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2 days ago

Took some Boy Scouts up to do their 20-mile hike for their hiking merit badge. It was a great hike with quite a bit of elevation gain (3,000ft). We stayed on Goose Creek the entire 10 miles in. Beautiful views when it wasn't foggy and raining on us, but still beautiful none-the-less. If I were to do this again I would have backpacked in and camped along the trail. There are some amazing camping spots about 1 mile in from the trailhead.

Not sure how to rate this trail because of the different segments. We did it 5/12-13/2018. Very minimal snow on trail. It is a difficult loop. If the elevation changes were better detailed, one would be better mentally prepared for the trip. Incredible scenery is all over this hike. Great and reliable water supply is available through almost all of the trip. This would be a great three day loop, especially if you are going clockwise on this loop.

We tried to enter the loop at the Lost Park trailhead; however, the gate at the Long Gulch trailhead (9 miles away) was closed. Instead of walking 9 miles down the road, we chose to enter at Ute Creek trailhead off of Tarryall Road. This makes the loop 9 miles longer. 4 1/2 miles up to Brookside-McCurdy. We did the loop counterclockwise and are thankful we did. From the Ute Creek trailhead, this hike is a steep and long climb to the Bison Peak saddle. We had two days to do the loop, so we were pushing to try and get to water along the Goose Greek Trail. We did not make it to water and had a dry camp. We barely made it to the intersection of Goose Creek and McCurdy Park Trail. (18+ miles). The map on AllTrails shows the total elevation loss, but not all of the up and down on the trail., especially on the McCurdy Park trail. (AMAZING ROCK FORMATIONS ALONG THIS PORTION OF THE TRAIL). You will work getting to Goose Creek intersection. If you were doing this loop in a clockwise direction, the Mc Curry Park trail will be incredibly difficult. It has significant climb.

The second day, although longer (21+) was much easier hiking. The meadows were beautiful. We were hoping to see more wildlife than we did, but the scenery was great. Lots of water and great campsites along the Wigwam trail. Hard to believe there are such large open spaces in the Rockies like this meadow (8 miles long). Turning south and heading back up the Brookside-McCurdy Trail was a nice gradual climb to the intersection with the Ute Creek trail. The long, steep downhill was really tough on the legs at the end is such a long day.

Scenically, this loop is worthy of five stars. I don’t think I will do this loop again, but only because there are too many other places to backpack.

7 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. We did it in two days, but it could easily be stretched to three. The views were fantastic, especially once you get into the alpine parts of the hike. There's a stream that can serves as a water source that stays close to the trail for the first six miles or so. A lot of the last stretch up the mountain is exposed, so expect it to be bright and windy.

Nice drive-in to this hike - managed the drive fairly easily without 4-wheel drive, though I imagine it would be necessary in the colder months when the road is in worse shape. The hike itself was beautiful with multiple river crossings. The All-trails rating is “hard” but this was an easy-to-moderate hike for most experienced hikers. The trail continues past the all trails map for at least another 2-3 miles where it gets quite a bit steeper and may cross into the moderate/hard range. Could not follow the trail to the end because it started to get fairly icy with packed down snow near the top. Follow the all trails route for an easier, albeit slightly lengthy, and picturesque hike. Continue on for a more challenging and steeper grade and some more nice views.

Fantastic, easy trail! We only passed a few water trails but the viewpoint a few miles in is beautiful.

This place is beautiful! Ideal forest hike w/several small streams to cross. we went well further than we were to, and things only get more beautiful the farther you go. Trail is in really great shape. Some snowy patches up high, but again - we figured out we'd gone too far. About 10mi - this place just got away from us.

21 days ago

Great hike, plenty of camping spots, we will definitely be back.

on Goose Creek Trail

22 days ago

Would rate this more on the easier side. Good hike though. Almost all the elevation gain in on the way back to the trailhead. Clocked my miles at more like 8.5 round trip.

This trail was an experience!! Our group backpacked through here for 3 days and loved it. It was the most challenging trail I've done personally but was easily the most rewarding. After each trial you seem to be rewarded with dream-like views. Highly recommended!

bit cold this morning. here to video sunrise. awesome!

