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4 months ago

Beautiful views! Love this trail! My lil' dog loved it too. Just make sure your dog is on a leash, there are a lot of places where your dog can run off the cliff. This place is a hidden gem. Never new this place existed if not for this app.

5 months ago

After exploring much of bangs canyon this year, Ribbon trail has come to be my favorite.

You have to start at the small turn off to the right before coming to little park. There are massive caves from washed benonite, and a nice climb down a small rock face before connecting with Andy's loop.

The massive sandstone rock tops towards the end of the hike are a bear, and great exercise.

*If you're coming from the TH, if you get slightly off track you may end up on Old Gordan Trail.


on The Ribbon Trail

5 years ago

One of our favorite trails. Start at the top and have someone pick you up at the bottom. This is for hiking and mountain biking not road biking. Most of the trail is sandstone and is hit in the summer. Best in the spring when there is a chance of runoff. It is 2.5 miles one way and if you start at the top it will be almost entirely uphill in the way back.