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This hike was really pretty. We went when it was a bit foggy so it added some extra beauty to the hike. There’s some small inclines but we were able to take our jogging stroller the whole way. There were a handful of people we passed and a lot of dogs. It was pretty easy and beautiful

Good trail to get your hiking legs in shape early season did it early April still had snow / ice in patches trail is in good shape through ski hill loop.

Beautiful view at the summit! This was my first time to Meyers Ranch and I wouldn't want to do it without going to the top of Legault. It is the best view. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find the trail to the summit with the snow. But I just followed some footsteps. Had spikes on my boots and definitely needed them. Very wet and a bit slick as it has been warm all week and the snow was very melty. Boots and bottom of pants very wet but worth it. The extra hike to the summit made the whole hike worth it.

Great snow hike...
In the mountains, but not too deep and not too High. Perfect for a winter hike in the snow. Dog Loved It.!!

4 months ago

Fast quick and close to the city. Also, can hear cars most of the way but fades the farther you get. Still beautiful one of the hikes that got me addicted to hiking, so it means something to me.

Easy winter walk.

Great time with a lot of beautiful trees to see. Plenty of switchbacks to break up the ascent. As the other reviewer Jesse said, take the extra mile to summit Legault.

To get to the summit, you'll need to look for the trail that is off the main trail when you reach the farthest corner of the top of the loop. You'll know you're there when you see the marker with arrows pointing in both directions. Just stay to the left of the No Trespassing signs and you'll be good to go.

The view from the top is amazing! Even with the little bit of climbing this is still a moderate trail, so enjoy.

5 months ago

Beautiful sunrises this time of year, however the trail is definitely getting icy and I wouldn’t recommend an attempt without added traction. Definitely worth going the extra mile or so to summit Legault. The optional trail is a little spotty with plenty of fallen trees and unclear paths, but you can easily figure it out. Also some optional scrambling at the summit that is fun. Be sure to check the register and stamps.

Decent hiking! Left too late in the day. Started the hike at 3.30pm, got back to the car after doing every loop we could just before the last sunlight was gone. Beautiful with Aspen trees and creepy woods at parts. Felt paranoid coming back because we were hiking down the cold, dark side of the mtn and the light was eerie. Definitely worth it! Wouldn't hike at near daybreak again, though.

6 months ago

Great steady hike. Half uphill and the other half down. 3/4 of the hike is in a he forest.

6 months ago

I'd definitely do this trail again! It was so nice and cozy, and breathtaking! Best time to hike here is fall, because of color of the trees. Love this place!

Well maintained and very nice trail.

7 months ago

Started the hike early, and it was great! Few people first thing in the am but traffic picked up as we headed out around 10:30. Had a few good views and the pups enjoyed it. Not sure where the river was though.

This area is highly trafficked and if you are looking to get away from the city avoid the trail and head deeper into the mountains where the tourist are not.

lots of people and small children

7 months ago

I wish I could tag to see "tourists" it's a beautiful trail but maybe too close to Denver. I went on a Sat afternoon in the fall so maybe it was just folks looking to see the leaves change but it was filthy with people. It was a lot more like standing in a fast moving line at a movie theater than a hike. I couldn't sneeze without another hiker saying bless you.

7 months ago

I call this more of a nature walk than a hike. Pros are that it's easy to find and the trail is well marked. Beautiful aspens, lodgepole pines and rocks. Good for all skill levels. Cons are the road noise and the unfortunate placement of power lines through the park.

Love this trail this time of year. The aspens are fabulous!!

Quick and easy to get your step count for the day

I enjoyed the hike, there are a lot of Aspen trees that will be beautiful when the leaves change this fall. I never found a trail named Legault Mountain so it was confusing to figure out. I knew I needed to pick whichever trail goes up, but didn't know it was called Old Ski Run Trail. It took about 2 hours round trip and was a great workout.

8 months ago

Good first "hike" for my new 8lb rescue dog. Well marked trail, small inclines. He saw his first deer too!
A nice nature trail. Wouldn't go out of my way to do it though.

Excellent hike close to Denver! I'm looking forward to coming back when the aspens are changing. Trails were well marked and there is a (clean!) outhouse bathroom. Inclines can be challenging but very manageable. Not really any great outlooks, however, I'll take the beautiful rocks and aspens and pines over one or two outlooks any day.

Love this trail. Quiet. Close. Beautiful.

Great trail very steep!

Love it!!! Skip the gym hit me up!!!!!! Killing these trails!! Come with me. Free invites ... I'm going Day and night...... full moon and straight hike through. Specializing in complete 14 teeners trips. Dare u????

9 months ago

Nice after-work hike. If you're looking for nice landscape views of the mountains this might not be the hike for you, almost completely surrounded by trees the entire time. I really recommend taking a left when you get to the last .5 mile loop at the end of the hike. On the left side you will see a tiny off trail path up to some rocks (hard to miss). Climb the rocks and you will get the best view of the whole park.

9 months ago

Super easy, super quick, but a nice little "hike" for me and my dog nonetheless.

9 months ago

Easy hike. Good for kids.

Awesome 4 mile hike close to home. the signs are a little confusing but we ended up making a loop in the end. nice spot to stop at about 2 miles in for a snack. love all the aspen trees!

Just the right amount of gain for a goid workout. Partially shaded. Absolutely gorgeous during autumn with the changing aspens.

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