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4 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. We did it in two days, but it could easily be stretched to three. The views were fantastic, especially once you get into the alpine parts of the hike. There's a stream that can serves as a water source that stays close to the trail for the first six miles or so. A lot of the last stretch up the mountain is exposed, so expect it to be bright and windy.

Nice drive-in to this hike - managed the drive fairly easily without 4-wheel drive, though I imagine it would be necessary in the colder months when the road is in worse shape. The hike itself was beautiful with multiple river crossings. The All-trails rating is “hard” but this was an easy-to-moderate hike for most experienced hikers. The trail continues past the all trails map for at least another 2-3 miles where it gets quite a bit steeper and may cross into the moderate/hard range. Could not follow the trail to the end because it started to get fairly icy with packed down snow near the top. Follow the all trails route for an easier, albeit slightly lengthy, and picturesque hike. Continue on for a more challenging and steeper grade and some more nice views.

Fantastic, easy trail! We only passed a few water trails but the viewpoint a few miles in is beautiful.

This place is beautiful! Ideal forest hike w/several small streams to cross. we went well further than we were to, and things only get more beautiful the farther you go. Trail is in really great shape. Some snowy patches up high, but again - we figured out we'd gone too far. About 10mi - this place just got away from us.

19 days ago

Great hike, plenty of camping spots, we will definitely be back.

on Goose Creek Trail

20 days ago

Would rate this more on the easier side. Good hike though. Almost all the elevation gain in on the way back to the trailhead. Clocked my miles at more like 8.5 round trip.

bit cold this morning. here to video sunrise. awesome!

3 months ago

Great trail - starts out in the burn scar but after about 1/2 mile goes into beautiful, lush forest. Light snow on the majority of the trail on 1/28/18 but easy to follow due to previous hikers footprints (might be more difficult after a fresh snowfall). If you go all the way to the historic buildings the RT mileage is actually 9.7 miles not 7.7.

4 months ago

12/30 really nice hike. It was 60 degrees and sunny. Beautiful views, fun driving there, and not too difficult. Highly recommend.

If you keep going a little bit past the end point, you’ll run into some really cool old buildings.

Just a forest walk. The trail just keeps going up. No variety and easy to get lost at switchbacks as the trail is not well marked at all.

off road driving
6 months ago

this is a great place and i go here a lot in the winter. i call it camp nosno because its some anomaly that its never snowy there. my theory is the constant 20-60mph winds just blow it off the mountain before it hits the ground haha! still worth camping because you can shoot, hike, everything there. the places that are OK to shoot are facing hills or berms and it's very safe in case you hear gun shots hiking. this is in the heart of the hayman burn area so you can see forever, including hazards while shooting. goose creek turns into matukat and will take you all the way to hwy24 near terryall. its awesome all the way and very easy going which is what i'd rate this trail. the hiking is definitely moderate difficulty with and endless amount of rocks and hills to explore with cliffs everywhere. the grass is one of the weirdest colors i've ever seen and without the trees to block it and the moss covered rocks- it's one of the coolest places at sunset. if you'd like to see the run all the way to hwy24 i have a video up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

7 months ago

I only did the first 5 miles up passed Wigwam park and through the aspens groves but it was beautiful. My kind of hike... a lovely walk in the woods, following a creek with beautiful valley views. Nice break from the rocky peaks of 13/14ers.

Such a beautiful hike!!

8 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful. Great place to go backpacking and get away. My friends and I usually come out here and camp a couple days just to decompress. Highly recommendreccomend

Started at noon on Friday. Sunny and warm. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and hummingbirds zipping around. Easy hiking, wide trail. There were a couple of great spots to take in the views and take pictures. We stopped at 2 to wait out some rain and eat lunch. After an hour, the rain wasn't stopping so we resumed our hike. At about mile 3 - 3.5 (which we figured out later was the end of the rolling creek trail according to the map) hiking became more difficult. The grade increased drastically, lots of rock steps and stream crossings (we counted 7-8 total). Some of the crossings were logs and some were rock hopping. The rain made everything pretty slick, our progress slowed significantly. The rain and mist gave everything a primordial feel. Lots of moss, lichens, ferns, mushrooms, flowers, and a couple underground streams. We made camp at 10,300' right before 6pm. Found a great spot near the top of the ridge. With lots of moss covered boulders and trees. The rain continued on and off during the night. Our hike out took about 1/2 the time (approx 3+ hours) in the rain. Definitely an awesome overnight backpacking trip. Ours was 10 miles round trip. Rain gear is a must and hiking poles would have been a good idea.

beautiful, magestic hike. starts off fairly easy and the higher you go, the more difficult the climb. Lots of large beautiful boulders and stones near the river.

trail follows closely to river and is well marked and maintained.

definitely recommend it!

