What a beautiful hike, surprised at how busy it was fir a Thursday morning. Most of the people where down in the lower trails and only came across a handful of other hikers and some mts bikers. Late afternoon more Mts bikers where starting to show .

20 days ago

Easy walk with kids and dog. Busy park in the weekend with a lot of bikers.

I would definitely do this trail again. Great for dogs, kids, and people who are maybe a little hesitant to take on a super hard hike. You can make it more challenging by branching onto different trails to gain some elevation, but overall the trail is flat and scenic.

23 days ago

Great afternoon hike. We took my dog on leash and went on a Wednesday. Nice and quiet with ample shad. We only did the creek side loop and it was just over 2 miles. My pup loves getting his feet wet in the creek.

The hike is easy and the trail is very clean and obvious. Was hoping for something a bit more challenging. You can't walk around the "castle" or anything, so don't get your hopes up. Not a bad hike for families, I just had different expectations based off of some of the pictures.

Busy busy. Tons of bikes. Decent hike though. Beautiful setting with the creek.

trail running
27 days ago