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This was an amazing hike. A must do for hikers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I would rate this towards moderately difficult! Although our 10 and 12 year olds made it! A few fearful moments with daughter along ridge of boulders on cliff edge to the valley. Everyone was glad they did it bc big payoffs on the boulder cliff and upper falls! Bring lunch and PLENTY of water! Steep climbing in some areas but well worth the views and upper falls view! If you climb to the upper falls you will be climbing along a somewhat narrow boulder cliff! The view of the valley below gives spectacular views of steamboat! If you don’t want the rock climbing 3 foot wide cliff adventure then go to the 2nd bridge, have lunch on the big boulder and start the easy descent! If you don’t do the upper falls or lake which was not marked and 4 ? Miles beyond upper falls. Still an amazing hike with views of rapids and lower falls!
Our final destination was the upper falls! Didn’t know at the time how much further the Lake was or which path to follow. The upper falls were Powerful almost 300ft. Waterfall! Some were swimming but pretty dangerous and powerful.
This hike is confusing to tourist because you can go as far as 4 destinations or as short of a distance as a simple paved photo waterfall opportunity. 4 destinations really. #1
A lower falls with picnic area for those wanting a quick short stroll for a family with young kids or paved trail.
#2 first bridge #3 2nd bridge #4 upper falls (steep ledge of boulders to cross with valley drop off view! #5 we never reached the Lake! ENJOY!

Nice single track trail with good variety of vegetation, views, and shade. Tons of butterflies in June. The hotspings are a great destination for an put&back trail. My kids (8&10) and husband (with recent knee replacement) had no trouble at all, so I would rate it easy. Fun outing for the family!

3 days ago

This hike is stunningly beautiful. If you have bad knees you may want to take hiking sticks for the downhill and if you have to bushwhack as we did. The satellite map download is a must for this hike, you will frequently lose the trail. A huge tip; if you want to take the trail clockwise, start up the main trail from the parking area and in about 600 feet, take a sharp left, almost a u-turn onto the clockwise direction trial. Yesterday and today there were three balloons tied to a tree where you take the left u-turn but those can disappear in the future leaving this turn unmarked. Yesterday we thought the balloons were trash and continued to walk straight, taking the counter clockwise hiking direction. Occasionally you will see blue diamonds on the trees but you cannot rely on these to mark the trail. The satellite map which was critical to staying close to on-trail ate up my battery life. I would take a back-up battery device.

Beautiful, well-worn trail. Little bit of mud in places. Aspens and wildflowers were lovely. The first mile or so was uphill but after you power through that it becomes easy. Enjoy the falls at the end and a panoramic overlook near the end.

17 days ago

Exceptional hike rated correctly by All Trails according to us flatlander 60 year olds. Early June affords great flow for the water and spring wild flowers are visible everywhere. Early start recommended during this unusually warm spring. This is a not-to-be-missed Steamboat Springs hike. Keepsake photos from this one! Would never do this one without trekking poles.

Loved this trail, tons of birds and wildlife, even had a deer cross the trail in front of us

My wife and I attempted on 5/27. We got started from the trailhead right around 7:30 AM. The first 2 miles were pretty straightforward and we made some good time. A lot of patches of snow covering the trail, but solid foot prints allowed us to keep on the trail. There were enough breaks that we could keep on the trail no problem. Once we got about 2 miles in, the trail was completely lost. We saw a trail marker sticking out of the snow saying "Please stay on the trail," but it was no where to be found. We spent about 2 hours trying to scale the face in the snow. By about 11 AM, we were post holing knee deep or even waist deep with every step. Made it to about 11,400 before the snow gave out underneath my wife and she slid back down about 100 feet on top of the snow. At that point, I slid down myself.

As Ben said, it is possible to reach the top, but not via the trail. There was a large area of rock exposed that may have made the top accessible via scrambling . More equipment would make it an easier trip up. All we had were some microspikes. Definitely would recommend starting early because as the sun heats up, the post holing becomes much worse. The way back down was significantly more challenging because all of the snow we simply walked on top in the morning was now melted and caused post holing with every step. Even without reaching the Causeway, it was still a beautiful and certainly memorable hike.

Flight 159- just finished this hike, it was way more intense than I had hoped. The south side was pretty close to impassable without an ice ax and crampons, I luckily found a spot where we could down climb but it was way off trail. There were a few sections where we cliffed out and had to find a different way down, not on the trail. The trail is covered in snow and we were postholing the entire trail. If you do it make sure you have the right equipment, I would even suggest snowshoes. In all it took us 9 hours to do a 10 mile hike. I might suggest doing it later in June. Good luck to the Matthew doing it on the 27th. Camping is plentiful and the road up is fine.

