9 months ago

I hiked this last fall on a short backpacking trip and it was great. We also hiked to the top of Lulu which was a great experience and I highly recommend it. However, Lulu is highly exposed so be careful with summer storms! The trail is beautiful.

1 year ago

I did not do a trail, I uploaded a GPX file that takes you to "preacher's cabin." An amazing spot. If you want to completely get away from the world this is the place to do it. They won't find your body for years out here it's great!

This is a great trail. Fantastic views, all kinds of wildlife (if you go early enough) and beautiful flowers. Early in the morning there is practically no one there but once the day gets going you get a few more folks on the tail but not too many. Will be doing this one again someday for sure!

2 years ago

This trail starts at the end of FSR 62 on the south of Cameron Pass. The trail takes you up a hill to a valley, where you can sometimes see moose, than up another hill to a basin to Michigan Lakes. From the Lakes you take the trail past the lakes to the left and up over Thunder Pass at the foot of Thunder Mt. and Lulu Mountain.You also get a view of Kokhu Crags.There is also another lake above Michigan Lakes called Snow Lake, great view fom the Lake. Awesome hike and scenery!