Great switch backs up. Amazing views. Bring water and snacks just in case.

For all my fellow Denverites who might be tired of running on rock this park is well worth the drive up the hill for some great trail running. Bergen Peak or Too Long trails are both great elevation climbs, definitely recommend the extra mile to the top. Beautiful park with shade highly recommend!

I followed the Noble Meadows trail to the Painter's Pause and walked up to the Sleepy S trailhead then back. It was beautiful. The only drawback was the busy road next to the trail but it was easy enough to tune out. I should have brought more water with me, it was hot! I think it was six miles or so round trip on the paths I took. Lovely wild flowers and hummingbirds! Watch out for mountain bikers! Most of them are polite enough to warn you when they are coming up behind.

Really good workout with an incline. Mediocre views compared to some of the other hikes in Colorado

Good uphill with great views.

Definitely a challenge if you do the whole loop & the peak trail. Beautiful views, one of my favorite hikes so far this summer. Took 4 hours roundtrip.

Enjoyed the hike!! Going back to get to Bergen Trail tomorrow! Be prepaid for an all day hike, ours was cut short!

8 months ago

Nice hike, moderate incline and nice views for the effort. Definitely worth taking the slight detour to the summit as you get great views of some high peaks to the west!

Great hike. Went counterclockwise and took the inside loop back. Good decisions. Summit view is worth it. Steady incline up, then a long gentle decline. Moderate-to-hard

Did the loop hike. This was my friends first ever hike. He did really well on it. The summit hike was very good. Well worth the hike. Great photos from the top but also along the way.

A pretty relaxed loop, with an optional peak hike that you should definitely take the extra effort to summit. It has very nice views. The traffic gets on the heavy side around noon, so be prepared to meet lots of bikers, hikers and runners on the trail. It is also a little close to the road in the meadow section of the loop, but it wasn't a big drawback.

Great mountain views. Especially at the peak.

DEFINITELY GET HERE EARLY! We arrived around 6:30 with about 5 cars in the lot. When we left, it was full. Beware of rude mountain bikers who whiz past without announcing themselves. Beyond that, however, this was a very pleasant and long hike.

With a number of great views, if you make it all the way to the uppermost point of the loop, you might as well hike on up the Bergen Peak trail itself. It's not that much further! At this point, there wasn't much snow (just some patches here and there), and not much mud.

A lot of dog owners with off leash dogs, and even more little plastic baggies of dog poop around the lower trails as well.

Great hike....just wish there were a stream or some water

Great hike! We went up to the peak and then down and around on Meadow View trail. Some ice and snow, lots of mud, and plenty of great views! Enjoy :D

I took The half circle route, up to the peak and then down and crossed over the stream back to the starting stretch of the loop

Real nice hike, a lot of shade from the trailhead to the peak from the trees, view from the peak is great whether you're looking east over Evergreen and Denver and looking west provides a great view of Mt Evans. On the way down it was a bit more open as there weren't as many trees, now you can continue going and do the huge loop or you can take a right hand turn down a trail that cuts the loop in half (reference map at trailhead) this trail will take you over the stream which wasn't running at the time (I went in early March) but I'm sure it's a nice sight

Again great hike, sorry I can only provide half a review. I did not do the full loop

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A nice hike in tennis shoes/hiking shoes even, some scenic views, off leash dog park right across the street.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Next time, I plan to go counter-clockwise on the trail and treat it as an out and back at the peak. Best views of mountain ranges were on that side even though it was windy.

I thought this trail was more of a moderate rating, incline after 2.5 miles got more difficult, after 5th mile it wasn't that bad, beautiful views, shade, trails are marked very well.

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