Matthew I appreciate the info. Was worth a shot to see if anyone had hiked it lately. I have been attempting to get through to the Yampa Ranger District with no success as of yet. I may just wing it and see what happens. Happy Trails!

Flight 159 - My wife and I are going to try to do the trail on 5/27/18. I also have been looking for condition reports but have not found any. Looking at the map of US Forest Service Road 900 there are multiple campgrounds along the way each maintained by the US Forest Service. Bear Lake Campground which is 4 miles from the trailhead is open as of 5/14/18 (https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mbr/recarea/?recid=23030). Horseshoe Campground and Cold Springs Campground both still say "Unreachable" on their respective USFS pages, but both say they generally open on Memorial Day weekend, but with snow until mid-June. I will report back next Tuesday 5/29/18 on road and trail conditions that we encounter. USFS site for The Devils Causeway also states "Unreachable" (https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mbr/recreation/hiking/recarea/?recid=79305&actid=50)

Has anyone been on this trail lately. Thinking about backpacking in the next week but looking for a condition report? thx

This is the NFS Trail #1202 (I believe) that goes up above Fish Creek Falls toward Longs Lake. Rocky & steep in places. We went only about 1.8 mi up because we didn't have enough water or poles... I'm a little wobbly & really need the poles. A beautiful trail though!

Did this trail on Mother’s Day. Easy and manageable with beautiful landscapes. Parallels the creek the whole way. We came a bit too close for comfort with a moose.

1 month ago

Initially I was disappointed by the closed gate at the Stagecoach end. But the 1.5 mile hike to the trailhead was quite beautiful. And relatively flat. So that was not a problem. While I enjoyed the forest, and the solitude (I did not see anyone else on the trail), was disappointed that the trail did not go along side Sarvis creek? I could not see the creek for the entire first 2 miles on the trail. So then I turned around. The only time I was able to see the beautiful creek was right at the official trailhead. That is why I gave this hike a low rating.
Does this trail ever go along side the creek??

Beautiful. Only drawback is highway traffic. Lots of snow.

Well maintained. Great dog walking with shade and water.

Great trail to take your dogs....beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

Clockwise traversal on a partially cloudy day. Snow quality was mostly a mixed bag of packed powder and crunchy sun-baked powder. great stump with a view for lunch break at about 2.5 miles in. some good steeps leading to the summit. Easy to share with skiers.

Nice little hike with big bonus falls at the end.

Ive lived all over Colorado for the past 5 years out of my van. This is my favorite hike and all time favorite waterfall. The over look view and the bridge are great but if you hike up to the top. Its quiet the view and very much worth it. Just follow the trail for about 10-15 minutes past the bridge and listen for the water. There are no markers just local trails! Enjoy

1 month ago

Didn't make it all the way to long lake due to a late start but a very nice hike. Trail 75% snowed and grateful we brought hiking poles. Start early in the day, like before 9, to avoid the afternoon rain.

Pleasant hike to the upper falls. Hiked in late April - you'll want to start in the morning while the snow is still hard. If you hike after noon you'll be post-holing in the snow field above the 2nd bridge. It was mid-week and no one else was on this trail. Lots of folks walking the short path to the lower falls.

2 months ago

I recommend waiting until late-May to hike the trail...recently did an overnight backpacking trip here and could only get about 2.5 miles in (due to snow that was 1 - 2 feet in places) before I had to make camp. You could see the snow was rapidly melting, but it will take a while. Also, you will have to park about 1.5 miles from the trailhead and walk a dirt road to the Sarvis Creek trailhead...this will be the case until a downed tree is cleaned up on the access road.

I look forward to coming back this summer and hiking the entire trail. The scenery was great, and I did see a bald eagle and herd of elk on my short hike.

The road is currently pretty impassible. I tried to get out there today with my 4WD Wrangler and ended up getting stuck in the deep snow along the sides. You could maybe get out there with a snowmobile or a 4WD that has chains but the snow really makes you fishtail, is slushy and deep in a lot of places, and feels like it's going to throw you off the road. The drive toward Yampa was gorgeous though so I can't wait until summer when the snow is gone to get back out here!

on Fish Creek Falls Trail

2 months ago


Great trail with good combination of terrain. Great markings, easy to follow & lots of fun.

2 months ago

fun times

cross country skiing
2 months ago

Really fun! Counterclockwise is hard but fun

2 months ago

Went today in the middle on some snow and fog but no wind at all. The trail is as challenging but has beautiful continuous rollers that allow for effort and rest alike. Bring water, your favorite “victory” drink and snacks as this will test your endurance if the snow is deep. Love it!

3 months ago

I'm out of shape, in my mid-30s, and did the 1B loop in about 4.5 hours. Solitude, beauty, challenge, photo ops. Great fun.

It doesn't seem like 1A or 1B is accurately represented on AllTrails, at the moment.

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