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13 days ago

Too much loose gravel in some parts for my liking, but the views were great and the foot traffic light (didn't encounter any bicycles). It's 3 miles from the middle trailhead to the end at the upper trailhead. I ended up taking the road back down, which worked on a weekday but which I would not recommend on the weekend when the park is busier.

Twin Canyons, sacred to native peoples for millenia, and now one, South Cheyenne Canyon, has long been privatized: first by Texas magnates and now by the Broadmoor. I think it's travesty to have it be a paid-admission destination. I live close by and simply ride by the gates almost daily; I should not have to pay to get in and hike, commune there.

Great hike. Watch out for really inconsiderate dirt bike riders. Mountain bikers were all really friendly/considerate.

I forgot how much I disliked this hike until we did it again today (May 5). Starting at the Starsmore Discovery Center the first mile is easy and goes through a slightly wooded area. You cross the road at the mid Columbine Trail and from that point the trail climbs relentlessly for close to two miles, over dense, loose gravel, with very little cover from the sun and lots of switchbacks. Not fun! For us it was 3.67 miles from the trail head to the parking lot at Helen Hunt Falls. We took the road back. 6.53 total.

It's beautiful, but its not clear here that you have to pay to get in. We ended up paying $14.50 per person after we started the hike which led us to the entrance of Seven Falls where you had to pay to get in. After you get up all the stairs the rest of the hike is very beautiful and worth it.

Beautiful views

Amazing trail. Perfect for Runners.

This park has tons of trails to do! So much fun and so much wildlife! All trails are labeled nicely and maps are posted throughout trails as well.

If this is the lower, mid and upper Columbine Trail I got 7.74 mi and most I thought was more than just moderate.

AMAZING TRAIL! Cut off the high drive walk and head straight for seven falls. Take the my buckhorn trail up and connect to the rest of the trail for the time of your life.

A bit more difficult trail with not much foot traffic. Great mix of scenery and trail conditions. Perfect with our dog!

trail running
6 months ago

The trail is actually 8.2 miles as an out and back, not 6.9 miles. The trail is great for hiking and running on. If you’re biking be careful of loose gravel. The first mile after crossing the road has loose gravel, steep switchbacks, and drop offs. Would recommend wearing actually hiking boots or trail shoes. Regular shoes don’t work well on this trail.

Road is very treacherous with ice. Just saw an accident today. Don't go further than the middle columbine trailhead on the right side.myhere is also parking on the left of the road.

Beautiful walk up to ... I'm sure the 224 steps looked out to beauty but I'm terrified of heights and kept my head down the whole time and I still did it and did it with my 7 month old baby on my back.,Super terrifying .. only complaint the steps are not wide enough for people to safely go up and down side by side. just seemed very very dangerous. The trail at the top was very easy hike.

Well maintained trail but not at all the best trail in the park. Enjoyed the day but probably won't do it again.

We spent 2 days and about 4 hrs total (2 hrs each day) to casually hike Upper and Middle Columbine trail. The trail is worth not being rushed. Great views of the canyon, boulders, treeline, and the Broadmoor. Terrain is packed dirt and loose rocks with a few steep areas.

1st day Upper - From visitor center to Gold Camp road crossing and back ~ 1.35 miles one way. Elevation change ~250ft. Mostly wooded section
2nd day Mid - From Middle Columbine trail parking to Gold Camp road crossing and back ~ 1.75 miles one way. Elevation change ~800ft. Mostly open section

Park at the Broadmoor then ride a shuttle to the entrance (both free). $14 per adult to get in. Walk .8 mile up an asphalt road and you get to the 224 step staircase. Once at the top follow man made trails for about a half hour and turn around. Cheesy gift shops.. this isn't a hike. However, scenery was nice and a mama bear with her cubs about 30 feet off the asphalt road.

A dizzying climb but exciting at the top.

So apparently you are supposed to park at the broadmoor hotel and pay 14$ to ride a shuttle to get to 7 falls.

trail running
9 months ago

Started at Upper Columbine Trail....limited inclines but great workout. You'll be sweating in the warm weather. Great trail running because you are up and down and it's not extreme. A lot of switchbacks. I followed it about 1 1/2 hours approximately 4 miles. Beautiful views, but mainly in the forest a majority of the time!

Once again, very surprised to see that no one has written in about this place. I've gone in here many times, and it's always a pleasure. It's well worth the drive in here, and the hike up the 224 steep steps to the top of the falls are a must. Spring time is best to see the falls at their peak flow. It has been dubbed "The grandest mile of scenery" in Colorado. There is one section while driving up the canyon that is only 41 feet apart from one wall to the other. Super narrow and super high canyon walls too, around 900 feet high right there. The falls are also lit up at night for a completely different experience. A must do if you're in Colorado Springs

My favorite so far.

Parked at Hi-Drive and Old Goldcamp and took 7-Bridges to Jones Park. Cool clear Sat morning and after stepping off Gold Camp never saw anyone else till Jones Park. Took Bear Creek (FR667) upstream to Lake Moraine....mosquitoes were thick and got to about a mile short of the lake when building weather over Almagre turned me around. Never saw a soul up from Jones Park. On return, took Capt Jacks (around Buckhorn to Hi-Drive) back to the lot to make a nice loop. Few bikers and motorcyclists around Buckhorn; nothing significant. Came out a little under 13mi; 3 hrs up and 2 back. They are really digging up and laying trees into 667 in places sometimes with no substitute.

Decent trail. Directions are spot on. The waypoints are a bit off but if you read them you'll know what they are referring to when you see it. Had intentions of going all the way to Lake but apparently it is on Colorado Springs Utilities land and is off limits.

This trail is great. It's fairly easy for the first 3rd, and there are a lot more people. Once you get past the first 3rd the difficulty increases, but the number of people decrease. The trail ends at Helen Hunt Falls, and it's a nice spot to down a Cliff bar and take a break.

I love this park but the mid columbine trail is pretty steep and alot of loose rock to fall on. I didn't mind going up but coming back down was a slow process due to all the loose rock to slip on. Beautiful view from the top and amazing waterfall at the end of the trail. The trail was around 10 miles according to my fit bit and it took me 4 hours round trip to complete.

An amazing trail to build your endurance for beginner level to advanced. I highly recommend hiking in from the mid point entrance to the visitor's center of Helen Hunt falls. This trail offers beautiful sites and plenty of shaded break spots. I packed a 3 liter camelback and it got me almost all the way through my hike. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Great hike but pretty steap for my 6 year olds. We started at the middle. beautiful views for sure!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Great hike on Apr 8. Beautiful trail with outstanding views. Our first Boy Scout "Philmont Prep" hike. I'd recommend this hike to anyone.

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