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Great trail for a mid week hike, lots of friendly and considerate fellow folks.

This is a favorite hike for after work, as it's close to town and is just the right length to finish before the sun goes down. Not too hard and never very busy. We had the treat of seeing some elk here last time we hiked.

My favorite after work hike.

The prints and fossils were cool, but the cyclists scream profanity at you and your kids for being on the wrong side of the trail, regardless of the fact that they too keep wandering over into the pedestrian lane AND there's a tour bus we're all trying to avoid. Nice place to bring the kids though, if you're into that kind of stuff. I've had a few issues with cyclists on the trails but these people were something else. Manners y'all.

1 month ago

Great hike close to Denver. The dinosaur history was great!

1 month ago

This was good trail for my 12 yr old Jack Russell. Enough to wear her out and challenge her. Once at top you can choose to go further. Not too many hikers, runners and bikers.

1 month ago

narrow and rocky trail, with heavy use by bikes and runners we always felt like we had to move off the trail to make way. started from stegasauras parking lot, didn't see any bones on that side of the hill but the view to red rocks is nice, if you can ignore I70 in sight.

Of course I’m from the flatlands of Michigan – so this trail seems great to me.

on Dinosaur Ridge

4 months ago

Easy trail. educational. Very popular.

6 months ago

I personally don’t like traffic noise while hiking or trail running, but this is historically fun and educational area! Be sure to stop in to the little museum for dinosaur Ridge:)

7 months ago

Love the Hogback trail. Great hike for kids and enough challenge to get your heart rate up. We did see a baby rattler on the trail, so please hike with awareness and watch your dog.

The initial route has lots of traffic noise from I – 70 but diminishes if you continue past the end of the Village Walk route. I walked until I met up with the Village Ride route (bikes only because the first portion of Village Walk does not have a good sight distance for bikers) then continued on the Red Rocks route for another mile. Met one Mt. biker and three hikers/joggers on the Village Walk/Red Rocks which was easy/moderate with some ups and downs and good footing. I was in Tevas, a backpack with 10 pounds in it, and a walking staff and didn't trip once.

No wildlife to speak of. Routes were surrounded by mostly grasses. No shade for at least 95% of my hike.

The summit was gorgeous! Very little shade but a few spots here and there to sit and break. Los of butterflies and saw a couple of young bucks along the way.

9 months ago

Was an easy and nice hike. The path needs a little cleaning up. There were a lot of bushes and cacti on the path. The path is a confusing too, there are few signs telling you were to go. It also was a very hot hike there is little shade, but has some good views of foothills.

Nice spot for a early evening hike w the pup. Narrow in spots, but relatively accommodating to passers by.

Fab for some photos to the south.

9 months ago

Hiking right after a rain with my pup...was beautiful.

10 months ago

this is the trail you have to take to start the Red rocks or Morrison slide trail. it used to be a mile loop but the other half is bike only which kinda stinks. This trail is cool because the old cemetery is visible but it gets vandalized a lot. please be respectful.

It is a great trail. I am a beginner in hiking, but I could finish the entire 7.1 miles route shown on the map in 3 hours - and it was fun, too. The majority of the trail is wide enough so that two people can pass each other easily. Morrison Slide side of the loop is much more demanding than the Red Rocks side of the loop, but you will see some great views along the way! Also, it seemed to me that only 20-30% of the trail was rocky - especially on the Morrison Slide trail.

Friday, May 12, 2017

West side: Close up views of beautiful red rock formations. Check out the Morrison Slide trail for some top side views all the way south along the hog back.

East side: Dakota Ridge gets your heart thumping as you climb from the parking lot - then views of Green Mountain to the east and Red Rocks to the west.

The down side of Morrison side was great fun test of timing loved it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easy quick outing. Nice on a cool day.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Great experience loved it.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Not difficult at all.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

scenic... has bathroom

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nice trail to get some exercise. Good views of the city and Red Rocks. Wide open trail most of the way, with lots of traffic around but everyone is super friendly and considerate.

Nice long stroll type of a hike for the dog and I. Easy terrain and very beautiful, especially towards the end of the journey.

no good views.... but a good hike none the less

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The trail itself was very nice. It was pretty and had a nice ambience. It was like a mini Mt Falcon or mini Mt Galbraith but even prettier. Just shorter.

The amount of mountain bikers was INSANE. I could not go 5 mins without having to stop to let some bikes barrel by. Some were nicer than others. Saw a runner get edged off the path at one point. Something really needs to be done about this. Maybe make the whole loop one way for hikers, runners, bikes, everyone. It was really annoying to having to watch in front and in back for bikes. At one point some were coming towards and from behind at the same time and had a little traffic jam while all I wanted was to make it back before the rain. I didn't encounter any off leash dogs, just a few leashed. I don't think I'll be returning here.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The trail itself is rather nice. The Morrison Slide leg has a rather steep climb initially. There are some very nice views from the top of the ridge. However, the trail is incredibly busy with bikers and dogs not on leash. The amount of traffic greatly detracts from the overall experience.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

awesome hike! the view from the ridge was phenomenal! Dakota ridge trail was pretty hard at times because of the incline and rocky trail. I did the whole hike in 2 hours 45 minutes with plenty of stops for picture taking.

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