My wife and I just did this hike today, 6/8/18. I see several posts about the Crystal Lake loop which we decided to return on. Our hike started at Hoosier Pass like the others, and followed the old mine road all the way to what I think is a part of the Ling Mine on North Star Mountain's south slope. The Mine is just under 13,000' in elevation. The road is in immaculate shape for a high country road. You could drive up to the saddle that drops off the back side to Crystal lake easily with a 4 x 4. From that saddle, you continue on to the west and go thru the old gate there and bear right going up. This road will take you all the way to the mine. The views the whole way are unreal. 99% of this trail is above treeline, that's why. The view west is up the Middle Fork of the South Platte River. Mt. Bross, Lincoln, and Democrat can all be seen at the same time for a good portion of the hike. Along with lots of other 13 er's. Looking NE at some spots, you can see Grays and Torrey's also. On the way back we dropped down the steep pitch towards Crystal Lake. Then took the road from that trail jct. back to the pass where we parked. There are lots of old mine ruins along here, and down by the lake as well. The stretch from Crystal Lake back was still wet and snowy in lots of places. The road on the south side that we went up, had only one place to navigate thru a snow field. The rest was bone dry and easy walking. Nice hike and an easy 3 miles one way.