Of course I’m from the flatlands of Michigan – so this trail seems great to me.

We picked this as a training hike for summer 14ers and were not disappointed. It has a "road less traveled" feel to it without a lot of hikers. It starts out with steep dirt (poles recommended on the way down), then some flatter sections in the middle, and then some fun easy class 3 scrambling near the top. Good views of Red Rocks to the east and Mt Evans to the west because you are on a ridge much of the time. Not much shade though. We met a guy coming down who said it was his 704th trip in 15 years. So that's a pretty good recommendation right there.

Close, steep, and very few switch backs. Got about 500' from the summit but didn't make it cause I brought my dog and I lifted him for the first set of rocks no problem but getting good footing for the second set of rocks where I'd need to lift him was a little sketchy and I'd imagine even worse on the way down

on Dinosaur Ridge

2 months ago

Easy trail. educational. Very popular.

Just having moved to Denver from Cali and my first hike...and I chose this one! It was much harder than I thought. So when they say difficult trail...yes! But I loved every min. Even with a couple of slips on the way down.

Fun, challenging trail. If you're not running, count on at least an hour to get to the top. and take a headlamp if heading up for sunset; even jogging, it was dark before I got down.

Steep, quick hike. Good for a workout when you don’t have too much time in your day for a long hike.

4 months ago

I personally don’t like traffic noise while hiking or trail running, but this is historically fun and educational area! Be sure to stop in to the little museum for dinosaur Ridge:)

This hike has it all. Intense elevation gain, awesome views, differing terrain. Fun scramble last 200 feet or so. Pretty busy though, get there early

Brought my puppy and we had a great time. She needed some help right near the top on the way up and back down, but I would bring her again. Loose rocks are a bit slippery and are very dangerous.

Definitely for experienced hikers no doubt. Lots of loose soil, and rocks which make it tricky on your way up, and down. Took my dog up with me, and she enjoyed it. Only big trouble was making my way down with her, make sure your dog is an experienced climber as well for this! You know your own dog. Whenever I need a short intense climb I will come here.

PS. Make sure you have good hiking shoes because once again tons of loose rocks and soil.

Great hike, it was very cold and windy near the top though and very challenging for dogs. There is a good portion near the summit that is straight up and rocky that I had to literally hoist my dog up (luckily she’s only 40lbs) and then had to lower her down by her harness on the way down. Would still definitely recommend for if you’re going without dogs or if your dog is larger and/or a very experienced climber. Also wear hiking boots/ all terrain shoes if you have them because the loose rocks on the trail can be slippery.

Great half day hike. There was nice mix of terrain including a bit of scrambling at the top which kept things interesting. Was hiking with three teenagers and we made it up in less than 2 hours and down in less than one. Highly recommend this if you are pressed for time. The bonus was the chance to check out the Red Rocks Amphitheater before heading up the trail.

5 months ago

Love the Hogback trail. Great hike for kids and enough challenge to get your heart rate up. We did see a baby rattler on the trail, so please hike with awareness and watch your dog.

Did this hike pretty early in the morning. Definitely is difficult on the way up but a great hike nonetheless and not crowded at all. If I did it again would do it at sunrise! Great workout so close to denver!

I'd do this hike again in cooler temperatures. Little to no shade on the way up. However, the view at the top is well worth sweating it out for a while. On the way down it was hard to trust my footing as the loose rocks provided some insecurity. Came across a rattle snake in the brush right on the trail. Wouldn't have seen him if it weren't for the warning of his rattle. Came about 12" from stepping on him. Saw several people hiking this trail with headphones... don't recommend that since it's a place for rattlesnakes. If you choose this trail be aware of your surroundings and wear hiking boots.

Although it was really foggy, it was a beautiful, sometimes challenging hike and was actually maybe better than doing it in 80 degree sun! I'll wear my knee braces, however, next time.

whoa, steep. but beautiful throufhtout the entire hike.

Great demanding hike, superb view at the top and at various points on the way up. Excellent wildflowers in places. The track is easy to spot. Steep for the first 1/4, then flattens out for the middle portion, and quite steep -- scrambling with three points on the rock -- for the last little bit after the rockslide. Only reason for docking one star is that there is very little shade and it was super hot -- our fault for starting late but would be a problem if it had been any hotter. Also AllTrails directions to the trailhead didn't load properly on Google which misdirected us -- the real trailhead is at Entrance 4 to Red Rocks, where there is parking for about 8 cars only.

It was a challenging hike, it took me about 4 hours to get to the radio towers and back down. The trail is not clearly marked near the top, so be careful.

The summit was gorgeous! Very little shade but a few spots here and there to sit and break. Los of butterflies and saw a couple of young bucks along the way.

6 months ago

Was an easy and nice hike. The path needs a little cleaning up. There were a lot of bushes and cacti on the path. The path is a confusing too, there are few signs telling you were to go. It also was a very hot hike there is little shade, but has some good views of foothills.

I'd say this was as hard as Manitou Incline but longer and much rough trail. No shades for a while. Breathtaking view but bug spray and hat are must items to take with you. This entrance is bit tricky, park at Red Rocks park entrance 4 where the gate is closed. Pass the gate and the trail starts on your left side. Easy to miss though!

Nice spot for a early evening hike w the pup. Narrow in spots, but relatively accommodating to passers by.

Fab for some photos to the south.

7 months ago

Hiking right after a rain with my pup...was beautiful.

Awesome hike, and not too crowded!

The first third of the hike is just a straight attack right up to the first ridge, then it levels out for the second third, and the final third gets steep again and has a little light scrambling. Never more difficult than Class 2, and only gets that difficult for short 10-20 foot stretches.

Did this on a cloudy day, but I imagine the views from the top are amazing.

One of my favorite local hikes thus far. Going to have to add it to the regular 14er training rotation.

Super fun trail. Quite steep at the bottom and top. Would recommend bringing poles if you have them!

Personally first hill is my favorite part of the trail.

Good trail. Steep challenge and scrambling near the top. Trekking poles wise for downhill return. Watch for rattlesnakes. Not an easy hike but experienced hikers will enjoy. Recommended.

Fun hike. Dog couldn't make it up the last ridge though, a little bit of scrambling to the top.

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