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Had an absolutely fantastic day, the weather held despite my late start and we made the summit just fine. The colors are changing right now and it's glorious--plus Rufus (dog) just completed his first 14'er, hooray!

16 hours ago

Absolutely LOVED this trail. Found it to be very difficult and very scenic. Took us 5 hours with lunch and 100+ photos.

I saw many children and dogs on the trail. It feels like walking in the park during weekends.

Beautiful views and not quite as hard as this rating says.

Woof, this one was tough but definitely doable! Go early to avoid afternoon storms. Wind was brisk so layers, a small, packable down/alternative coat and some mittens or gloves are necessary this time of year. There is little to no shade so you have to be creative if you need to use the restroom. Heavily trafficked trail but encountered some lovely people. A Girl Scout troop summited around the same time we did--if they can do it, you can too :) I'm so happy to have completed my first 14er!

Did this again yesterday (9/16/17) for the second time this summer! Went much better as far as altitude effects--cooler temperature probably helped that. When we got to the boulder-scramble part at the top (oh you know, roughly 100ft below the summit after a roughly 2800ft climb in elevation) we (and nearly everyone else) had to turn back due to a surprise snowstorm. We could've made that last push for the summit, but it was super slippery with wind whipping snow into our face HARD, and very limited visibility. Still a great story! Next time Bierstadt! Next time!

(PS. Fall colors are to die for right now)

4 days ago

Great day out there! A really enjoyable trail. Be ready to climb some.

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5 days ago

Fall is coming, gorgeous views! Fun trail, with some narrow paths, but nothing too technical.

Wow!!! This is such a beautiful trail and the view from the top is phenomenal! I absolutely love it and would hike it every day if I could. I highly recommend!

OMG. Absolutely breathtaking. Not only for the views but the exhilaration! First class 3 and I have not stopped thinking about it! Started from the trail head at 1 pm. Summited Bierdstadt at 3pm, then made the decision to cross the Sawtooth. Pretty easy, just watched my footing and didnt hesitate to crawl a bit-definitely used a lot of arm strength lowering myself down. About 3/4's of the way across you are forced onto the front face of the ridge where there are sheer drops of at least 1000 feet. DO NOT LOOK DOWN! lol Unless you are into that kind of thing. I just kept my head down sand my eyes on the trail(ledge). Definitely a point where my heart and head were screaming for me to get the hell off that rock but what are you gonna do? Sit up there and wait for someone to come get you? Exhilarating. Took 2 hours to cross the ridge, then about another 1 1/2 to summit Evans. Hitchhiked back to Breck after that-boyfriend said we needed to cross back over the ridge to get back to the car. Crazy ass. I told him hell no, made friends with some people that had driven up and ended up having dinner with them.lol What an adventure! If you are terrified of heights, in any way out of shape or inexperienced to hiking please dont even think about this one-stick with summiting Bierdstadt.:)