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We are two first time backpackers from Wisconsin. We planned to do the hike in four days but completed it in 3 days. Definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever done! There are lots of water options, the false summit had an extra hump that surprised us, and there was a small section that still had snow which was challenging but do able (near snowmass lake). We would definitely recommend this hike!

Amazing hike! Completed this on 6/22, no worries about snow patches. Willow pass from maroon lake is a bit tricky, but well worth it!

1 day ago

Description of this trail is misleading. It sounds like an average hike, but the map is a summit to Maroon Peak (South) where you could traverse to North Maroon Peak. Both peaks are 14ers and require previous mountaineering experience and a helmet. We hiked on 6/20/18 and the views of the valley and peaks are breathtaking. We turned around after 4.2 ml realizing we couldn’t safely cross a big patch of snow. We were pretty exhausted at that point, bc we didn’t have previous experience climbing 83% grade hills at 12000ft elevation. Also we lost the trail at the split with West Maroon trail which added more length to our hike, so be aware to stay to the right, if you are too close to the creek, you’ve gone too far. On a Wednesday we hardly saw 3 people after we pass Crater Lake It was beautiful and challenging experience and we would like to go back after being more prepared.

2 days ago

I hiked this with my six year old nephew on June 9, 2018. We took the shuttle, which was nice on the way up. On the way back, we had to wait, and it was hot with not much shade. However, the hike was amazing and totally worth it. We hiked about a half mile past Crater Lake, which was incredible because of waterfalls that could not been seen from Crater Lake. The trail itself was very rocky and a bit difficult, but totally worth it.

Great hike! very challenging for our group of scouts, being from Arkansas! But completed the hike in 3 days. The beauty is stunning definitely a bucket list hike.

Great Trail for taking the kids. Beautiful scenery!

4 days ago

I did this gorgeous trail solo last weekend and it did not disappoint. Maroon Lake was crowded with a wedding/tourists but once I headed up the trail I had it (mostly) to myself. It’s narrow and rocky in most parts. There’s a good amount of shade which kept the temperature just right for a tank and shorts. My little dog even hiked most of it too! Definitely a trail we’d recommend. Pack water, an extra cell phone charger to ensure great pics and a wind breaker! The open air sections get breezy up at the top and it can be chilly.

6 days ago

Great hike! Pretty easy but bring a snack and water. Boots not totally necessary, but I’d wear some next time we do it... I wore running shoes (unplanned hike) and they did fine but it does get rocky at some points so the extra stability would have been nice. We clocked the hike in at 2.7 miles from maroon lake and we went past the lake so not sure where the miles were pulled from on here. Could have been our app too.

A bit rocky, but so amazing. So pretty. Anything about this trail is worthwhile, and totally awesome. Bridges covering mini waterfalls at every turn and a huge lake at the beginning and end. Recommend for everyone.

Picturesque views. Technically it is an easy hike, but only if you are in a good shape and used to high elevation.

Absolutely breathtaking

18 days ago

Great hike! Last half mile had a lot of rocks that were difficult at times, but it was manageable.

19 days ago

Great hike with amazing views. One of the best hikes I've ever done in Colorado. I highly recommend it but arrive early! The shuttle to and from the visitor center gets busy later on in the morning/early afternoon. We arrived at the visitor center around 8am and it was fairly empty. The trail was a bit challenging in some spots due to big rocks. There is a lot of shade from the sun and the reward of arriving at the lake at the end of the hike is totally worth it.

A great hike to take out of town visitors on. Just challenging enough with wonderful views.

21 days ago

There’s a review shortly down on the list by Amanda Sobkwicz that is just a flat out lie. No one has slipped and died on this hike. Why someone would make that up is beyond me and must have some serious issues they need to work out. It’s a great hike and one of the easier ones in the area. Enjoy it and don’t worry.

22 days ago

Went on Tuesday. Highly trafficked trail for sure. AMAZING views though!! Worth the extra hike to Crater lake!!

Really beautiful trail! Pretty flat and gorgeous scenery- aspen trees, deer, river, maroon Bells!!

Couldn’t have asked for a better day! Perfect weather conditions and not too crowded

I love how you can see so much on this trail: aspen forests, rock slides, three lakes (2 from a distance), and lots of wildlife. But, I think it’s the same beauty from Maroon Lake.

One of my favorite places I’ve ever hiked. It’s difficult, but worth the views.

1 month ago

Amazing views, easy trail. If you want to get cool pictures of the bells reflecting on the lake you need to be there quite early in the morning before the breeze starts.

Fantastic vista views on this hike. There is still snow on upper half of the trail. Good shoes are helpful. Bring your trek poles if you have them.

on Crater Lake Trail

1 month ago

Great hike. A bit icy in places above 10k fasl, but with sensible hiking shoes quite manageable.

Still a lot of snow after Crater Lake. It'd be decent with snowshoes, postholed without. Hard to find trail at times but manageable. Beautiful trail and amazing views.

Road is not open 6 miles from the trail :( snowmobile renting was close to $200/pp. We went back into town to rent mountain bikes from UTE City Cycles who were super great, $75/half day. Unfortunately the snow was in such powder/slush conditions even their snow mountain bikes couldn’t make traction. We ended up biking up 2mi, walking/attempting bike for another 2mi, before realizing we should’ve brought more water and food. Luckily slush was good enough downhill to ride about 3 of the 4 miles back. Even the cross country skiers were unimpressed with the snow conditions! Hope this helps someone!!!

They never warned me that I couldn’t drive to the beginning of the hike . We walked 4 miles on the road and until turning around after a nice guy on his snowmobile told us we wouldn’t even be able to see it today because of the clouds. Bummer, it looks beautiful.

One of my favorite hikes ❤️❤️

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