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Nice trail, a good place to just get out for a while. Not too easy or too hard, a good workout going up.

Amazing for the leaves. Pretty easy but not totally worth it. No great mountain views, just woods.

Nice close trail!

Busy. I would say this is highly trafficked. It is beautiful this time of year!

24 days ago

Easy but very clean trail, nice morning hike!

Really pleasant hike with several loops. Not too hard, not too easy!

Pretty hike as the aspens are just starting to turn. Quick incline at the beginning but it evens out and then it's downhill from there. Short hike for when you are short on time. Parking lot was busy on Monday morning but the trails were basically empty as people were spread out.

on Meyer Ranch Park Trail

1 month ago

Good place to walk the dogs, certainly not peaceful despite surroundings. Highway noise entire hike, crowded.

Close to Littleton, nice trail for a new hiker. Down side, the road noise from Hwy 285. Darn.

Great little hike. Got there about 8:30, lot was mostly full. Hikers, runners, a biker, some families. Mostly empty on the trail though as everyone was spaced out. Very shaded in the trees. Aspen trees are still green. I liked that you can take a longer or shorter hike depending on skill level (or a baby’s attitude). Lot was completely full at 9:45 when we left. Will definitely do again. One con, you can hear the road noise at points.

Really pretty hike. Not too busy even for a Sunday. Nice a shady for the longer hike. Small view once you reach the top.

nice place

Ditto to Amber's post below. Exceeded my expectations. Something for all abilities.

on Meyer Ranch Park Trail

2 months ago

Perfect for small kids. The aspen are stunning.

2 months ago

awesome hike allot of incline if you haven't been hiking in awhile it's definitely a workout, we did happen to find the secret path thanks to a previous picture posted once you see the angled arrow marker and downed tree look for small foot path to your left, it's a good half mile or so uphill from there but it all becomes worthwhile when you get to the top and get that gorgeous view. would definitely do it again.

2 months ago

Trail is close to Denver and right off 285 so it’s easy to get to. I was tired after a weekend hike so this was a perfect moderate hike. If you just do the trail as marked I would call this more an upper easy hike. If you take the “secret” trail to the top it’s moderate. Took me two loops of the Old Ski Loop trail to find the secret summit trail. It is NOT the first one you come to where to go up about 100 feet to a cluster of rocks with a partial view. I searched around there for a while. It’s above that on the marked trail (if you went left to right on the loop). I added a picture with markings. You won’t see the “no trespassing” sign someone else referenced until after you are already on the trail (and even then it’s off in the distance and you have to look for it). The trail to the summit is pretty well marked as someone has lined quite a bit of it with old tree branches. There are times you will question if you went the right way. Trust your gut...it’s a pretty intuitive trail. Don’t get fooled by the first false summit with good views. Keep going until you find the top and the geo markers and register. It’s probably less than .5 mile from the Old Ski Loop trail so it’s worth it. Someone should bring a new little notepad for the register and a new pen. Both are running low! Gorgeous views from the top and TONS of ladybugs. This will be a great trail for fall with the Aspens along it.

3 months ago

Really pretty. Found the trail to the mountain. It was tricky - top of the ski loop on the left side. It’s kind of hard to find - just a little dirt path off into the trees with some branches across the beginning. It is above the trail that goes up to the rocks - that was where I went and circled back. So beautiful!!!!!!

We love it's close convenience to Denver. It's beautiful year round.

Trail was scenic, but with the elevation gain was pretty steep at times for my young kids. We made it around the whole loop pretty quickly though even with the steep grade. In all a nice hike that was closer for us since we live on the south side of Denver.

4 months ago

Great hike, nice terrain. Good amount of shade. View at the top is nothing special

4 months ago

a nice easy hike. it was pretty and not too many people as soon as you leave the open space at the bottom. lots of uphill. a nice hike for when you just wanna get out for a little while and exercise, you can pretty much do it at any point during the daytime since it's pretty short.

Loved all the foliage, lots of pines and aspens throughout the entire hike. The trail head is right off 285 so the noise from the cars is fairly loud until the last 2 loops. I missed the summit, unfortunately. If you start the last loop (Old Ski Run) from the left, as you turn the far corner, you’ll see some (larger) rocks and a trail, but the trail posts tell you to keep right. I kept right thinking I may get to it further up the mountain, but no, that’s where it was. I’ll def return to make the summit.

Great morning hike just a short drive from Denver. We attempted to do the Legault Mountain trail and found the paths a bit confusing on how to combine Legacy with Aspen to make that happen. Either way, great shady path and nice loop.

This hike was really pretty. We went when it was a bit foggy so it added some extra beauty to the hike. There’s some small inclines but we were able to take our jogging stroller the whole way. There were a handful of people we passed and a lot of dogs. It was pretty easy and beautiful

Good trail to get your hiking legs in shape early season did it early April still had snow / ice in patches trail is in good shape through ski hill loop.

Nice hike you can adjust the length of depending what you want to do. Definitely has slush and mud but no ice. Trees provided great cover from the wind.

Beautiful view at the summit! This was my first time to Meyers Ranch and I wouldn't want to do it without going to the top of Legault. It is the best view. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find the trail to the summit with the snow. But I just followed some footsteps. Had spikes on my boots and definitely needed them. Very wet and a bit slick as it has been warm all week and the snow was very melty. Boots and bottom of pants very wet but worth it. The extra hike to the summit made the whole hike worth it.

Great snow hike...
In the mountains, but not too deep and not too High. Perfect for a winter hike in the snow. Dog Loved It.!!

9 months ago

Fast quick and close to the city. Also, can hear cars most of the way but fades the farther you get. Still beautiful one of the hikes that got me addicted to hiking, so it means something to me.

Easy winter walk.

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