Awesome experience!

9 days ago

10 days ago

This is a tough test. From 10,000ft to 14,400 ft in 5 miles is hard going. The altitude will hit you at about 11 to 12,000 ft. It took me 4 hours to hike to the top. Did feel the altitude but pushed on through it
People along the trail did suffer and turned back
After you leave the tree line it's heavy going
It's for seasoned altitude hikers.
A great accomplishment.
Good luck

Very tough hike. Came from sea level and attempted this beast without acclimatization. Made it to over 13,000 feet but altitude sickness laid me low. Very sick. Was able to make it down. Learned some valuable lessons.

Awesome hike. Very tough

16 days ago

Beautiful!! Took my boyfriend Ty and I about 6 hours-started a little after 9 then got to the car by 3, went for a dip in Emerald Lake afterwards! We live in Breck, so we thought this one was pretty easy. Very non-technical, great views and perfect weather.:) The trick is to go on a weekday-saw about 15 people the entire time!

Very difficult but worth it.