9 months ago

Beautiful views, somewhat challenging hike. Hiked in early and set up camp near some old mining cabins. Spent the day exploring trails all around the area. Tons to explore!

9 months ago

Nice area to do some hiking/backpacking. Plenty of camping spots, some near the creek. Found secluded spots near the creek which you can find using my recorded track endpoint.

10 months ago

Packed in about 2 hours to find some more secluded campsites - totally worth it. We found a great site hidden between some tall boulders right near the creek, just past the mining shelters and "rock slide." The next day we hiked in the other direction from the shelters, toward the mining equipment, and ended up wishing we had gone that way to camp. There are incredible views with campsites, especially if you're willing to do some bouldering. This was my first backpacking trip and it was unforgettable. Slightly difficult for me even though I'm in decent shape - we adjusted my pack on the way out and it made a huge difference. Will definitely be back.

10 months ago

Very pretty but--So. Many. Gun hobbyists. We passed more than one person on the trail who adhered to extreme open carry. We heard gunshots often. Given the fire risk, and the winding trails, it was really disconcerting.

We'll probably hike this trail again. I interviewed the family and the consensus was a "4" rating because the kids didn't 'want' to hike and my husband requested facilities at/near the trailhead.
It was beautiful and serene, mostly rolling hills until we reached the boulders. Not trusting my dog to stay with us (terriers!) he was pulling us up and we slowed him down.
Very nice to have a lightly trafficked trail. Quiet except for the echo of gunshots from the nearby shooting range for the first mile or so.

10 months ago

hard hills but amazing views. worth the effort entirely

had a great time with all my friends but pretty heavy traffic

Rolling Creek Trail is a forest hike. Not very crowded on a Sunday (good thing). Close to Denver. Turn left off of Highway 285 (Hampden) when you see the Rustic Tavern Restaurant. Then go about 7.8 miles to trailhead. NO RESTROOMS AT TRAILHEAD. SUMMARY: Two stream crossings and great mountain vistas after about one mile.

First 2 miles are nice then it is a all uphill grind. Saw a big bear 200 lb+ bear at the very top. No views, just a great stairclimber got 2995' vertical on this one.

10 months ago

Hiked June 19-20. Bunch of cool campsite off the trail during the first couple miles. The real beauty of this hike isn't until 6+ miles in. We chose to go down to refrigerator gulch and McCurdy trail. Tons of different trails and multiple loops so you can make it as long as you want. I would suggest doing more than just the goose creak trail if your going over night

11 months ago

(6/9/17-6/10/17) Two friends and I went up 4 miles with gear to camp on night 1 and then day hiked to refrigerator gulch and back to the car on day 2. Very warm at night and super hot during the day. It felt good in the shade. Plenty of water in the main Goose Creek. We went up Goose Creek to Refrigerator Gulch and the small streams coming down to Goose Creek from the east are not flowing very strongly. Rely on Goose Creek for water. If you have a warm weather sleeping bag, bring it. I slept on top of my down bag for most of the night.
Once you get on 211 (dirt road) from 126, it's a long and slow drive. It took us 40 minutes to hit the trailhead along the dirt road 211.
There are plenty of camping spots along the trail, most of which will probably be taken on the weekend.
The trailhead was very full on Saturday morning and many people parked along the road.

11 months ago

I took my GF here last season for her first hike in CO. Fun hike, plenty of great spots to set up camp.

Great trail and scenery through out. There was a decent number of people, but never in the same spot to feel congested. Do not let the 7.1 round trip fool you. From the trailhead to WigWam trail intersect is 6.4 miles. The first part of Rolling creek is easy to moderate, with a majority of it going down into the drainage. Once you start going up the other side of the drainage be prepared for a long hard push. There are no solid campsites until you get to the saddle. I would estimate from the trailhead to the saddle is 5miles. Great hike the 7.1 miles total rip is misleading. Enjoy!

First backpacking overnight trip with my daughter. Camped south of rolling creek after the crossing. Was a great hike. Plenty of water to refill with, so would carry a little less from the start next time. Would like to make it up to the meadows next time.

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