A nice hike in tennis shoes/hiking shoes even, some scenic views, off leash dog park right across the street.

I thought this trail was more of a moderate rating, incline after 2.5 miles got more difficult, after 5th mile it wasn't that bad, beautiful views, shade, trails are marked very well.

Very nice trail, great view at the summit too!

Beautiful hike. Disagree with the hard rating. Wife and I did it with our 2yo. Most of the hike is in the shade and great views at various spots.

very nice trail, but tough. you guys on the bikes, great job, lady running past us, you're amazing! Lots of fun, and got to have lunch at the peak. Great day

Pretty trail. Saw a pretty good amount of wildlife- a couple deer, a hummingbird and some crazy squirrels. Decent amount of mountain bikers but not terribly packed on a Saturday afternoon/evening. Pretty wildflowers too.

If I had to do it over again, I'd have hiked the trail counter clockwise to make sure I hit the more exposed portion earlier in the morning. This hike is great though and has it all- wild flowers, deer, lizards, views, and trees. The top of Bergen Peak was worth the hike. The hike was perfect for me in terms of difficulty. I did the hike in 4 hours, not including stopping on top of the peak.

gradual incline the entire way up which can be a toll on the legs if you are not used to hiking. a very long trail but worth reaching the top!

Nice views, no traffic for a Saturday afternoon/evening.