get to the summit!

This park has tons of trails to do! So much fun and so much wildlife! All trails are labeled nicely and maps are posted throughout trails as well.

Great hike with beautiful views! Relatively short and very easy to access right off the road.

29 days ago

First time hiking and it was amazing! I’m from NY and I must say I love the mountains

trail running
29 days ago

I trail ran this and mapped it yesterday. This is a fun trail full of creeks, waterfalls, cliffs, mountain overlooks, and deep forest trails. There are a lot of forks in the trail, so I took a lot of extra care mapping all the waypoints to prevent anyone from getting off trail. Beautiful hike!
Loud's Cabin is incredible to see. Can only imagine how great it must have been to live there.

29 days ago

The rating on this trail has been adjusted to easy. When comparing the rating of other moderates in the area, a .7 nicely built tourist trail doesnt compare to the 8+ mile round trip trails up mountains with cliff edge rocky paths. I am not putting down this BEAUTIFUL 5 star trail, however, I just wanted to adjust the difficulty level to keep it consistent with the Colorado Springs area.

If this is the lower, mid and upper Columbine Trail I got 7.74 mi and most I thought was more than just moderate.

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