8 days ago

I park at the Incline Parking ( 10 Old Man’s Trail) in Manitou and walked to the trail head on Ruxton. There are other options, such as more of a loop walk, first picking up the Paul Intemann trail on Pawnee Ave (where library is) from the east and then returning via Ruxton. When you reach Ruxton, you might want to check out the mineral springs there (near where the trail starts on Ruxton). I like to walk from Ruxton back to my car to grab a coffee or treat in Manitou Springs (the town has many great tea/coffee shops and restaurants). The hike up Red Mountain has some steeper sections with loose scree (so recommend poles) as you near the top but the walk is beautiful. Views are awesome from the summit where you can see the Incline and Pikes Peak looking west. Recommend care on/near the summit as there is loose scree and I personally wouldn't want to go "sledding" down that mountain as Emma Crawford did!