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I enjoyed the hike, there are a lot of Aspen trees that will be beautiful when the leaves change this fall. I never found a trail named Legault Mountain so it was confusing to figure out. I knew I needed to pick whichever trail goes up, but didn't know it was called Old Ski Run Trail. It took about 2 hours round trip and was a great workout.

15 days ago

Good first "hike" for my new 8lb rescue dog. Well marked trail, small inclines. He saw his first deer too!
A nice nature trail. Wouldn't go out of my way to do it though.

Excellent hike close to Denver! I'm looking forward to coming back when the aspens are changing. Trails were well marked and there is a (clean!) outhouse bathroom. Inclines can be challenging but very manageable. Not really any great outlooks, however, I'll take the beautiful rocks and aspens and pines over one or two outlooks any day.

23 days ago

Love this trail. Quiet. Close. Beautiful.

24 days ago

Great trail very steep!

Love it!!! Skip the gym hit me up!!!!!! Killing these trails!! Come with me. Free invites ... I'm going Day and night...... full moon and straight hike through. Specializing in complete 14 teeners trips. Dare u????

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29 days ago

1 month ago