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16 hours ago

The map is not accurate; the northern loop is not actually a trail. After I descended down towards Trail 666, I was stopped by a park ranger and notified that the trail is currently closed, so there is no access to the Craigs from this trail. Other than that section, the loop was great. Lots of good views over Cheyenne and Colorado Springs

we did this trail on June 15th. I loved the trail, the river along the way was gorgeous. we made it up past the 7th bridge and the view was amazing. on the way down I slipped on loose gravel and broke my right ankle. my son was able to make a splint for me. we had to make it about a quarter of a mile before we met up with the rescue team. they brought me down the rest of the way. a huge shout out to the fire department and all the volunteers that helped me. they r all top notch people. I'll b back to conquer that trail.

Nice trail with a beautiful view at the top.

Loved the hike. You get kids have no problem.

2 days ago

Great trail, good views at the summit and fun rocky terrain near the top. Seemed crowded at first but after the trail splits it was much quieter. Agree with the 2+ miles one way other hikers have stated.

Came today about 12 PM, was slightly confused about where to start the trail, but thanks to earlier comments I figured it out. I did accidentally missed the trail head after walking down the beginning of the path for a while. Be on the lookout, it’s 622. Hiked all the way up past the seventh bridge with my four-month-old puppy. It was somewhat hard but we did it with ease. Whole hike up and back took me about an hour and a half.

This was a fun and easy hike. It is not clearly marked. To get there travel beyond the Helen Hunt Falls interpretive center a bit. Then you will see a parking lot. Park. On the west side of the parking lot take the fire road 2/3 of a mile to trail head 622. It is off to the right. That is the start to the seven bridges. Enjoy. This trail was fairly trafficked.

3 days ago

Danielle, for Jones park, I park at the same lot, big dirt lot trailhead, then go west on the big dirt road, about half a mile or 10 minutes in, there is a trail that cuts off to the right. Go up that and that will take you directly into Jones Park. I dont know if there's signs for the trail, but its well used.

Love this trail - great views and good exercise. Took us a little less than 2 1/2 hours. We both clocked it on our fitbits at about 5 miles round trip. DO go to the end for the best view!

Has a great payoff at the end - beautiful spot for a picnic! Some steep spots but still pretty family friendly.

Totally awesome!!! Trail can be a little hard to follow right where it breaks off of seven bridges and up to the summit, but fairly easy to find your way. Definitely read the reviews below in regards to the last intersection. You’ll want to avoid the marked trails straight and to your left and head up the mountain where you can see a small trail peaking through the trees to your right. Started from the parking lot at 6:20am and was at the top by 7:45am. I was lucky enough to have the summit all to myself! Definitely recommend going early in the day to avoid both the heat and the crowds at seven bridges.

Very touristy. Insane amount of traffic. The mountain itself is awesome and I would love to just go explore Take my advise and park at one of the pull offs and just start exploring.

I did this hike Monday 6/11 I got to the trailhead around 7am and there were only about 10 cars in the parking lot. When I left about 10:30 the parking lot was full. It was a very nice well shaded hike. It has some good inclines at some points. You have to pay attention to find the trailhead from the road it’s just a small sign right near the creek. I got distracted looking around and passed it.

7 days ago

Brought my little tyke with me. Due to his pace and a 130pm start we only went half way. Lovely views. I look forward to doing it alone and with better gripping shoes!

Absolutely breathtaking! You traverse through the woods. There are no panoramic views, per se, but the waterfalls and bouldering combined with the bridges make for a sweet morning walk close to the city. Highly recommend.

love the trails

Shady trail great for dogs. Great view

11 days ago

Nice little trail perfect for a quick outing in the morning or end of the day. Like others have said there is some bare rock and loose gravel towards the top but if you have decent tread and take your time you will be fine. Can’t beat the views all along the way and at the summit!

11 days ago

Loved the trail! Made the mistake of taking the Gold Camp going downhill (near the entrance of the parking lot) - went a mile and turned back after not finding the trailhead. You need to instead take the Gold Camp unpaved road going uphill (at the back end of the parking lot). As described by others, walk about .7 miles uphill on the unpaved road until you come to the horseshoe bend - you'll find the 622 trail marker on the right - head straight up! Some stretches have wooden stairs, rest is rocks, gravel and packed mud. Well-shaded all the way. Trail crisscrosses the water creek, hence the 7 bridges ... very quiet, and steep in parts, but overall, very picturesque (no vistas).

11 days ago

Brutal gravel. Suggest doing in the fall! Did not complete. Odds were not in my favor

Quick easy trail!

Beautiful little trail. Exposed portions in the summer but beautiful views of CoS. The falls at the end were nice and provided a great place to rest and admire the view.

Beautiful hike up through High Drive road. Like others said this trail head is difficult to find! I am still not even sure we did the right trail! However it was absolutely beautiful and we will be back!!
Also- a very nice route to take if you are looking for a less crowded more off the beaten path hike

12 days ago

We lugged a 50 pound six year old on our backs. Gravely in a lot of places. Dad slipped once with kiddo on back at a gravely stair on way down. Great intro for flat landers getting used to altitude. Total elevation gain is way more than the 6 feet listed!

12 days ago

Great trail. Parking lot gets PACKED on weekends, get there early! First 1/2 mile in wide forest service road with a lot of foot traffic. It services a lot of other trails in the system. Once in 7 bridges trail it is pretty sheltered from the sun. Good shorter hike. Not too strenuous. Some areas of loose footing but easily managed. Trail continues after the 7th bridge and gets more challenging. Watch the numbers on the bridges to know when you’ve crossed #7 and then decide if you continue on. Trail is slightly shorter than the mileage is reported.

Beautiful hike from the Starsmore Visitors Center to Helen Hunt Falls one way. The canyon has nice vistas with red rock canyon walls and a great view overlooking Colorado Springs. Hiked on 5/28/18.

14 days ago

Bootiful hike!

15 days ago

My favorite hike in the Springs area - easy to drive to, incredible views at the summit, not too heavily trafficked. Personally, I would rate this hike easy to moderate. Elevation gain is more than manageable if you're in shape; takes me about 2 hours including some view-appreciating time at the top.

15 days ago

The only downside to this hike was the incline is a bit steep but good for cardio so bring good hiking boots. Bring 2 bottles of water on the safe side and a snack. The parking lot is extremely bumpy and bad for a little car. The trail was perfect for a nature adventure but doing it alone it was a bit creepy because I defiantly heard voices that were not there. Later I learned the area was home to some sad events in the past that could mean paranormal stuff is going on here. I hiked as far as I could till the trail fell off at the end to the left which is extremely dangerous with the height/cliff , instead I suggest splitting to the right and taking 662. The bridges are a beautiful sight to see, the people are friendly and if you love dogs or have one its a great trail for your companion too. Just be careful here, take your time and have your phone on you at all times.

It's a nice trail and you can go up much further than the 7th bridge. The directions are accurate except that the trailhead is not well marked. From the Gold Camp road you will first see a slgn that says, "North Cheyenne Creek." You go a bit further and the trailhead is marked "Trail 622." A few yards into the trail you'll see another sign saying, "North Cheyenne Cr. Trail" and below that it gives distances to "Jones Park," "Beer Park" and "Rosemont." You'll know you are on the right trail when you see the first bridge, which is not far from the trailhead.

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