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Awesome hike! Beautiful the whole way! Not a “difficult” hike—more like a moderate— and the uphills had some nice flattish spots thrown in to give you a break. Wished we could have stayed longer to explore. Would definitely do it again!

Completed this hike in mid-August with a few novice hikers. I was a bit nervous about the elevation gain since the beginners weren’t totally acclimated but they ended up crushing the whole trail right up to the summit! A great hike for everyone.

We started the hike around 8:00am and finished around 12:30. We were in a small SUV and decided to park at the second fork before the main parking area at the trailhead which added around a quarter mile to the hike. Any 4WD vehicle with decent clearance should have no problem getting to the main parking lot. Ideally, I would have preferred to start closer to 6:30 as the greater part of the hike out wasn’t shaded and it ended up getting pretty warm. The trail is short but really steep and the last half mile is up/down some gnarly scree but there’s no scrambling required. Overall, I’d say this trail is more moderate for experienced hikers and difficult but doable for beginners. Beautiful scenery on way up and panoramic views from the top. Highly recommended!

Winded! A tough hike with beautiful meadows and a nice swim at the lake....once we got there. We were pretty confused as to how long the hike really was (before I got this app); and the signs at the trail head are difficult to read. Hiking all the way to the lake thinned out the crowds. We came here from much lower elevations and did this hike on our first day and definitely noticed the thin air! We wish we would have acclimated a little more first. We agree that bringing more water than you think you’ll need is a good idea! The sun was HOT in exposed areas!

1 day ago

Nice trail, with the river at the end of it. Lightly trafficked, especially given how busy the trailhead is. Lovely views of the falls and valley.

Did this hike from Base Camp Trailhead to Fish Creek Trailhead down in town. Around 13 miles via Wyoming Trail(CDT)(trail 1101) and Fish Creek Trail(1102). Fish creek canyon is amazing. The lakes are okay, not what I was expecting.

2 days ago

This is a fantastic trail. The description on the website is incomplete though - the trail goes past Rainbow Lake, past lower and upper slide lakes (6 and 7 miles), and on to Roxy Ann Lake (10 miles). There are several moderately steep segments, especially at the end as you drop down to Roxy Ann lake. Elk Hunters favor Roxy Ann in the fall and will go in on horseback and stay a couple of weeks. Early September is perfect with no bugs, not many people, and hungry fish. Next time I'd like to detour and go to the top of Mt. Ethel - looks like a nice gradual incline to the top.

2 days ago

Closed as of 8/11/18 due to fire in the Sarvis Creek Wilderness. We hiked into the trail after the postings on the trailhead were unclear if this particular trail was closed. About .25 miles into the hike there was a black bear peacefully eating berries off a bush that was overhanging the trail. We were maybe 15 yards from the bear and it quickly scurried off into the bushes when it heard us. Large (probably bear) scat on the trail further ahead. About .7 miles into the hike we found a clear and distinct warning that this trail was closed from a gate that guarded the trail and was locked. Posted warning stated all of the Sarvis Creek Wilderness Area was closed due to the fire. I imagine not much human trail activity for the past few weeks may have invited bears and other wildlife closer to the trail. Otherwise looked like a beautiful hike and I will be back when the fires have run their course.

3 days ago

The signage on this trail is absolutely nonexistent and we ended up getting lost and having to walk a dangerous road back to our car with our 5 year old in tow! Whoever wrote the description on this app didn’t bother to say which trailhead to take, right or left? Saw zero wildlife on this “wildlife trail” and there are some beautiful open meadow spots but not very much tree coverage so most of this hike was HOT. US Forest service needs to do major work to this trail before anyone should consider hiking it!

Soooo crowded-went around 10:30 on a Saturday so not surprising. Pretty hike with 2 waterfalls. The one at the top is big and really pretty!

4 days ago

Great trail. No bikes on a Thursday 10-2. Runs along the creek so you can hear running water through the hike!!

5 days ago

Did this hike for the third time this year. Beautiful every time! Did this on a Monday morning, on the trail by 9, and only saw 6-7 other hikers. No wildlife, perfect weather. A bit hazy toward the West with the wildfires.

Easy walk from where I was staying to trail head. Encountered a few bikers but a good morning hike.

Do it counterclockwise, so you crest the ridge and get hit with the amazing view!!

Mix of sandy, rocky, hilly and flat. Trail is narrow at times with heavy brush surrounding. Made it to 2nd falls. Took just over an hour each way. Some sun and some shade. Bring plenty of water. Can be challenging in places. Worth it to get to overlook.

This is a beautiful trail worth the effort to get to the lake. The river and waterfall along the way are beautiful. However this is not an “easy” trail. Especially for visitors not used to Colorado’s elevations. There are switchbacks just before you reach the lake. I had my two sons: 8 and 10 with me. They had to stop for many breaks. We completed the out and back trail in 6 hours. I only saw 2 other children on this hike and we saw about 40-50 people on the trail on peak day - Saturday. Also we did see a black bear cross right in front of us on the way up! We tried to make noise but he just stared at us, so we did not linger we just jogged past him and continued on our way. He just stood there and watched us go by. He was maybe 10 yards from us. I did have snacks in a loksak opsak ( smell/bear proof bag) in my back pack thank goodness. Also after the log crossing make sure you turn right! There is a deceiving trail leading left but don’t go that way you’ll get lost.

NIce hike. the 9 miles of dirt road to and from was a bit much. only a few people out and back. If you aren't from here or acclimated to the elevation the way up can be slower. Ended just over 9900 feet per Garmin.

