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Casual walk in a beautiful setting. Can’t go wrong for an easy stroll. Very kid friendly. Spotted deer and foxes several times out here.

Lovely trail with a few options to go harder or stay easy. Definitely the on the Easy side of Moderate. Saw lots of wildlife (lots of birds, a few deer).

This is a popular trail, so go early and ideally on a weekday. The good news is that it is often wide enough for two way traffic so passing -- even by a mountain bike -- is a non-issue.

I would rate this hike "moderate" instead of easy. The first 3-3.5 miles are a pretty sustained uphill, gaining about 1500 feet. The Castle Trail is almost completely in the sun, so on a warm day it can be a bit relentless. The Turkey Trot is a nice option because of the lack of mountain bikes and it has a bit more shade.

4 days ago

Fairly easy for a moderate trail but some very cool views along the way

Loved this trail - will def do it again! Saw a young buck. Great views of Red Rocks going up and Denver coming down! Most of the elevation gain is near the beginning of the trail within the first mile. Very enjoyable hike. Lots of traffic though - people, horses, and then bikers on the Castle Trail.

So fun. Great views and enough shade to keep you going. Don't forget to stop at the Mac Cafe on the way back. excellent!!

Nice loop. Not too hard not too easy. Lots of flowers this time of yr!

Went mid day. Very hot and arid, would be better in morning or afternoon. Well marked and pretty easy trail with some good views. The meadow was very pretty and green. The loop trail had tons of flowers and cactai. A nice 1-2 hr hike, not too hard not too easy.

10 days ago

We did this hike mid-afternoon and the first half was hot and sunny but we found some shade and a breeze closer to the top. The hike was a nice challenge and with the heat we made frequent stops. At the top we went to the Walker castle ruins and did the short loop called Walker’s Dream - both offered gorgeous views and several areas to sit and take it all in. We did not go past the ruins. Overall the Castle Trail took us about 3 hours and was just under 8 miles. The trail was pretty quiet, we came across a handful of other hikers, pups and a few cyclists. Would recommend this hike for a nice challenge that is close to the city and offers some beautiful views.

11 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail. Overall I’d say it’s easy with a few moderate parts sprinkled in that get your heart rate up. No technical areas by any means. Absolutely gorgeous to view the sunset from in the evenings!

Pretty views and easy but not too easy of a hike. Perfect for a quick weekend morning. Became a little crowded as we finished but if you go early it’s not bad. However there are some dummies because It is easier and I stepped in gum at the end of the hike. Leave nature how you found It people!

Beautiful hike that has great shade and opens up to the city. You can connect to other trails that go through a meadow as well. This trail is majestic with flowers, trees, and rocks. Quick escape from the city for every mountain wanderer!

This was a great, short hike just far enough away from the city to get great views. My out of shape dog was able to handle this one nicely.

This was a great trail for a first time solo hiker. A few things however:

The castle ruins are the Walker House Ruins. The tip of this trail goes past the ruins to the west parking lot which is just bathrooms and benches. As it was a very hot day and this is a long hike, I think you could turn around after visiting the cool Walker ruins. Shave off some time and save up some energy for hiking back to the east lot.

Pretty rocky so I recommend wearing boots. I would’ve probably had worse luck with just sneakers. Traffic was reasonable. I was alone for much of it but never too far away from other hikers so I felt safe. Some wildlife sights, came across a rattlesnake early on the trail. Decent amount of shade throughout, but definitely exposed to sun for much of it as well.

All in all a great trail. I would just cut it a little shorter with foregoing the extra distance past the ruins.

25 days ago

Beautiful views. Easy hike with a lot of switchbacks

25 days ago

Loved it! Took my 5 month old in a carrier. Gorgeous sites and the castle was so cool! Great hike, enough to get your heart rate goin good.

New to Colorado from Chicago so this was only my second hike since moving out here. Chose it due to the proximity to Denver as well as it being moderate and it didn’t disappoint. Great mountain and meadow views. Wasn’t flat, some areas were moderately tough with the inclines but flattened out soon there after. Got busy after 10 am with a lot of families so I’d suggest start early and beat the rush!

on Turkey Trot Trail

26 days ago

A little crowded, but not really that bad. Beautiful views. 5/28 two rattle snakes seen on the trail in separate areas, but they were babies. Surprising given the amount of traffic.

Fun kid friendly hike. They loved exploring the ruins.

Well groomed trail with a decent amount of incline. It gets a little crowded with bikes plus the weekend crowd but was still enjoyable. Very good views of Denver and Red Rocks with mountain peaks the other direction. Overall if you push yourself you can get a good workout with scenic views, if someone is slower they can also pace accordingly and make it as well even if they aren’t in great shape.

Didn't make it all the way to the ruins with our little ShiTzu but had a great time today with my 11 year old. It was hot (hot, hot!) but plenty of areas of shade. Make sure to bring a hat!

Good beginner

It's not flat, that's for sure. But not too hard. There's variation. Some trees, some sunny spots. Rocky path. Some small streams. Everyone had their dogs on leashes. It was beautiful. Several great views.

My roommates and I did this hike last Saturday (5/12) as a part of the many challenges offered through Cotopaxi's Questival. We started our hike around 9 am and completed the out-and-back around 11:30 am.

It was a beautifully majestic morning as the mist settled upon the mountain and made us feel as though we were trekking somewhere in the Northwest U.S.. However, this did take away from some of the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape due to the lack of visibility.

This was a bit more strenuous than I initially anticipated, but I also went in with no prior research being done on the hike and thought it was only around 3 miles round trip. When it was more than twice that length I was a little surprised, but enjoyed the challenge nevertheless.

This was a very pleasant hike that I would definitely like to do again (on a clearer day) when I can take in some of the views!

1 month ago

Nice and easy trail for a short hike day...flowers around and dry trail. Busy during the week ends, even nicer during the week days.

1 month ago

beautiful hike, with wild flowers and wild life....very nice light during sunset

Lots of switch backs but it was really beautiful. A nice view of the skyline!

great views

Perfect hike for non-acclimated visitors. Great views and easier hike to get outside!

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