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Would have rated as easy except for the stretch from NCAR road to to parking lot. Parts were muddy but I enjoyed the number of options for add-ons

Muddy and hilly trail, very pretty trail!

Lots of people on a Sunday afternoon, but that was expected. The trail was muddy in a couple spots but not bad. Great views. I'd like to come back (if possible) and see the sunrise. The trail was a little uneven from people in the mud. Good stretches of hills then easy meandering areas. If you go clockwise from the Center then back around to the parking lot, 3.7 miles and the last stretch is a little bit of an incline, especially the first hike of the year.

Hiked on 1/13, after it snowed a day earlier. Most parts of the trail were snow-packed but not too slippery or icy. The back areas looked like a winter wonderland. Parts in the sun where the snow had melted were extremely muddy. Overall, a beautiful, easy-ish hike for a sunny winter day, we saw some other groups with dogs on the trail but it wasn’t crowded by any means.

Very strange trail. Parts of the loop you are in people's backyards other parts you're in the woods. Some of it isnt well marked while most of it is. I would definitely do the trail again but would suggest branching off the loop to mesa trail or skunk canyon instead. Definitely want to come back for those.

Skunk canyon is always beautiful

Beautiful trail. Giving it a 3 only because it dumps you out at the bottom of the hill on Table MESA by the NCAR sign and you have to walk the street all the way back up which was a disappointment.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. This was the first trail I did as a warm up

The last bit back up to the parking lot will really make you work for it!

Skunk canyon is a beautiful little spot in the foothills with green vegetation and striking flatirons in the background and of course NCAR is so cool!

Large black and white Great Dane no collar on trail now near water tank walking back to parking lot 4043143763

Great loop! Get there early to park on the street

Beautiful trail, but watch out for rattle snakes! We had to turn around halfway through because there was one in the middle of the trail that wouldn't move (it was sunning)- other than that it was great!

Great loop, easy run!

Lots of kids. Crowded.

Great hike! Did the full loop and will for sure be back again. I recommend it to anyone just beginning hiking. It's a great easy trail with beautiful views and wonderful photo ops!

A good hike if you're looking for an easy trail with little incline. Took less than two hours and had a variety of views throughout. Dog friendly (on leash).

Took less than 2 hours. Nice views. Well marked but lots of trails, a map/app was a good call.

easy and comfortable trail

Really enjoyed the trail, especially the first half. Did the full loop and gps registered closer to 4 miles. Also the last piece was a bit steeper than expected.

Trails were well- maintained and traffic was light. Beautiful sunrise views.

One of my very favorites. Make sure to take pictures of the trail maps as there are a few loops

Made a 7.5 mile loop starting at the homestead trail. Was an easy to slightly moderate hike. Much preferred the scenery/landscape on the homestead & shadow canyon side of the loop to this side.

My knees would definitely rate this as a moderately-easy hike! Some steep elevation changes but really nice views. As a newcomer to the region, I also found the weather guides near the trailhead to be interesting and informative. Saw a handful of deer, chipmunks, and a rattlesnake!

Beautiful trail but with multiple paths to take, I could see where it's easy to get lost. Pretty steep in some parts. Took about 1.5hrs to go around with a toddler on my back.

I am dead and I am writing this review from beyond the grave. The NCAR has numerous intersecting trails that turn into each other and branch out from each other. There were no maps to take with you at the beginning. There were many parts of the trail that came to a fork and had zero signage so I don't even know what trail I actually ended up on. We started on a steep incline, followed by a heartwarming invitation to Emily for homecoming written in graffiti on a large green water tank, then awkwardly walked directly behind some people's backyards, and finally passed away (RIP) whilst walking up what I can only assume was a 90 degree incline. We were under power lines the entire time, we enjoyed the sounds of airplanes overhead, many areas of the trail were very slim and had tall grass and thorny plants scratching our legs as we walked though, part of the trail had us walking through and ducking under big bushes, and we were in direct sunlight nearly the entire time. One star because the mountains were admittedly beautiful, and one star for the hard, perky butt I assume I'll wake up with tomorrow morning.

This is a great late afternoon/early evening hike. It's an easy hike with well regulated trails. It's mostly open to the elements with occasional tree cover.

Great hike. Love it here.

I love this trail, even tho it was my first time to this one I enjoyed it!

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