3 months ago

Great trail - starts out in the burn scar but after about 1/2 mile goes into beautiful, lush forest. Light snow on the majority of the trail on 1/28/18 but easy to follow due to previous hikers footprints (might be more difficult after a fresh snowfall). If you go all the way to the historic buildings the RT mileage is actually 9.7 miles not 7.7.

4 months ago

12/30 really nice hike. It was 60 degrees and sunny. Beautiful views, fun driving there, and not too difficult. Highly recommend.

If you keep going a little bit past the end point, you’ll run into some really cool old buildings.

Just a forest walk. The trail just keeps going up. No variety and easy to get lost at switchbacks as the trail is not well marked at all.

off road driving
6 months ago

this is a great place and i go here a lot in the winter. i call it camp nosno because its some anomaly that its never snowy there. my theory is the constant 20-60mph winds just blow it off the mountain before it hits the ground haha! still worth camping because you can shoot, hike, everything there. the places that are OK to shoot are facing hills or berms and it's very safe in case you hear gun shots hiking. this is in the heart of the hayman burn area so you can see forever, including hazards while shooting. goose creek turns into matukat and will take you all the way to hwy24 near terryall. its awesome all the way and very easy going which is what i'd rate this trail. the hiking is definitely moderate difficulty with and endless amount of rocks and hills to explore with cliffs everywhere. the grass is one of the weirdest colors i've ever seen and without the trees to block it and the moss covered rocks- it's one of the coolest places at sunset. if you'd like to see the run all the way to hwy24 i have a video up at:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

Great backpacking route, I soloed it in 2 days, camped around mile 13 at the black rock spot and had the place all to myself. Refrigerator gulch is pretty and amazing in the fall, the rocks are huge and fun looking. Saw black bears and a hawk hunting, super windy but a great trek! Very minimum snow on trail, didn’t use microspikes at all

7 months ago

I only did the first 5 miles up passed Wigwam park and through the aspens groves but it was beautiful. My kind of hike... a lovely walk in the woods, following a creek with beautiful valley views. Nice break from the rocky peaks of 13/14ers.

Such a beautiful hike!!

8 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful. Great place to go backpacking and get away. My friends and I usually come out here and camp a couple days just to decompress. Highly recommendreccomend

Started at Goose Creek going counter clockwise. Bison Peak was breathtaking. We were lucky enough to see a moose along the hike.

Started at noon on Friday. Sunny and warm. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and hummingbirds zipping around. Easy hiking, wide trail. There were a couple of great spots to take in the views and take pictures. We stopped at 2 to wait out some rain and eat lunch. After an hour, the rain wasn't stopping so we resumed our hike. At about mile 3 - 3.5 (which we figured out later was the end of the rolling creek trail according to the map) hiking became more difficult. The grade increased drastically, lots of rock steps and stream crossings (we counted 7-8 total). Some of the crossings were logs and some were rock hopping. The rain made everything pretty slick, our progress slowed significantly. The rain and mist gave everything a primordial feel. Lots of moss, lichens, ferns, mushrooms, flowers, and a couple underground streams. We made camp at 10,300' right before 6pm. Found a great spot near the top of the ridge. With lots of moss covered boulders and trees. The rain continued on and off during the night. Our hike out took about 1/2 the time (approx 3+ hours) in the rain. Definitely an awesome overnight backpacking trip. Ours was 10 miles round trip. Rain gear is a must and hiking poles would have been a good idea.

beautiful, magestic hike. starts off fairly easy and the higher you go, the more difficult the climb. Lots of large beautiful boulders and stones near the river.

trail follows closely to river and is well marked and maintained.

definitely recommend it!

9 months ago

Beautiful views, somewhat challenging hike. Hiked in early and set up camp near some old mining cabins. Spent the day exploring trails all around the area. Tons to explore!

9 months ago

Loved this loop. My wife and I got in late Friday and hiked a few miles along the Wigwam. The next day we woke up to some light rain that persisted most of the day so we didn't get the miles in that we had hoped and camped around the Gulch which made the third day fairly exhausting, but still thoroughly enjoyable. Bison's Peak was gorgeous---that entire part of the trail was by far our favorite---saw a few Moose on our way up to the pass. I would definitely do this loop again. Advice: keep an eye out for cairns when in the Gulch area as there are a ton of side trails that lead to camp sites.

