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13 days ago

Not as busy on a weekday. Great flat trail and branches off into other hikes.

Easy, flat trail. It’s very busy. It is also between a quiet creek/river and a busy road. There is a lot of road noise, making the whole experience not very serene.

It was a bit tricky to find the actual trail using the app's directions, so I did quite a bit of meandering. Beautiful hike with lots of trail options. Seems easier than a lot of other moderate hikes.

Beautiful May day, perfect temperature for a short hike. Lots of family and kids. Plenty of parking spot from this side was available at 9:15am to 10:30am.

No snow, lots of mountain bikes to dodge. I would recommend going early there were no parking spots when we left at 11.

22 days ago

Dear mountain bikers, I have something to say to you, as well as to hikers who are concerned for their safety.

As I approached the steeper section of Bear Creek Trail, the trail sign said that bikers should yield to the hikers. Despite this, the bikers rushed down the very steep trail barely slowing down and cousing hikers to stop and move to the edges of the trail.

I felt uncomfortable, concerned for my safety, and angered by the irresponsibility of the bikers. I saw several pregnant women on the trail, people with very small kids, and elderly people.

What makes you, mountain bikers think that rushing through hikers in the great speed with bulky bikes on the rocky and narrow trail is acceptable?

I had to be hyper vigilant and jump to the side so many times that I lost the count. I am not hiking that section of the trail again.

I would suggest to park administration to make this trailer prohibited to hikers or to bikers. An accident is waiting to happen due to how bikers use this trail.

When I turned around and was going down the hill, one biker was approaching me and peddling uphill. They seemed very strained by the difficulty of it and lost control of their front wheel while passing me. I stepped to the margin of the trail but it was just few inches that prevented them from hitting me. This section of the trail was very narrow and steep and if they had hit me and lost their balance, one or both of us could have easily fallen down that hill.

Thank you for the two or three bikers out of more than 30 who actually slowed down adequately and were respectful and considerate.

I was hiking on Saturday morning which probably caused higher than usual traffic.

In addition, many bikers passed through hikers really fast on the level trail as well and made crowds of hikers move to the sides.

Well kept trail. Good for dogs and kids.

great beginner and intermediate hiking. Beautiful meadows and forest views. Plenty of hiking trails to change it up.

Icy patch just past the castle but other than that trail was clear. Hiked along the creek and up to the panorama point - 6.6 miles out and back.

3 months ago

Great little hike / walk, dog friendly!

3 months ago

The start is a beautiful walk along the river and past the castle. The climb is a good workout and the loop has beautiful views. Be careful you don't miss the entrance to the loop on the left, if you do, you will add on another mile or so. FYI-There are a couple places to start besides Lair of the Bear, if you want to make it a shorter or longer hike.

3 months ago

Current conditions: very muddy with slush. Bring the shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and a pair to change into afterwards

This is an easy trail, so great for many ages and abilities. There are also quite a few picnic areas and wide trails so it is good for groups. This time of year the Creek is mostly frozen and parts of the trail were icy, but we had no issues. It is nice that the trail follows the creek for portions.

4 months ago

The bathrooms are exquisite for an outhouse. They’re quite lovely, well kept and very clean. The doggies weren’t very nice. Rather, their humans weren’t very nice as they wouldn’t let their doggies stop to be petted. PSA to dog owners: let me pet your doggie. The trail itself is very flat and very little gains. No bros on the trail today. This trail is perfect for brining your Midwest relatives who want that “Colorado outdoor hiking experience” as they don’t know what altitude is. All in all, this trail was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Also the water feature was

4 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail for its scenery and rocky parts! Took this up to Panorama Point, looped up the peak, and back down again. The map here is a little misleading because you think you're going to hook up with Bear Creek trail on the peak of the loop to Panorama Point, but it's just an up and down.

Be careful of mountain bikers because they DO NOT bother to yield to anyone or even communicate until they're right on top of you. Lots of trail runners as well.

If you want great scenery than this one is for you. Head out early and beat the crowd.

4 months ago

Easy hike for a multi-family group of 8 people, including very small children. Beautiful scenery includes the river and a "castle" along its banks.

Overall his was an easy hike. Started at the Bear O The Lair Parking lot, walked next to the water then up the bear creek trail. I took the road back. Nice scenery, some families picnicing, mtn bikers, trail runners etc.....saw some fisherman as well. A mtn biker said he saw a large deer cross the trail today.

Went on a Saturday morning and it was pretty empty. Trail is dry still and it was a great December hike. Most of the trail is in the shade though so make sure you dress accordingly.

tons of trails at lair of the bear.... some are short and for the tourists... but those looking for a good day hike can find one here for certain!

Great experience once you are over a mile into it. Highway noise goes away and the trail has a smooth, winding and wooded beauty to it. Good for challenging your elevation gains! Lots of bikes on the weekend, going to run this on a weekday to see how that goes:)

A pretty hike with nice views. I rate this as barely moderate. It's pretty easy. The loop portion is the part that delivers the views. The only difficult part is trekking back up part of the loop once at the bottom, but that's a very short distance.

Beautiful fall colors right now! Only downfall, you can hear the traffic for a good portion of the way & it can get very crowded if you don't an early start.

This was our first hike in the Rocky Mountains, we did some research and this was recommended as stroller friendly so we tried it out with our 20 month old. I wouldn't take a stroller again, their are some Rocky parts and parts that you walk through a few inches of stream but it was beautiful and worth it. We'll be purchasing a hiking backpack carrier for future hikes.

This is a beautiful trail. If you start at the park entrance, it's just about over a mile to get to the main Bear Creek trailhead. The mile walk to the trailhead is gorgeous with a flowing creek. I've been here twice so far and love the trail. The only downside in my opinion, there are a A LOT of mountain bikers on the trail...which usually means you have to constantly move out of their way.

Easy fun trail for families, well maintained and easy to get to.

We had a great time hiking this trail! Very well maintained and lots of wildflowers to see. Beautiful vistas and not too far from shopping and restaurants.

fun place. short loop. icy in winter.

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