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Absolutely perfect day! Major scramble toward the top-- bringing tech gloves was really handy. Leave no Trace!!!

off road driving
1 day ago

We made it to the meadow just under the mine sight. Still a lot of snow near the top that was not passable.

This trail was a lot of fun. Easy to miss the entrance along the curve in the road off Guanella Pass.

This road is definitely a MODERATE level. Heavy wash outs, lots of exposed sharp rock.

Drive slow. Maybe airdown depending on your vehicle.

Drove a stock 2012 Nissan Xterra S with 4x4 and oversized tires.

Take your time and watch for moose!

This was a challenge being my second 14er. We started early and did Spalding then scrambled up to West Evans and last Mount Evans then took a different way down so it was 4 miles. We zigzagged down the .5 mile dotted-line trail and finished walking on the road for a little to get back to our car. Great weather today. We didn't use microspikes since there were only a few really short areas of snow. Sticks helped though. $5 parking fee

Easy place to cross the creek and stay dry about 30 yards north of the trail -- 2 jumps, 1 to a land island and then another.
Started at 6 am and got a lot of solitude and only 4 people at the summit. Saw a ton of people coming up on my way down, as usual, even on a Monday: ~120 people.
Don't let anyone tell you this is easy; it's a great cardiovascular workout even for experienced mountaineers. And the talus toward the summit is a nice challenge for people unfamiliar with it..

1 day ago

would be a five but for all the people and their dogs off leash and trash they leave. beautiful hike, views are amazing. great 14er to start with

1 day ago

Hiked this in November but found ourselves at 13,900 ft. in white out conditions and had to turn back...no snow on the ground for ascent - 3-6 inches on the descent. Made for a beautiful hike but now need to go back again to reach the summit!

off road driving
2 days ago

Started at 6 am and got the last parking spot in the actual lot at trailhead but lots of people park along the street side. Took my 66 y.o parents and they made it! Took our time with lots of rest breaks for 7 hr total trip (4 up, 3 down). Not much wind at all today and beautiful views! Definitely crowded and hard to find any privacy for restroom use. The outhouse at trailhead didn't have any TP so bring your own! Most everyone we met was friendly. Wear layers and use sun screen! Only 2 small spots with snow but easy to hike around on rocks instead.

Not my favorite 14er trail, but still beautiful! Some slick snow fields still melting. Saw a mountain goat family with three babies at the top.

3 days ago

4 days ago

This was my first fourteener and it was a great place to start! As soon as you get going on the main trail, be prepared to take a few rest stops. There is a stream to cross, but very little snow left on the trail; my waterproof boots still came in handy. It took me about seven hours total to get to the peak with breaks, eat lunch, and get back to my car. The views were gorgeous and so worth the work!