Hiked this trail on Tuesday (10/16). Did all but 1/2 a mile of this out and back trail and saw no one!! Really pretty hike but ran into thigh high snow at the top and turned back before I reached the lake. Was really disappointed I didn’t make it to the destination but since I couldn’t find the trail up top for all the snow, I felt it was best to turn back for safety reasons. Fell into deep pockets of snow several times. I’ll do this one again a little earlier in the year!

Easy walk with nice views of the surrounding mountains. This is a good way to end the day at the park.

This trail is a must do. We camped at the unnamed lake below parika lake and then near the junction to Bowen lake. Would rate as strenuous, and there is a lot of exposure on the ridge lines past parika lake. We had wind gusts of probably 60 mph or so. We took our rain flies off our packs, because they were acting like parachutes and sometimes the wind was so strong you had to stop before you could move again. Definitely worth it though. Vertical drop offs on the ridge are more gradual than straight down, so not bad IMHO, and I’m not a heights fan! The views at the peak of 12300 feet or so are absolutely breathtaking.

Easy flat trails, offers great views of the Never Summer Wilderness range just beyond the valley. We went in the afternoon after doing Timber Lake in the morning, this was great after a strenuous hike but did not offer much wildlife due to the timing of day. Suggest dusk or dawn to see wildlife, nice trail nonetheless.

Easy and flat trails in the valley. We visited in the afternoon and didn’t meet any animals. Not a good timing

Great walking trail for families and people that are looking for an easier walk in the park. The views are stunning and the trail is alongside a creek which our kids enjoyed wading in.

My wife and I did this as a counter- clockwise overnight backpacking loop on August 14th. Amazing trail. The hike up to Parika was pretty strenuous but we did it in about 5 hours. 3 groups camped at the smaller unnamed lake just below Parika so we had Parika lake to ourselves. We didn't see any moose that day but had one running and grunting right outside of our tent at about 9pm so we didn't get much sleep! The stretch over Parika pass and Bowen Pass was amazing! The exposure isn't too bad and we could have sat on the other side of Bowen Pass all day. Saw two bull moose on the way down and made it to the car in about 7 hours. Loved this loop and definitely recommend going counter-clockwise!!

nature trips
3 months ago

Very easy trail with great educational interpretive signs posted throughout. Great for all ages.

I consider this trail to be strenuous, and I typically only seek out strenous trail. 2nd time to Parika Lake on a day hike, and since I had my head lamp with decided to do the whole trail instead of walk the same trail. Past Parika Lake is some pretty heavy exposure to me. Your essentially hiking a narrow ridge with dramatic vertical dropoffs and the wind along those ridges is steady and huge. Glad I made it down safely because I didn't expect the trail to keep climbing like that. Like another hiker said two continental divide crossing past Parika Lake. Cake walk down hill after that. My legs were just noodles. I wouldn't want to hike it clockwise, because I feel going downhill,on those exposed areas would be shady. I rate it strenuous.

Anywhere in Rocky is a great place. Easy walk...Some giant elk, moose ran through just as we were leaving...huge..

4 months ago

Great backpacking trail. Amazing views on the divide, and some of the best wildflowers I’ve ever seen (columbines, Indian paintbrush in vivid reds and pinks, elephants head, shooting stars, daisies, sunflowers, etc). We actually camped by a small lake before reaching Parika Lake, which I think was more in the trees and less in the wind. Saw a moose leaving Bowen Lake, and lost of moose prints wherever we went. We were a little misled on the mileage for each day (based on other sites’ descriptions), for example the last day is closer to 7 miles than the 4 we thought it would be, although it is almost all downhill. Going up to Bowen Lake does have some decent uphill, so be ready for that. Also the signage could have been better leaving Bowen Lake to return to the trailhead, as after meeting back up with the trail there were two forks without signs that we needed to consult maps to figure out which way to go. Overall a great hike that I highly recommend!

Hiked in with the family including a 9, 14, and 15 year old. It is a nice hike through old growth forest interspersed with meadows and rocky areas. The last mile and a half is tough but worth it ... and the kids crushed it. Enjoyed the lake on a bluebird day and traffic on a Tuesday was very light. On the way out we saw a bull moose just below the lake bedded down in the shade.

