As in-city trails go, this is one of my favorties. You can really get a nature-y vibe. The creek is really sweet. I especially like the segment from S. Public road to the dog park

A great little trail to bike on with the kids. Finish it up with a stop at Lucky Pie.

Nice trail for a walk. Be careful if it rains the creek will flood trail in spots. Lots of shade unless you cross 120th in Lafayette and head towards Erie then it's very open and hot. Lots of different ways to connect. Nice morning walk.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nice trail system to go for a walk. Wouldn't be considered hiking as there are no appreciable elevation gains. Was nice to cross off my to do list but probably won't return.

mountain biking
Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Recommended for biking. A mountain bike or hybrid will do fine - road bike probably okay too. Can extend the ride past Lafayette into Erie, or connect with the 36 bikeway easily. There's a small museum at the start in Superior, which is nice to glance at. Lots of other trails connect at the Superior entrance: Meadowlark, Mayhoffer, etc.

Lots of standing water = lots of mosquitos

Nice little walk

Not very pretty & bridges were under construction

Good for a quick trail

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