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2 days ago

Cuts, small but fun

It was 4th of July 2016 My friend and I we started at the Echo Lake down to the valley and we stopped for the night at Idaho Spring reservoir. Next morning we start the climb towards lower Chicago Lake after a mile in to the climb my friend got sick from altitude. I have to return back to Idaho reservoir lucky we found a car that took him alone to the medical center in Idaho Spring. From there I climb back up again all alone to lower Chicago Lake sleep there then start my climb next morning thru upper Chicago Lake,Summit Lake, thru the Loop, summit on Spalding then finally Mt Evans. By 13.000 was snowing. Never underestimate the mountain..snowing 4th of July..? Yes see my picture. Great awesome. Never go alone only if you are advance mountaineer years experience.

21 days ago

23 days ago

I hiked this yesterday. I was 710ft from my first 14er! Rookie mistake thinking I'd be fine going up Mount Bierstadt without yack tracks, poles or snow shoes. My trusty Merrell Capra hiking boots filled with so many mini snow balls that it froze my feet. I had an internal battle with my "Be A Koch" attitude but decided I should turn around and come back with proper gear. And maybe be alil more fit.. my heart rate hit 191bpm.

Did Bierdstadt in early June. Friends said their would be no snow, yeah right! I wore my crampons and it was absolutely needed. The field at the bottom was all ice, my friends of friends were falling and slipping, a couple of them wearing running shoes. There was still a lot of post-holeing this time of year. I fell into snow up to my waste at times, but was easy to climb out but I'm not that big. We slid down that mountain after we reached the top. From what we could guess, we slid on our bottoms down about 1000 feet. There were already pre made "slides" that other people had slid down. We didn't slide fast because no one was wearing snow pants.

Just be prepared for a lot of snow and ice in June. Don't go up there thinking it's summertime and you'll be fine. I almost wore snowpants, friend said I was overreacting, but I really wish I would have worn them!

2 months ago

I've done this trail both in April and January. Both times I drove my 1996 Subaru Legacy and did not bottom out, contrary to other reviews. It snowed a ton before my January hike and I managed to make it in without high centering. I like this trail because it's secluded. The views are good at certain parts but it's all below tree line so don't expect vast landscape views. The trail merges with another at the end, so you can continue to explore once you've hiked about 3.5 miles in. The trail is much more difficult on snow shoes, partly because at certain spots it's sloped and narrow so it's easy to slide sideways. A good climb in snow shoes, my legs were burning.

2 months ago

Nice trail that can be a bit challenging in places. The switchbacks at the beginning can be a bit tedious, but worth it once you clear them. Trail can be difficult to see with the leafs on the ground. For the 4X4 fans. the road leading to the trail head and beyond is fun.

2 months ago

3 months ago