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2 days ago

Amazing family hike! We arrived at 9:45 on a Sunday and found a spot right at the front, mostly because there was a steady stream of people leaving. We have been looking for a hike our almost 4 year old could do to build stamina and not ask to be carried constantly. She walked almost 1.5 miles on her own, mostly due to the creek running alongside for us to stop and play in every few hundred feet and the CONSTANT stream of other kids around us. We saw lots of strollers (BOB or similar would be best) and families. We had a blast with the almost totally flat trail and other families around us. Great family outing and great for building stamina for little hikers! ❤️ we will be back soon!

Not bad, good for a short hike and time in nature. Good for families and dogs. Pretty busy on a Saturday, by the time my group left at 11am the parking lot was packed and many people heading out to the trails. I liked this and would be a good hike for my small dog.

Parking lot fills quickly, arrive early. Lots of friendly folks at lower trail area. Crowds thin out past Panorama Point. Good trails, nice views

Yeah it's a little crowded, but Lair o' the Bear in general is. You don't go there for secluded walks, but more of a meander-with-kids-or-dogs type easy hike. Great for kids as they get the fun of climbing the 'bluff' and can play around in the creek after. We've been to LofB half a dozen times, and this is the first time we've ever formally followed a trail instead of just playing around. Really nice, would do this one again.

There wasn't a clear indication or sign where the trail ends, so ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of 2 miles - which was fine! The trail is well marked with signage (until the end) and populated with hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. There have been recent black bear sightings according to one sign. The mountain bikers are way friendlier on this trail than the Cherry Creek Trail, they are cautious if they are coming up from behind or turning the corner fast - I was with my dog and didn't have to worry about being hit by a biker. They also don't yell at you to move or get off the trail. The trail gets more rocky as you ascend and would recommend something sturdier than sneakers. Great place for families and for walking dogs. Lots of dogs in the creek and on the trail, highly recommend!

Parking was easy when we got there at 11:00AM on the weekend. Walking along the water to the trail was great nice and calm. The trail itself wasn't bad at all, there weren't any real tricky parts. Sometimes you had to walk up stone steps, but there wasn't anything particularly difficult about the trail. You do need to pay attention for bicyclists though because it is a mountain bike trail too. The people cycling that we encountered were nice and courtesy and didn't just fly at you from around corners. It was nice!

There isn't any signage to show you were the Panorama Point is once you're on the trail though, so make note of it on the map. We were able to find it after a few moments of looking because someone arranged rocks in the shape of a heart at the part you need to turn at. To get to the point it is a steep, but short hike. Overall, I really enjoyed this trail and it had many beautiful views. Even if you don't find the Point you will see beauty all around you as you hike, so don't get frustrated! :)

Lots of mountain bikers to watch out for. But I’d def do the hike again.

Nice easy hike. Somewhat busy but it was a Saturday morning. Would be a great easy trail for running!

Very easy. But it backs up to Bear Creek and Panoramic Point trails. Good hike!

Completed this trail went on to lair o bear the creek was easy the second harder to navigate unless you remember exactly where you turned it’s easy to get confused coming back down. The creek and surrounding was beautiful. Easy trail I would suggest taking pictures of where you turn. The signs say it all hikers get lost and injured that wasn’t my experience and I would hike it again.

Not bad. Some nice views of the hills and trees. Weaving out of shade and sun and some switchbacks with elevation gain. Very short hike of about 1-2 mi and a photo opp at a pile of rocks (bruins bluff?). Fun for kids and dogs by the creek jumping rocks. Fairly crowded for a CO hike but nothing compared to the crowds found in Silicon Valley trails.

Nice little hike, very close to the city. A little elevation gain makes it a good workout. The views are nice but mostly I liked the trail which weaves in and out of trees. Would definitely do again when I'm looking for a short walk.

Great place to take out of town visitors. It is both easily accessible locationwise as well as accessible difficultywise.

Amazing surprise at the end of 6mile mark! Magic happens!

2 months ago

My family and I have always enjoyed the scenery along this quick and easy trail. The crowds and parking can get really out of control though. I would suggest going on a weekday or even later in the day on a weekend.

Fairly easy hike. Nicely shaded.

North to South is best way to attack it if going out and coming back. 70% of effort is first half. Nobody on this trail on a weekday.

****ROUTE CHANGE******

Notice that this trail is labeled as a lollipop. When you are on the trail, you take the lollipop counter-clockwise. The vista is near the end of the lollipop. The part that returns to the stem has been "closed for renovation"; they want you to return the way you came to make it an out-and-back. This makes the trail significantly longer.

Solid elevation gain, good and easy terrain on the trail, but there are better views in Colorado. If you're new to the area, you will love it. If you've lived here for a few years, it is just "good".

This trail is flat and way overcrowded.

Nice hike. pretty views. lots of shade. LOTS of OFF LEASH dogs despite signs saying you need to keep your dogs on leash :( Would not label this as moderate though. I would call this more easy with a slight bit of moderate. Great trail for families. Get there earlier if you want to get parking.

2 months ago

First hike in Colorado in which I thought 'how the hell do I get out of here'. It's my fault. It doesn't claim to have all the glitz and glam of other mountains but I listened to a friend who said it was a great way to spend the afternoon and now I will never listen to them again. Underwhelming views pretty crowded and nothing that made it all feel worth it. I know, I know, I have a bad attitude. I honestly just don't like my job right now so it's reflecting highly in this review which is partially unfair but that's life.

Only issue is the number of people.

Lot of mountain bikers to dodge but lovely hike with great views at the end. Trail head fills up quick so get there early.

Lots of shade, boulders to climb, awesome creeks, nice views.

Saw maybe 7-8 mountain bikers on a Tuesday morning around 10. Tons of shade! Apparently Panoramic Point trail is getting shut down because it’s “not an official trail” or some stupid shit. I walked through the people covering it up because who cares, but something to be mindful of.

Good, shaded hike with a decent view at Panorama point. Hiked this with our dog on a Saturday morning. Started before 7 am and there was already a decent amount of bikers. On the way down, there were a huge amount of bikers. Not very enjoyable since we had to get off the trail every 30 secs to a minute. I would avoid on the weekend if you are looking for a peaceful hike.


nice easy hike with tons of nature and exploring opportunities!

This is a great trail within easy reach of the city. It is quite popular though, so consider arriving early!
The parking lot and trails are well-maintained and there are bathrooms at the trail head. There are also ruins of an early homestead right off the parking lot - very interesting!
Though the first portion of the trail follows below a road, the sound of the river on your other side drowns out most of the noise and you rarely actually see any vehicles. This is a good trail to take kiddos on and to feel like you've gotten far from the city while only being about 15 minutes outside Morrison.
After about the first mile and a half you even pass a castle (Dunafor Castle)! I'd recommend this trail to anyone.

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