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Great hike with great views from the summit. It took my wife and I about five hours round trip, with some stops for pictures and to chat with other people on the way up. The trail itself is very well maintained with a decent amount of parking and restroom facilities at the trailhead. I would say about the upper third of the trail was under +/- 1-2’ of snow. I would recommend micro-spikes or crampons (which we didn’t have!) and trekking poles since the more trafficked areas of the trail in the snow got pretty slick with the snow getting packed. Other than that it was one of the more relaxed 14ers we’ve done. We did this hike on October 17th, and would highly recommend it!

5 days ago

great trail network follow the dotted black line at the split on the map if your lifted it brings u up along and a good portion through the river with more challenging obstacles all peaks are snow packed I couldn't make it on a 4inch long arm kit with good tires

off road driving
10 days ago

Great trail, not the most scenic drive around but it's a lot of fun. I've ran more than a few trails, first time on slaughterhouse, more difficult in places than initially expecting, but overall just right. Recommend a veehicle with 4lo, at least 1 lockers and lifted suspension.

off road driving
12 days ago

Great little trail with beautiful views. The trail isn’t technically challenging, but there are some narrow spots if you go off the main path (which is recommended). Air down your tires before you take this path.
I’d recommend this as a perfect summer trail.
Jeep Rubicon.

Great hike for a first 14er, though having snow made way harder than it should be! None the less, it was a great experience.

Holy bananas! We got unbelievable weather but the snow was mid thigh deep the entire last mile and a half. Totally worth it, lots of slush and mud on the way down because of the melted ice. Good shoes and lots of layers, what a great first 14er

Started at Guanella Pass at 10:15am. Decent travel for a while, but encountered heavy snow about 1 mile from the summit. Cold feet (bring 2 pairs of extra socks and some foot warmer packs if you don't have water proof shoes. My mistake. Snow shoes recommended. Some deep snow for the last mile or so, but you can do it. There were pre-existing tracks for me to follow, but had to post hole and crawl for some of it. Keep pushing. Slushy walk down, but over all a great experience. You can do it. Just be prepared. Snow brings a whole different aspects to the experience.

This isn't argentine pass.

off road driving
19 days ago

have seen this trail run in the snow many times in a stock cherokee manual with street tires. that guy is kind of a maniac but i'm saying its doable. that being said there are definitely harder lines to take than i choose that if you were in a crazy rig, you could still have fun here. couple steep up and downs and about 4 major obstacles. if you'd like to see a video of the loop i have one up at:


took every easier route except you can skip the last 3rd-person obstacle thats opposing holes and moguls, and i believe theres a way around the last hard obstacle i film out the window.

07 ranger manual
no lift
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad guide

have fun!

Great hike! Absolutely beautiful. I went yesterday and it was perfect weather-no clouds when we started at 6:30 AM. Clouds began rolling in at noon, so be off the mountain. The difference in climate from the trailhead to the peak is insane-probably 50 degrees (no snow) at the trailhead to probably 30 at the peak with crazy winds (wind chill maybe 20) and at least two feet of snow. This would be much more fun if the last mile of the hike wasn't trudging through deep snow, constantly losing footing, and worrying about falling. On the plus side, falling down doesn't hurt because of the snow! I should have been more careful coming down than I was, but I just wanted to get off the mountain and warm up. I sat down on my bottom and slid down some of the steep parts. Absolutely wear waterproof pants and bring a rain jacket or windbreaker. Also, the water in my Camelbak froze-I didn't drink as much water as I should have because of that! Also, make sure your phone is on airplane mode, as mine died before I was able to take a picture of me on the peak. Overall, this is a great hike, but be prepared for deep snow and unpleasant conditions starting about a mile from the peak.

20 days ago

Highly recommended for a fall hike. The aspens are beautiful! Just be warned, there is nothing great at the end. The trail just disappears. This one is all about the journey!