I’d give it 5 but the first bit is quite busy - we went on a Sunday and everyone plus their mother was there. The second waterfall is glorious, and was much quieter. A quick swim in freezing water is just the tonic, and there are some beautiful views on the way down. Really easy to reach from Steamboat Springs too.

Hiked one way to the hot springs. Enjoyed the sound of the stream running alongside the trail. The incline was gradual and the trail was mostly shaded. I was recording the hike and it showed the trail ending before I reached the hot springs. There were people camping near the end and they assured me that I was almost to the hot springs.

Amazing trail with everything to see. The first few miles to the upper falls is difficult and uphill almost the entire way. However, it is absolutely gorgeous. It ranges from wooded area to rocky, rugged clearings as you ascend (the rocky part was my favorite). Once you get passed the upper falls, it levels out some and gives way to mountain meadows and loads of wildflowers. Hiked this on 8/18/17. No snow at that time. We are from Florida, and the elevation was tough along with not having enough water. We didn’t know how much further Long Lake was before we turned around. It turns out we were only 0.5 miles from Long Lake. Being nearly out of water was an issue along with tired legs at that point. With several deviations from the trail (to explore), stopping to take pics, and a couple breaks.. it took us roughly 6 hours round-trip. We ate lunch about a 1/4 mile passed the upper falls while sitting on the rocks along the creek. Highly recommended, but be prepared for a long, tough hike, and bring more water than you think you’ll need. The views you’ll see are worth every step along the way! P.S. - The trail does get a bit crowded, but really thins out beyond the upper falls.

Be prepared for a workout! Hiking uphill almost the entire way to the top. Pretty rocky. The view is worth the hike to the top though! Just watch the trail carefully— it’s so rocky at the top, I took a wrong turn 3 times coming down; the trail is easy to use, especially since people have created a bunch of little cutoff trails to get some good views. The waterfalls are beautiful!

This was a beautiful, moderately trafficked trail with lots of flowers and berries. I went up thunderhead trail and true to its name, there was some thunder and rolling clouds. Beautiful views of steamboat below.

Incredible views. Trail was gorgeous, well marked.

11 days ago

Hiked on August 2. Spectacular scenery at the top. Counterclockwise is the way to do it, getting the hard 6 miles done before a long lunch break at Gilpin Lake. We really enjoyed the diversity of environments encountered on the way up. I used water shoes once on the way up and once just starting the way down. My husband with longer legs jumped rocks across without getting wet. The large log at Mile 2 was slippery and rounded enough that we wiggled across rather than walking. We clocked it at 10.7 miles. We took 7 1/2 hours and lots of photo stops. Great hike.

We loved this hike, which we did on July 31. The flowers, especially up near the pass, we’re gorgeous. We did it counterclockwise, based on previous reviews. Unlike others, we did not have to use water shoes to cross any streams. The one crossing some people may be referring to is very easily crossed on logs if you go up stream a few feet. The other stream crossing on the single log will get your heart beating, though. Although we had a map on our phone, we never needed it. It seemed to us that the trail was well-marked and easy to follow. We are so glad we did this hike. Highly recommended!

Amazing! Not an avid hiker and was able to navigate well. Bring water!!! Hiked to the second falls after turning back half way earlier in the week...so glad we went back! The views and scenery are so worth it! Will head for the lake next time!

13 days ago

Spent two hours meandering this trail with my toddler. It was perfect for him, 3 bridges which he could throw rocks and sticks off, mostly shaded and through forest, a place to dip feet in the steam. On an August Tuesday from 10-12pm we saw 1 biker only.

Absolutely amazing, like always. Fished at Gilpan lake and saw a whole bunch of brookies rising. Do it counter clockwise for the best views of both Gilpan and Gold Creek Lakes.

On 7/30 my 14 yr old and I hiked up, crossed the Causeway, and decided to go back instead of doing the entire loop. We arrived at the Stillwater Reservoir trailhead the day before on a Sunday afternoon to an almost full lot, so we decided to camp out and do the hike in the morning the next day (would highly recommend). We started the hike at 7 am the next day and didn't see another person until we were almost to the saddle. Summited a little after 9 and had the Causeway to ourselves for about 20 minutes after a group got done with it themselves. The entire hike was a blast with spectacular views the whole way up. The last mile or so is pretty tough with an incline and switchbacks nearly the entire way, and then the final ascent is almost a straight shot to the top. The Causeway itself boils down to a mental battle; some conquer it, and some don't. I recommend the "low and slow" approach, which just means you're using your hands and feet the entire way to give yourself four points of contact. It was a little breezy at the top, as I suspect it usually is, so bringing a jacket or at least a sweatshirt would be recommended. Also, as some have already said here, some parts of the trail are not well-marked. If the Causeway is your ultimate goal, a good rule of thumb would be to "always stay right". Overall, it was an unforgettable experience that I'm so grateful I got to experience, especially with my son.

One last thing- When researching this hike, you might see articles calling it a "hidden gem". I'm of the thought that this is no longer the case as we passed, probably, 20-30 people on the way down, and arrived back at the trailhead just before noon to an already almost full lot. And this was on a Monday. All this to say, everyone can a should get outside and explore what amazing sights this state has to offer, it's just something to factor in when preparing your trip. If you like things a little more quiet on the trail, start early. Enjoy!

Great hike with the family. At fishhook lake, lots of fish to catch! Keep going up to Lake Elmo for another beautifully secluded lake.

The toad leading to the trailhead is very rough and narrow at times. Recommend 4 wheel drive.

15 days ago

Very pretty trail on mostly open meadows. Does seem like you are walking on an off toad trail

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