Very difficult and steep climb the last 2 miles or so through rock patches, difficult to discern where the trail is at times but part of the adventure in climbing a 14er. Almost turned around but glad we made it. After you get over the ridge, there's a traverse along the ridge to the top that is breathtaking.

Steep and scree up top but worth the trek. BRING WATER. I can't believe how many people going up asking about water when I descended. I had 3 liters and it wasn't enough

Was a little concerned going into hike because of age and living at low elevation (56-yr old from AZ), but turned out well. Hiked with poles on 8/12 with great weather. Started at 5:40 AM (parking lot already full) and summited by 10:15 with 3 others in group. Beautiful views. Must have been at least 75 people on top and many others on trail. Spent about 50 min on top. Took me 3:45 down because old man's quads were toasted! Worth the effort and time. As others say, dress in layers. Had to shed layers mid-way, but later added them as we got on upper part of trail with wind and cooler temps.

Great hike on a fantastic day! A lot of people on the trail. Started at 5 AM and was back by 1 PM. Spent about one hour on the top with spectacular views.

Great hike. Go prepared as I was forced to treeline (with about 15 others) on first try due to thundershowers, then had to shelter in rocks much further above treeline on second try after waiting for weather to clear with sleet and high winds. Finally made summit around 10:15 with high winds and sub freezing wind chills. All said, a fantastic day on an incredible mountain.

Great hike. Got stuck in two rain storms before leaving the tree line though. Strongly suggest get to parking lot prior to 7am. Took us 5 hours to climb because of rain delay and 2.5 hours to come down. Beautiful but challenging hike