Incredible hike! The drive from Denver to North Mt. Elbert TH was straightforward but parking is scarce unless you arrive early in the morning. My dog and I hiked starting at 1030am and didn't return to the vehicle until 530pm; we rested at the top for awhile and took pictures on the way down. I would recommend not starting the hike after 12pm. As for the actual hike, trail conditions were great, almost all the snow was melted and otherwise avoidable. I would strongly recommend having trekking poles with you because of the steep incline/decline, especially on the final ascent which is practically straight up/steep switchbacks on lose rock as well as when leaving the summit. Fairly populated hike. Overall, while grueling and tiring every bit of the hike is worth it if you push to the summit because the views are spectacular, as if you are on top of the world. It gets increasingly windy above the tree line so I would recommend some extra layers to throw on, I was happy to have a hat for the summit.

3 days ago

Great hike, this was my first 14er and not too challenging! We started on the early side. Highly recommend gloves and a windbreaker for the top as it was quite windy.

3 days ago

First 14er! Had a great time, a lot of friendly people on the trail. Made it up in 2h13m. Round trip was 4h2m not including 45m up top taking photos and taking in the great views. As the other reviews state, basically no snow all they way up. First false summit was the hardest part, the rest was pretty straight forward!

This was my first 14er and it did not disappoint! The hike to the tree line was beautiful, and the hike to the summit was a lung-buster and it was complemented with amazing views and wild flowers the whole way. The summit was one of the most amazing views I've ever seen. I highly recommend this hike!

A friend and I summited about a week ago, and even though it looked like a lot of snow, the trials seemed to avoid it till the top. Some postholing, but no other technical climbs. Keep in mind that once you break treeline, you're halfway to the top and there's at least three false summits. At the time there were some snow packs melting on the way down. This made us lose track of the trail once we hit treeline, but just follow the beaten snow and you should find it. All in all this was incredible, bring more water.

6 days ago

Awesome hike! Difficult in some places but the view at the top is worth it.

Hiked Mount Elbert yesterday - first time summiting a fourteener! The trail below tree line was well marked with very little snow, could easily walk around it if you wanted. There are 3 or 4 false summits, just a heads up! Hit a little snow on the alpine region, but no postholing. The last mile stretch is tough and very steep, but the view from the summit is INCREDIBLE! We got a late start and summited around 3 PM with blue skies for miles. I would recommend this hike to anyone! Great for beginners

I loved this hike. We completed it on June 1st. We used microspikes and poles which made it easier to get through the snow but probably should have waited a few more weeks to hike it given the postholing we did close to the summit. It is definitely worth pushing through the mental challenge brought on by the two false summits to see the 360 degree view full of mountains, the Twin Lakes, and the city of Leadville . Be prepared - it is a long hike and the weather turned on us quickly.