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I'm sure this trail would've been beautiful, the area was amazing but I didn't even make it to the trailhead. This area is only open to hunting/fishing after Labor Day so the road was gated 4.3 miles from the trail head. This area is also totally closed from Jan 1 to June 14th.

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3 days ago

off road driving
4 days ago

We live just 2 miles from Slaughter House. Take the ATV with my husband and have a blast.

It will be to your benefit not to rely on the map for this hike. It did not match the actual trail. We cut off trail a bit to find the trail on the map and ran straight into a mountain lion. My advice, stay on the trail, don’t try to do the loop just make it an out and back, travel in groups and know the protocols for a mountain lion encounter. It was a fun hike up until that point and mountain lion sightings are rare. Be safe, be smart, and just follow your instinct.

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10 days ago

Hiked this trail on 11/26/17 and it was snowy, but not deep at all - just packed from fellow hikers. It was slick on the way down though, when the sun had been out for a bit. I'd recommend traction for the descent at least. It was a beautiful hike with lots of people and pups on the trail, and pretty views the whole way. As expected, the summit was very cold and windy, but a fun steep ascent at the end!

14 days ago

great trail. started at 9:40am made the summit at 12:20pm left summit at 1:20 got back to parking lot around 3. microspikes are needed although I saw people not wearing them which I thought was crazy. guenella pass is open as of now

18 days ago

So beautiful. When you think your not going to get there, that is when you are so close. Was a little erie as we spent 7 hours on this trail and did not see one human. Mountain playground all to ourselves. Went in middle of September when all the colors were beautiful below tree line. Lake see through blue, chilly but worth it.

Seriously awesome trail with fantastic views. Keep in mind that the 11.8 miles is just one way, so to see the whole trail would be quite a trek. With that, there are basically two options for this trail; 1. Go 3.5 miles in to the overlook of the valley. 2. Go all the way to the lake. After the overlook the trail doesn't get really get exciting again until you start the 2000 elevation gain climb to the lake. But the view from the early parts of the hike is more than worth the trip, or you can make a trek out of it for an even better trip at 24 miles round trip. Definitely returning to this one.

Did this trail 3 times this year. Love it. Can anyone tell me if Guanella Pass is drivable for a regular passenger car in winter?

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28 days ago

87 4runner
No lockers
Solid axle swap

There are areas with 2 or more paths if you choose to take the harder path. I had no problem getting through most of it.

Directions below from Karin are accurate. Pay attention though to the signs at the Wilderness area entrance - if it states it is closed for hunting, do not enter and turn around. You will get ticketed. It opens again on Nov 20 and stay open till Dec 15.After that it is closed for the winter.