Backpacked in. Camped 2 nights. Seen a large bull moose right below Parika lake on the 2nd day. Around 20 people came up in the time I was there. Very beautiful. Hiked up to Parika's summit, beautiful views. Lots of fresh water. Awesome hike. Awesome stay.

Great loop with lots of vertical. One night at bowen lake was plenty for the entire loop.

A lot of moose. both lakes were very crowded, for a reason. it is beautiful.

This route is not dog friendly. It starts inside the national Park, there are signs everywhere Prohibiting you to take your dog past the gate. I’m sure it’s a nice hike, but I spent two hours getting here and now can’t take my dog and I don’t trust the app.

Hiked mid-June, still some snow around but it wasn’t anything major. Lots of wildflowers!

5 months ago

Saw many bull moose. Last mile and a half are definitely strenuous. Trail was well maintained with a few wet spots. Beautiful flowers and very green.

NO DOGS ALLOWED! You have to go through Rocky Mountain National Park gates to get to the trail. The ranger told me no dogs allowed and then explained that the parking lot for this trail is on RMNP property and so is 1 mike if the trail. It wasn’t worth $25 to see if I would get stopped by a ranger, so I turned around and had to find another trail. Lesson: don’t bring your dog on this or plan to go elsewhere with your pup! That’s why I gave it one star cuz the description is wrong. I’m sure the trail is lovely - but I never got to see it.

5 months ago

Insanely beautiful. Felt very wild. I would agree that this is very strenuous, but if you take your time it's fine. Heres a video of my trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zezQ7E2FbA

6 months ago

Super easy trail that runs along the Colorado river. Not super exciting but does have interest information about the valley & the river.

5/25. Nice flat walk. The scenery was beautiful. Just a nice relaxing walk. Picnic tables at the beginning of the trail, which would have been nice if we were ready to have lunch.

A nice, flat hike that meanders along the Colorado river. Great views of the valley floor and the Never Summers. I enjoy this walk with the interpretive signage as a break from the more intensive hikes, and it’s usually accessible earlier than some of the other side hikes in the park. No moose in April, 2018, but we did spot fresh tracks and scat.

6 months ago

Attempted this loop 5/19. Saw 7 moose and signs of bears. Went counterclockwise with the intent of camping near Bowen lake. Made it to Bowen lake trail junction and decided not to continue due to waist deep snow. Will be back later in the summer.

Lots of snow! Snowshoes recommended

Saturday, October 28, 2017

This is a great trail for families or anyone looking for a relaxing stroll, with wonderful views of the Kawuneeche Valley and lots of wildlife.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A wheelchair accessible trail that is a mile round trip on an easy and flat gravel path. It is a beautiful and relaxing stroll along the meandering Colorado River only about 10 miles downstream from the headwaters in the Never Summer Mountains (and 1400 amazing miles from the Gulf of California). There are sweeping views of the Kawuneeche Valley and surrounding mountains. This is also a prime location for viewing wildlife, particularly elk (which we saw in abundance during our visit in late July) and moose.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Amazing trail, really beautiful and scenic. Just wanted to note that All Trails rates this as moderate. This is definitely hard/strenuous. We did go the opposite direction as All Trails has listed and ran into a ranger who told us that we were hiking the "harder" direction...but I can't imagine the other way being much easier. No permits made it much nicer to plan than backpacking in RMNP.

Friday, August 04, 2017

This trail is spectacular once you emerge above the treeline. The problem is that, between the meadow at the base of the trail (full of elk when we went through it) and the treeline, you must walk about 6 miles through a not too terribly interesting stretch of trail. A long, largely straight uphill section of loose rock on the way to Blue Lake and Bowen Lake doesn't add to the appeal. But if you stick to it, the flower-filled meadow that will greet you as you emerge above the treeline is gorgeous, and the hike thereafter is truly lovely.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Very easy trail but great for seeing wildlife! We saw 2 mother moose with their babies! Many stops with information about the area and wildlife.

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