9 months ago

Nice area to do some hiking/backpacking. Plenty of camping spots, some near the creek. Found secluded spots near the creek which you can find using my recorded track endpoint.

10 months ago

Did this hike late summer last year. Took it clockwise. Got a little ways down the false "unmaintained" trail at mile 3, figured out this probably wasn't the goose creek trail then spent about 45 minutes looking for where the trail split. As I was sitting looking at the map, a girl came up and managed to convince me that we were at goose creek already. So I committed and took the fake trail. As I went I became more and more convinced it was wrong, but I was having so much fun rock hopping I decided to keep going. Denise's description below is apt though. Some big rocks to jump down and around, and 127 hours was in my head big time especially since I wasn't on the trail I was supposed to be on. Also, don't trust the rope and the creek crossing. I totally fell in and got soaked.

Anyway, I camped night 1 in the gulch right where the river disappears. Day 2 I decided to go back around to see where I'd missed the trail split. So I took the real trail this time and found where I'd gone wrong. Coming from the Lost Park trail head, it splits towards a giant rock in the meadow. Day 1, I thought it was just a social trail to climb up on the rock. Come to find out this is the real trail. There was also a log with an arrow pointing left that someone had tossed out of the trail into the tall grass. Moral of the story, turn left at the rock unless you really want an adventure. I don't personally think you'd be missing much to cut off the right half of the trail anyway.

Loved the wigwam trail though, and refrigerator gulch is rad. Going back next week to see the bison peak / McCurdy mountain part

10 months ago

Packed in about 2 hours to find some more secluded campsites - totally worth it. We found a great site hidden between some tall boulders right near the creek, just past the mining shelters and "rock slide." The next day we hiked in the other direction from the shelters, toward the mining equipment, and ended up wishing we had gone that way to camp. There are incredible views with campsites, especially if you're willing to do some bouldering. This was my first backpacking trip and it was unforgettable. Slightly difficult for me even though I'm in decent shape - we adjusted my pack on the way out and it made a huge difference. Will definitely be back.

10 months ago

Very pretty but--So. Many. Gun hobbyists. We passed more than one person on the trail who adhered to extreme open carry. We heard gunshots often. Given the fire risk, and the winding trails, it was really disconcerting.

We'll probably hike this trail again. I interviewed the family and the consensus was a "4" rating because the kids didn't 'want' to hike and my husband requested facilities at/near the trailhead.
It was beautiful and serene, mostly rolling hills until we reached the boulders. Not trusting my dog to stay with us (terriers!) he was pulling us up and we slowed him down.
Very nice to have a lightly trafficked trail. Quiet except for the echo of gunshots from the nearby shooting range for the first mile or so.

10 months ago

hard hills but amazing views. worth the effort entirely

Super fun backpacking trip! Day 1 was fairly easy but we got a late start and camped at mile 9. Day 2 was definitely harder but we stopped at an absolutely beautiful cave w water running thru it and then took at wrong turn around mile 14 (directly across a fairly wide creek crossing) which went up a super sketch trail to a box canyon. Note to self - do not follow the hiker in front of you who doesn't have this app. If you do this part of the hike - ditch your packs as some of it was actually terrifying taking packs off to get around rocks, one false step and bye bye down into the canyon, and grabbing onto tree roots or anything you could find to pull yourself back up. Not advised but a sight to be seen for the daring and nimble none-the-less. With the 1.5 mile detour included we camped at the bottom of the meadow at mile 18 night two. Day three we woke up at 5am, left around 7 or so and finished the hike by 1:30-2. Once you get to the summit - it's a really nice finish. Loved this hike and would do it again minus the detour...thanks AllTrails for helping us get back on track! And for showing us there's no water after about true mile 18 until you're well on your way down again. First time I've used this app and LOVE IT!!!! Just make sure you connect to AllTrails and go into record mode while you still have wifi or I couldn't get it to connect. There's really no service anywhere near the trail....

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