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23 hours ago

Nice hike. Mount Cutler was easy so we came back to try Mount Muscoco. We had some snow recently so it made for a challenging climb and slide coming down. Breathtaking view from the top. Near the top became harder and keep an eye on not wandering off the trail.

I love that this is near water. It was peaceful and close by!

9 days ago

Great trail! When you get to the peak of the mountain and still have strength, you’ve got the trail up to Mount Muscoco if you turn left at the fork instead of right. There is also a cave-like opening about half way up the trail to Cutler, it only goes about 4 feet in but it’s still a good place to take a photo.

there's a lookout with a rock wall where they have park benches to enjoy the view. During the winter months you can see people ice climbing up the falls.

lots of stairs but great views of the falls. Easy trail for families

great trail for beginners or families. branches off into other trails after the bridges.

10 days ago

I was confused about whether the trail itself was 6 miles or whether it was 6 miles round trip from the parking lot (you walk for quite a ways on a dirt road before getting to the actual trail). Now, having done the hike, I can confirm that it's the latter. Hope this helps anyone else who is wondering!

Hiked on 12/20. Amazing hike up North Cheyenne Canon with a few friends and dogs. Moderate hike. The numerous stream crossings were really cool. Skirted up the side of Keneo after the last bridge for a fantastic view out over the canyon. Thought about continuing up Mt. Keneo proper, but the altitude was starting to get to this Jersey boy

mountain biking
11 days ago

Great downhill section. The last 1/3rd of the loop is shut down, but there’s an alternate route that is a little longer.

21 days ago

A nice hike overlooking the city and the canyon. There was snow on the trail, and an easy hike.

Make sure to park along perimeter of parking lot and not in center aisle or risk getting boxed in like we did today. This is beautiful hike and won’t stop hiking here because of the inconsiderate but won’t go on weekend when parking gets crazy.

Nice moderate trail. The view at the end is much better in the summer time I’m sure (the waterfall was frozen solid). Looking forward to doing it again!

This trail's eastern and lower end meets on the side of Gold Camp Road in what looks like a rainwater offshoot. The western and higher end meets with Captain Jack's Trail (667) at an unnamed peak. Westbound (uphill) will be extremely difficult. This trail is primarily for downhill bicycles. Lots of loose gravel in tire path troughs and steep sections. Eastbound (downhill) is manageable on foot, though strenuous in several spots (bike "jumps" and loose sliding gravel).

25 days ago

I’m looking forward to going back in the summertime. There was a moderate amount of snow on the trail, and some spots were very icy. Definitely needed the shoe spikes. The seven bridges portion was fairly easy— it got significantly more difficult after the seventh bridge. The trail was much steeper and some portions were loose gravel. Had a great time regardless!

27 days ago

Moderately difficult trail. Great for working on getting active and in shape. Great views along the way. Most people I passed were friendly. But a few peeps had their unruly dogs off leash, and some pet owners didn’t clean up after their pets. Tons of piles of dog crap near the parking area, making it smell terrible.

28 days ago

Finally some snow on the mountain, great hike awesome views. Threw my crampons on towards the end because I was slipping on the steeper parts.

Super short hike! It’s worth it though to do it. It can be pretty busy on a nice day so make sure to go early. There’s also other trails right near by

A good warm-up for more experienced hikers, or a good first hike for beginners. During warmer months, and especially weekends, the lower portion (Helen Hunt falls) can get fairly crowded.

Pretty easy hike as you are mostly in the shade. We messed up and turned around right after the 7th bridge... will go back to see that final view! Most of the dogs we saw were off leash.. and lots of dog poop not picked up. Pretty disappointing to see this.. come on people!

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