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22 hours ago

Amazing views, easy trail. If you want to get cool pictures of the bells reflecting on the lake you need to be there quite early in the morning before the breeze starts.

Fantastic vista views on this hike. There is still snow on upper half of the trail. Good shoes are helpful. Bring your trek poles if you have them.

on Crater Lake Trail

6 days ago

Great hike. A bit icy in places above 10k fasl, but with sensible hiking shoes quite manageable.

One of my favorite hikes ❤️❤️

3 months ago

I walk every day with my dog around local parks at home in Ohio. This was what I would call my first true hiking experience. It was a little difficult maneuvering through the rocks, and my family and I had only brought tennis shoes. However the difficulty was all worth it! Every step of the way you could turn in any direction and the views would take your breath away! There was one scary area with a very steep drop off of all rocks, I just tried to keep my eyes on the other side. The pay off at the end was a gorgeous peaceful lake. We went on a cool, foggy morning, but I honestly can’t imagine it being any more beautiful than it was. Be sure and go early so you can drive and park your car right at the park, and take some stunning pictures of Maroon Bells Lake and mountains before you begin.

10/10. Loved every step of this trail. I suggest counter clockwise. The climb up trail raider from clockwise direction looked miserable. Glad I was going down!

worth seeing and hiking up past the bells! (Did in August 2017)

Second time on this loop in September with friends. Campsites were crowded around Snowmass Lake. Pics from the trip: https://www.flickr.com/photos/geoffreydgraham/albums/72157688773204146

First backpacking trip this past September and fell in love! Elevation was no joke but a little bit of training beforehand and you’ll be alright. Views are amazing!

This trail was difficult because of all the rocks and it gets very slippery. A man in a group ahead of us slipped and fell and lost his life so I can't urge you enough to use caution on this trail as it is dangerous and doesn't take much to get hurt. It does get extremely crowded so start out before 8am if you can. Once you reach the lake it is very peaceful and beautiful. Just hiked yesterday but the lake was very low.

Road closed not due to snow. It is blocked with pile of dirt.

5 months ago

At the peak, you get a clear view of the Maroon Bells, along with a panoramic view of 14ers and 13ers. Probably my favorite hike so far!

Spikes were helpful second half of the trail. Had the lake to ourself early on a Saturday morning. Beautiful views!

My girlfriend and I completed this trail in 4 days in early July, 2017. It was her first backpacking experience. Much of the trail was still covered with snow pack, we used crampons on a couple traverses and used ice axes to glissade down from two of the passes. We were hoping to summit Snowmass Mountain, but decided it was too much for a first time backpacker. The only bugs we encountered were immediately surrounding Snowmass lake. We saw no traces of bear. There were not many people on the trail when we were there, probably due to the amount of snow pack. Water was abundant and we never carried more than 2 quarts each. A few of the creeks were tough to cross without getting our feet wet, so I would recommend bringing sandals for the trip. The trip could easily be done in 3 full days, but add a fourth if you make a Snowmass Mountain summit attempt.

Most epic backpacking trip I have ever done. Simply outstanding!

6 months ago

Did this hike two days ago and about half a mile in it was muddy, icy and snow packed. We brought micro-spikes just in case, and they were a HUGE help. Literally within five-ten minutes of getting to the portion of the trail with ice we saw three people take spills and what looked like one kid injured coming back down. Don't do this trail with the expectation of just being able to wear casual shoes this time of year.

Other than that, trail was absolutely gorgeous with snow still on some trees and surrounding the trail. One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done. And of course Maroon Bells. Not sure how the trail would be now with the recent storm blowing through. I'm sure just as beautiful.

Enjoy yourself.

6 months ago

Good hike, a bit crowded. At the beginning all muddy but then snow covered, good view. Very easy fun hike.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike but pretty crowded when we went . People on the trail everywhere . Trail was icy at some points . Lots of rocks . Not too steep though as many options for trails depending on how far you want to hike . Dog friendly !

Best hike of my life so far! Stunning. Very difficult. Very worth It!
We did it in 4 days and 3 nights.
We took too much food. There were plenty of spots to fill up water so I started carrying no more than 1.5 to 2 liters of water any given time.

We only walked from the parking area to the lake- primarily walking along lake only. It was seriously cold and windy, we weren't really dressed properly. We went on the afternoon of October 9th, 2017, the same day the area received a 4 inch + snow fall. OMG it was gorgeous- everything covered in snow- seriously a winter wonderland!
This area is nice because it's good for everyone- even those who can't walk very far, or for children. Everyone can get to see these beautiful sites!

7 months ago

Awesome hike, did this one back in August when it was a bit warmer, but overall nice hike. If you want to see a awesome video of Aspen and Crater Lake trail check out my video I did for it.

7 months ago

We did this trail on a 30-35 degree day in October when it was very cloudy and snowing. It wasn't crowded at all. The Aspen trees were gorgeous the whole hike. The views on the hike are beautiful the whole way. Crater Lake and the surrounding peaks were worth it. Fall has to be the best time to go... snow mixed with fall colors...

There is no hike involved to see the iconic views of the Maroon Bells from Maroon Lake, but if you want to get in a "real" hike in the area, this is it! The trail gets very rocky about halfway through and was somewhat muddy in spots when we visited on 10/8/2017. Fall foliage was past peak colors and the closer you get to Crater Lake, the more the leaves are completely gone. Trail is moderately difficult, and that's coming from someone who lives in Denver and is physically active. Lots of kids and people on trail. In my opinion, this trail was not worth it due to all the people on this narrow trail and the views at Maroon Lake are relatively better.

7 months ago

Gorgeous around Maroon Bells

great trail, the leaves were in their last bit of glory and most near crater lake were gone or turning fast.

Loved this hike. I'm coming back with more friends.

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